Being Dependent on Alcohol Is No Way to Live

October 22, 2019 0 Comment

In recent years, the number of people who are chemically dependent has been on a steady rise. People are faced with more pressures in their everyday life. Along with these added pressures, they have greater access to addictive substances like alcohol, illicit drugs, and powerful prescription drugs. While many people start taking part in these risky behaviours on a recreational basis, people can suddenly find that they are craving the high or altered reality that these drugs give them.

Alcohol Addiction is a Serious Problem

Alcoholism is a serious problem for millions of people worldwide. Back in the late 1980s and 1990s, there were not a lot of choices for drinkers. People could choose from beer, wine, hard liquor, and mixed drinks. Since the beginning of the 2000’s many alcoholic beverages and alco-pops have been introduced into the market, making it easier and tastier for younger people to get addicted. Drinking disorders like binge drinking, everyday use, and mixing powerful drugs with drinking have made residential rehab centres a popular option for people who need to change their lifestyle.

When Rehab Is in Order

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine when rehab is in order. Many people are functional alcoholics, meaning they are still productive, hold down a job and are still able to care for their family. Signs that it might be time to seek professional help for an alcohol addiction include blackouts, run-ins with the law like a DUI, a public intoxication charge, an arrest stemming from domestic violence while under the influence, being late or missing work due to a hangover or any other event that negatively impacts your life due to your use of alcohol. If you can stop drinking, chances are all of these negative events will stop happening.

Detoxification Is Step One

The most difficult part of coming down from an alcohol addiction is the detoxification period. People who have been drinking daily for an extended period of time should never attempt to detoxify themselves without the supervision of a doctor. Doing so could result in seizures or even death. A licensed rehab centre that offers residential treatment is the safest way to assure that your condition is monitored while you come down from daily alcohol use. In the event that you require medical treatment, someone is on staff to tend to your medical needs. Trained staff members are standing by to help you get through the most difficult phase of recovery. Once you have progressed past this part of your treatment, you will learn healthier ways of dealing with stress or other trigger points that set you to drink. After finishing an In-Patient treatment, many people dedicate themselves to joining support groups so they remain sober and to inspire others that are going through the same challenges. While everyone’s story is not the same, living a sober life is a common goal of everyone in the group. By supporting each other, everyone has a better chance of succeeding.