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SmokeClear: King Size

February 9th, 2007 by Alex


The cellulose paper industry is starting to take off. Not only are they healthier for you, but everyone is still in love with the novelty of see-thru papers. Today, we’re starting off with a review of SmokeClear King Size papers.

theFreshScent Product Recap
Category Papers
Company SmokeClear
Made In Brazil
Pros Perfect burn time
Cons Hard to find
Price $3.00
tFS Rating 8.5/10

As hard as it is to find a socially responsible company, SmokeClear is setting the industry standard in environmentalism. Recycled paper is used for packaging and office supplies. Soy & vegetable inks are used for printing. There are absolutely zero chemicals added to SmokeClear products and they are also biodegradable.

Packaging on these appears to be higher quality than aLeda’s. The tabs fit together correctly, for a tight seal that won’t unlock in your backpack. They should be stored in a cool, dry place should you want to leave them for a while.

The leaves themselves are 95% transparent and carry the other traits of cellulose papers – odorless, tasteless and low-key design. Each pack comes with 40 papers that measure 3.5×11 centimeters. If you’re unsure of how plant cellulose feels, imagine a very thin & light plastic film.

The first thing you notice when rolling with the king size is that these suckers are strong. Seriously strong. Each film even passed the dreaded karate chop test, which tells you these things are built to last. When smoked, the performed exactly as advertised with absolutely no taste or odor.

These papers allow you to focus on what’s being smoked, with no interference along the way. When a product delivers exactly what it promises in the first place, you have no choice but to be satisfied. These are the best transparent, cellulose papers that I’ve encountered so far.

aLedinha: Mini Cellulose Rolling Papers

November 20th, 2006 by Alex

aLedinha Front View

To follow up on the review of aLeda King Size Papers, we decided to get a hold of their little brother – aLedinha.

I went pretty in-depth with the last review, so this post will be more light weight with some additional observations. First, the aLedinha’s have the same distinct, embossed packaging just like it’s big brother. It also has those annoying little closing flaps. This pack comes with 50 transparent, cellulose based leaves. The packaging is pretty sturdy and won’t bend if you throw it into your backpack or anything. As far as size, they are equivalent to any 1¼” papers.

theFreshScent Product Recap
Category Papers
Company aLeda
Made In Brazil
Pros Odorless, tasteless
Cons Tough low-light roll
Price $2.50
tFS Rating 8.0/10

One thing these papers aren’t good for is low-light rolling. Good luck finding the seam without a flashlight. The shorter length makes them easier to control than the aLeda’s – less paper to handle in general. Also, the same deal goes as far as rolling these a little looser than your average paper. The cellulose just doesn’t breathe as well as thin, rice/hemp-based leaves.

It’s obvious there is a lot of interest in these papers. Maybe people just think transparent stuff is just plain cool, who knows? What’s for sure is these are healthier than your average paper and fun to roll. Not a bad combination at all.

aLedinha Inside View

aLeda: Transparent King Size Papers

November 7th, 2006 by Alex

Aleda Cover
We’d show pictures of a leaf, but the damn things are see-through…

There’s some buzz online about see-through papers appearing in the smokosphere. Science hasn’t figured out how to cure world hunger yet or create clean water sources for all but the rumors are true – we do have cellulose based, transparent rolling papers. Ahh, technology at its finest.

aLeda Papers is the Brazilian company behind this innovation. Made from natural vegetable cellulose (and completely gumless) – there is absolutely no taste, smell or odor in any leaf. The manufacturing process leaves out chemicals like lead or arsenic, making it a much healthier smoke. Box graphics are unique with bright colors and actual embossing of the logo. Only problem is a set of stupid little tabs that are supposed to keep the box shut, but really do nothing at all.

Aleda Inside-Fold Aleda Instructions

aLeda’s description says King Size, but the leaves are narrower than you might expect. Also, they’re slightly more difficult to roll because there is no crease and the entire paper wants to stick to itself.

These guys light very easily, the cellulose naturally wants to burn. Unfortunately, a few issues do surface once the papers are lit – the cherry doesn’t stay lit consistently. Airflow can also get restricted once you start approaching the end of each leaf – they just don’t breathe as well as hemp or rice based papers. This contributes to the nice, slow burn for the first 75% of the papers but hinders it after that.

Basically, these papers are pretty bad ass. They’ve got some positives and negatives, but damn will your friends trip when they see an invisible wrap. It just takes a couple of tries to learn how to roll the aLeda’s and then you’ll be digging them for everyday use.

The Breakdown: Price: $3.50 tFS Rating: 8.0/10

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