The Six Worst Food Choices of All Time

October 22, 2019 0 Comment

In the world of fast food and instant fixes to almost anything, consumers have been steadily reared on a diet of processed food, which understandably look good on the outside but definitely return negative health investments.

These foods have no redeemable nutritional qualities whatsoever. Like most celebrities, the kinds of food we will cite below are high on image but low on the essentials. One can’t even bring up an excuse like “moderation”, since the questionable ingredients that they carry either come in gargantuan amounts, or simply just don’t belong to the normal human diet.

Except for their healthier variants (if any), the following health information list presents the worst kinds of food you should avoid at all costs to stay optimally healthy, and maintain your health and wellness in the long run.

1) Canned Soup

Salt. Just too much salt. And monosodium glutamate. Don’t forget trans fats too.

There is an average of 1,000 mg of salt in a can of soup. Considering that most people consume more than that amount, eating canned soup becomes a way of overloading your body with more than the recommended daily allowance of 2,400 mg of salt. Preservatives like MSG and massive amounts of sodium merely worsen the scenario.

If you’re surprised by these (as many people regularly stock canned soup in their cupboards for convenience), opt for the healthier and more organic brands. The best way to avoid the hazards of canned soup is to make homemade soup servings in your household.

2) Processed Meats – Luncheon Meats/Hotdogs/Bacon/Meat Loafs

Yes, this list has no mercy on your current diet.

The reason why these types of food are on our list is that they contain sodium nitrite, which is a carcinogen. According to nutritionist Mike Adams, Sodium nitrite is a dangerous, cancer-causing ingredient that has no place in the human food supply. A scientific study that followed the diets of 200,000 people over the span of 7 years showed that the chances of pancreatic cancer occurring are 67 percent higher for those people who regularly ate processed meats.

Lets hope well have the strength to take our eyes off of that hotdog stand next time.

3) Coffee Cake & Baked Goods

Generally, all types of commercially-packaged baked goods in the supermarket are notoriously unhealthy, simply because they are processed using hydrogenated trans fats, and then deep-fried. These baked goodies contain artificial flavorings, artificial coloring, those pesky trans fats, preservatives, and additives for a good measure. Packaged cake and the like regularly carry these ingredients at unreasonably high amounts.

Maybe its time to visit your local bakery shops; its more likely that theyre not using viagra homme hydrogenated oil in their bread choices.

4) Doughnuts

Ah, now were getting mighty uncomfortable here.

Man, what could be wrong about doughnuts, you ask. Like commercial baked goods, doughnuts contain a LOT of hydrogenated trans fats and artificial flavoring. What youre eating are just refined sugars and flour mixed with icings and sweets, which surprise! is basically just another serving of refined sugars and flour! When it comes to health, the only thing good about them is the hole, nutritionist Carla Wolper said.

Add to the fact that most doughnuts are sprinkled with miniature candy variants, and you can understand why these deadly rings are giving nothing more than large, round zeros and holes to your health. Literally.

5) Potato Chips & French Fries

No, we wont apologize for ruining your day. We bet youve been expecting those large spuds and chips (which may be staples in your office parties) to appear on this list. And rightly so, because these deep fried goodies are loaded with acrylamide, which is a neurotoxin and carcinogen.

Acrylamide is formed when foods are exposed to high temperatures through deep-frying or baking. Studies done showed that acrylamide in fast foods was 300 times higher than what the Environmental Protection Agency allowed in a typical glass of water. Dale Hattis, a researcher at Clark University, estimated that the substance causes more than a thousand cancers per year in America.

Another reason not to eat these greasy spuds is you guessed it again trans fats, that magical stuff that raises your bad cholesterol levels and clogs your arteries.

6) Soda

Whats so unfortunate about soda is that it has become a major staple in the Western World, with millions of kids and adults drinking a few cans of soda every day. The beverage seems to have completely replaced drinking water for many people, resulting in massive weight gains, tooth decay, and millions of diabetes cases in America. On the average, 50-80% of American kids drink at least a can of soda every day. Soda drinks are obviously devoid of nutritional value. On the average, a can of soda might contain around 10 teaspoons of cialis générique sugar, 30-50 mg of caffeine, more than 100 calories, sweeteners, colorings, sulphites, and other substances equally hazardous to your health.

The original intent of soft drinks was being an occasional treat for people. Nowadays it has blossomed into a destructive fad, prompting some health organizations to put cigarette-style warnings on every bottle or can of soda, and even raising the taxes on soda products.

Well, there you have it. If youve noticed, all of the items in this medical advice list have one thing in common: aside from having trans fats in them, these are all processed foods and drinks. It would do well if we could eat homemade food made from fresh, organic products, rather than sacrifice our health in favor of comfort, convenience, and time.

Hopefully, the remedy to a healthy lifestyle and plans for health diets is already obvious for all of us. If we just mentioned your entire diet, well… sorry folks, but yoga sessions and yogurt servings are on the house for you.