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Juicy Blunts: Banana Split

September 6th, 2006 by Alex

Juicy Blunts: Banana Split

As the summer draws to an end, Juicy Blunts continues to roll out their experimental, over-the-top flavors. Part of a new batch of 5 different styles, Juicy Blunts Banana Split ($1.50) promises a lot, but only delivers on some.

The banana split is a complex flavor and not something easily captured in a blunt wrap. Juicy starts us off with a pure fudge smell and no hint of banana. Usual leaf quality and the thin ‘easy roll’ strip help out with the rolling duties. The blunt doesn’t give off much of a smell and delivers jack shit in the taste department. I’m still not sure why some JB blunts are loaded with flavor while others have none.

Essentially, this blunt fails to deliver on a promise. Hopefully, the people out there who love fudge will buy this up off the shelves.

Juicy Blunts: Apple Brown Betty

August 30th, 2006 by Tim

Juicy Blunts: Apple Brown Betty

Juicy Blunts likes to get creative with their packaging and even more creative with their flavors. Another example of this is Apple Brown Betty ($2), an apple-cinnamon concoction with a brown-eyed sweety on the cover.

This wrap smells bomb and has just the right mix of its two main flavors. You don’t get any taste while smoking, but it does leave a sugary sweet flavor on your lips after every puff. Also, as a bonus feature, there is a 1″ wide ‘thin strip’ at the end of each Juicy wrap – this cuts down on rolling time.

Overall, this cinnamon treat is different enough from your average blunt to be worth a try. Pick it up and tell us what you think.

Juicy Blunts: Brass Monkey

August 17th, 2006 by Alex

Juicy Blunts: Brass Monkey

It’s common knowledge ZenSmoke is a company that loves to experiment. Sometimes they create awesome flavors and other times they spawn complete garbage. It’s like comparing Mello Mango to, say, Sizzling Bacon. No contest. Today we’re looking at another weird, one-off creation – Juicy Blunts Brass Monkey.

Brass Monkey gives off an odd smell. It’s almost like a combination between oranges, syrup and an unidentified bitterness. The taste is nothing special, more of a dulled down orange flavor than anything else. Texture and burn quality are decent, but nothing amazing.

It’s my experience that the highly experimental papers / blunts out there are frequently disappointing. Resulting from a lack of R&D, smells aren’t quite on target and taste is almost non-existant. As long as Juicy Blunts, and others, focus on developing their core product line they will have the leeway to keep making these unique creations. Still, it’s high time the quality control bar is raised.

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