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'Prince of Pot' Says Officials Conspiring Against Him '王子鍋'官員說密謀反對他

March 27th, 2009 by 2009年3月27日通過 Rick 堆成垛

Marc Emery

Marc Emery馬克·埃默里 , dubbed the “ ,被戲稱為“ Prince of Pot王子鍋 ” by the American media, “由美國媒體報導, says he is being run out of Vancouver說他正在耗盡溫哥華 by the City Hall and the police department.由市政府和警察部門。 He already has a political campaign office (BC Marijuana Party), a magazine (Cannabis Culture) and a retail store based on West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver, but when it comes to obtaining a license for another business (a convenience store across the street from his other businesses,) he can't get passed the red tape.他已經有一個政治競選辦公室(BC大麻黨),雜誌(大麻文化)和​​溫哥華市中心基於西黑斯廷斯街的零售商店,但是當涉及到取得許可證的另一家企業(便利店在街對面從他的其他業務,)他不能獲得通過的繁文縟節​​。

For anyone who's heard of Marc Emery this news isn't so surprising.對於誰是聽到馬克·埃默里的人這個消息並不讓人感到意外。 He's apparently had a target on his back for a while — since the DEA began investigating another business of his — selling marijuana seeds on the Internet.他顯然對他的背部有一陣子的目標 - 因為DEA開始調查他的另一家企業 - 在互聯網上出售大麻種子。 Emery did this for a decade before he was even on the radar of the United States government.埃默里這樣做了十年前,他甚至在美國政府的雷達。 If it wasn't for his marijuana activism, he may have even stayed under the radar.如果不是因為他的大麻行動,他甚至可能已經在雷達之下留了下來。

The US government claims that his seeds are responsible for over 1,000,000 pounds of pot being grown in the United States.美國政府聲稱,他的種子是負責超過百萬磅鍋被種植在美國。 Emery is currently fighting extradition to the United States, where he may face a long sentence in a US Federal prison.埃默里目前正在爭取引渡到美國,在那裡他可能面臨一個長句在美國聯邦監獄。 The only thing with that is, the US can't extradite a Canadian citizen for political reasons due to a clause within the extradition treaty.與唯一的一點是,美國不能引渡加拿大公民出於政治原因,由於引渡條約中的條款。 With Emery's “Overgrow the Government” movement and marijuana activism it puts him in a grey area.與埃默里的“長滿政府”運動和大麻行動卻讓他在一個灰色地帶。

It's curious to note that since zeroing in on Emery, the DEA has had offices opened in Canada, including Vancouver.它是好奇地注意到,自上埃默里在歸零的DEA已經有辦事處,在加拿大開通,其中包括溫哥華。 They claim they have no jurisdiction and are just there in a laison capacity.他們聲稱,他們沒有管轄權,只是有一個laison能力。 Could Canada be reversing it's stance on marijuana?加拿大可能是扭轉它的立場大麻? If the DEA is in town, that lax attitude towards marijuana may be replaced with busting down doors and dragging people into jail.如果DEA是在城裡,對大麻的鬆懈態度可能被替換下來破壞門,拖著人進入監獄。 If that's the case the tourism in the Vancouver may just come to a halt.如果是這樣的話,在溫哥華旅遊可能只是停頓。 It might become a ghost town if Emery closes his busninesses and marijuana is recriminalized under Canadian law.它可能成為一個鬼城,如果埃默里閉上busninesses和大麻是根據加拿大法律recriminalized。

In the past all the businesses were registered under the BC Marijuana Party, but Emery said all that has changed.在過去所有的企業都在卑詩省大麻黨註冊,但埃默里說,一切都變了。

Emery said:埃默里說:

We've complied with every government order, renovation order, health order, safety order.我們遵守每一個政府令,改造秩序,衛生秩序,安全秩序。 We are completely compliant every time they have a request.我們每次有請求時完全標準。

They can't say we are a bad business, but they are just looking for every possible reason to deny us a licence to get rid of us in advance of the Olympics.他們不能說我們是一個不好的企業,但他們只是在尋找每一個可能的理由拒絕我們的許可擺脫我們事先的奧運會。

This [the Olympics] is why all this pressure is on.這[奧運]所以這一切的壓力在。 The police are trying to get rid of all their antagonists.警方正試圖擺脫所有的拮抗劑。 This is all police-driven.這是所有警察驅動。

He was rejected because he has a criminal record for a marijuana-related offense.他被拒絕了,因為他有一個大麻相關的罪行犯罪記錄。 City Hall then demanded he get business licences for his other enterprises, but he was denied, Emery said.市政府要求,然後他拿到營業執照為他的其他企業,但他否認,埃默里說。 He is appealing those rulings.他呼籲這些裁決。

We have millions of supporters.我們擁有數以百萬計的支持者。 We draw thousands of tourists to this block.我們吸引了成千上萬的遊客來此塊。 So in the days leading up to our licence application we are going to make sure the phones at City Hall are flooded days in advance.因此,在領導到我們的牌照申請的日子,我們要確保手機在市政府充斥天前。

Naturally, no one from Vancouver City Hall was available to comment on the case.當然,沒有從溫哥華市政廳之一是提供對此案發表評論。

Uncle Sam's Lone Pot Farmer山姆大叔的龍鍋農民

January 15th, 2009 by 2009年1月15日通過 Alex 亞歷克斯


Not a lot of people can claim they grow marijuana for the federal government.不是很多人可以宣稱他們為聯邦政府增加大麻。
Actually,事實上, only one person can只有一個人可以 .

Mahmoud A. ElSohly, 62, is a researcher for the馬哈茂德A. ElSohly,62,是研究員的 National Institute of Drug Abuse藥物濫用研究所 , and oversees the only federally-approved marijuana grow operation in the United States. ,並監督唯一聯邦政府批准大麻在美國長大的操作。 ElSohly grows over 100 varieties of our favorite botanical at the University of Mississippi “garden.” ElSohly增長100多個品種我們最喜歡的植物在密西西比大學的“花園”。

The Marijuana Project started in 1968, provides marijuana to federal patients (four remaining from a program that was closed in 1992) and those select few corporations with permits from NIDA and the DEA to use marijuana.大麻項目開始於1968年,提供大麻聯邦例(4來自於1992年關閉了程序剩餘)以及選擇少數企業與NIDA和DEA允許使用大麻。

The NY Times article is an interesting Q&A that touches on one subject we covered earlier this week –紐約時報的文章是一個有趣的Q&A這倒是一個主題,我們在本週早些時候蓋 - lack of government-grown strain potency政府缺乏生長應變效力 .

Check out what Mahmoud had to say about genetics:查看一下馬哈茂德不得不說遺傳學:


A. They have been doing genetic selection for years.答:他們一直在做的遺傳選擇了多年。 You can see the potency keeps going up.你可以看到的效力不斷上升。 In the 1970s, the seized marijuana had probably 1 percent or less of the active ingredient.在20世紀70年代,繳獲大麻有可能是1%或更少的活性成分。 Now, it's about 8 percent, on the average.現在,它是8%左右,平均。

We know for a fact that THC content can reach as high as 25% on some strains, that's not including hash, oils or crystalized trichromes.我們知道一個事實,四氫大麻酚含量可以在一些菌株,這還不包括散,油或中結晶trichromes高達25%。 Still, this seems like a pretty cool gig, let's hope he has some colleagues in a few years time.不過,這似乎是一個很酷的演出,讓我們希望他有一些同事在幾年的時間。

DEA Refuses Research Request for Pot DEA拒不研究請求罐

January 13th, 2009 by 2009年1月13日通過 Perry 佩里

A University of Massachusetts professor馬薩諸塞州教授的大學 was denied a petition by the DEA由DEA拒絕了一份請願書 to grow medical marijuana strictly for research purposes.嚴格用​​於研究目的的成長醫用大麻。 The professor failed to prove that the government's monopoly on the drug's growth was inadequate in creating supply for study.這位教授未能證明政府對藥品的壟斷性增長是不夠的,創造供應的研究。

Lyle Craker, a horticulturalist, applied for the permit in 2001, citing government-grown pot as not being potent enough to conduct accurate studies of the drug's effects.萊爾Craker,一個園藝師,在2001年申請了許可證,理由是政府種植盆栽不會不夠有力,進行藥物的效果精確的研究。

His cause has gained support from local legislators, Massachusetts Sens. Edward Kennedy and John Kerry, have supported his cause, and the state recently decriminalized possession of the drug.他的事業已經從當地的立法者,馬薩諸塞州參議員愛德華·肯尼迪和約翰·克里獲得了支持,一直支持他的事業,國家近期佔有合法化的藥物。 DEA attorneys defended governmental pot, saying a Mississippi growing center provides strong enough weed for valid research across the country. DEA律師辯護政府鍋中,說密西西比州增長的中心,提供足夠強大的雜草在全國范圍內有效的研究。

It's interesting to see Massachusetts as such a hotbed for marijuana activity.有趣的是看到作為馬薩諸塞州這樣的溫床大麻的活性。 If only this doctor was allowed to grow his own如果只有這名醫生被允許種植自己 Christmas Kush聖誕節都庫什 , he'd know just how potent marijuana can get. ,他會知道大麻可以是多麼強大的獲取。

Join the Fight for the BC3加入戰鬥的BC3

November 18th, 2008 by 2008年11月18日通過 Perry 佩里

The BC3 needs your help.該BC3需要你的幫助。

Marc Emery馬克·埃默里 , Michelle Rainey米歇爾·雷尼 , and Greg Williams are Canadians heavily involved in American anti-prohibition activism for the last 10 years, though remained in Canada throughout.和格雷格·威廉斯是加拿大積極參​​與美國的反禁止行動在過去的10年裡,雖然留在加拿大各地。 All three are now facing lengthy sentences in federal prison for their pro-marijuana activism.所有這三個現在面臨冗長的句子在聯邦監獄為他們的親大麻行動。

Emery recently had a plea deal arranged with the American and Canadian governments, where he agreed to serve five years for his part in a running a company that was at one point thought to be the largest importer of marijuana seeds in North America.埃默里最近有安排與美國政府和加拿大政府,在那裡,他同意擔任五年,他的部分在運行一個公司,是在一個點被認為是大麻種子在北美的最大進口國認罪協議。

Emery was planning to use the time to work for the movement, his political party and a campaign to “overgrow the government” while in prison, and has said several times he has come to terms with the eventuality.埃默里正計劃利用上班時間為運動,他的政黨和競選為“長滿政府”在監獄裡,同時,並說了好幾次,他已經與不測條款。

At the last minute however, the Canadian government reneged on the deal and now Emery will have to face another extradition trial June 9, 2009 .然而,在最後一分鐘時,加拿大政府背棄了這筆交易,現在金剛砂將不得不面對另一個引渡審判2009年6月9日

Marc had no business outlets in the USA, and never went to the USA to conduct seed transactions.馬克沒有營業網點,在美國,從來沒有去美國進行的種子交易。 Everything was done openly and transparently in Vancouver, BC.一切都在溫哥華,不列顛哥倫比亞省公開和透明的完成。 Marc even paid Revenue Canada and Revenue BC half a million dollars in taxes for his income as a “marijuana seed vendor.”馬克甚至付出加拿大稅務局和收入公元前五十萬美元的稅收收入他的“大麻種子的供應商。”

If you wish, here's the number for Canada's Minister of Justice to show support or voice your opinion: (613) 957-4222如果你願意的話​​,這裡的司法加拿大部長的數量表示支持或表達您的意見:(613)957-4222

As the article points out:正如文章指出:

If Canadians have broken the law in Canada, they should be given a fair jury trial in Canada.如果加拿大人打破在加拿大的法律,就應該給他們一個公平的陪審團審判在加拿大。 If they wouldn't face any severe imprisonment in Canada for the charges laid, they should not be extradited to another country to face possible life imprisonment for those same charges.如果他們不會面臨任何嚴重的監禁在加拿大奠定了費,他們不應該被引渡到另一個國家可能面臨終身監禁那些相同的費用。

Drug Czar Achieves Epic Fail藥物沙皇達到史詩失敗

October 9th, 2008 by 2008年10月9日通過 Alex 亞歷克斯


Turns out that government agencies don't like being called out on their absolute failures.事實證明,政府機構不喜歡被人叫了他們的絕對失敗。 What a surprise right?什麼驚喜嗎? Since the ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy) hasn't come close to achieving its stated goals, the top brass has decided to just say they have and hope no one does a fact check.由於ONDCP(國家毒品控制政策辦公室)還沒有接近達成其既定目標,高層已經決定,只是說他們有希望沒人做的 ​​事實檢查。

People such as Scott Burns, the Deputy ONDCP Director, are saying that drug use in America is down dramatically since 2001. Hmmm, not according to the市民如斯科特燒傷,副主任ONDCP,是說在美國吸毒是大幅下降自2001年以來嗯,不按 National Survey on Drug Use and Health在藥物使用和健康全國調查 .

A recent article on AlterNet最近的一篇文章上AlterNet cites just a few of the failures舉短短的故障 of the Bush administration's drug policy: :布什政府的毒品政策

ONDCP has not even come close to meeting its goal of reducing illegal drug use by 25 percent by 2007 in any age group. ONDCP甚至還沒有接近任何年齡組的會議減少非法藥物使用的目標25%的2007年。 In fact, among adults, overall illegal drug use actually increased 4.7% from 2002 to 2007. Teen marijuana use is down a bit but still remains common: One in nine (12 percent) 14- and 15-year-olds and one in four (23.7 percent) 16- and 17-year-olds used marijuana in 2007.事實上,在成年人中,整體的非法使用毒品反而增加了4.7%,從2002年到2007年青少年吸食大麻是下降了一點,但仍然普遍:九(12%),其中14-15歲的人,一個在4 (23.7%),16和17歲的人使用大麻在2007年。

Nothing spells success like ~25% of teenagers having admitted to pot use!什麼法術成功就好〜青少年的25%已經承認火鍋用! Or how about getting contradicted by your own government's studies?或者怎麼樣得到矛盾被自己的政府的研究? Ouch.哎喲。

The best part is the amount of taxpayer dollars this agency has wasted since drug czar John Walters' ascension to the position.最好的部分是納稅人的錢,因為藥物沙皇約翰·沃爾特斯“提升到這個位置的機構浪費量。 Here's what the ONDCP has commissioned since the start of his reign:這裡是因為他的統治開始什麼ONDCP委託:

  • 127 anti-marijuana TV, radio and print ads 127反大麻的電視,廣播和平面廣告
  • 34 marijuana-focused press releases 34大麻為重點的新聞稿
  • 50 studies from the ONDCP (and other govt. agencies) for anti-marijuana campaigns 50研究從ONDCP(和其他官立。機構)進行反大麻運動

All in all, this is another lesson in the manipulation of statistics .總而言之,這是統計的操縱另一個教訓。 Just like the issue on就像在這個問題上 marijuana busts and street pricing大麻胸像和街道定價 , the government is taking faulty data and using it to improperly shore up their anti-drug arguments. ,政府正在採取錯誤的數據,並用它來不適當地支撐其禁毒參數。

Fight back by learning the facts.反擊通過學習的事實。

[image via] [圖像通過]

More On Lies, and the Lying Liars更多的謊言和說謊者說謊

October 2nd, 2008 by 2008年10月2日通過 Perry 佩里

In the latest bout by federal drug enforcement officials to propagate the war on drugs, they claim to have在最新一輪由聯邦毒品執法人員傳播有關毒品的戰爭,他們聲稱有 found the largest marijuana plants, ever發現的最大的大麻植物,永遠 .

The article, brought to you by the fine people at Stopthedrugwar, goes on to further explain why some of the governments claims about marijuana busts they make, are based on street value.這篇文章,在Stopthedrugwar給你帶來的人精,接著進一步解釋為什麼一些政府聲稱約大麻胸像他們做,是基於街頭的價值。 Moreover, the yield claims are greatly exaggerated and sometimes scientifically impossible.此外,收益率說法是大大誇大了,有時科學是不可能的。


Cops often inflate the weight of their yield by using the fresh weight instead of the dry weight of the plants, BTW, so the most typical inflation is 400%;警察經常使用的,而不是植物,順便說一句的乾燥重量的鮮重膨脹其產量的重量,因此,最典型的膨脹是400%; in other words, their alleged 10 pounds is most likely to weigh about 2.5 pounds, based on the typical cop exaggeration.換句話說,他們涉嫌10磅是最有可能重達約2.5磅,基於典型的警察誇張。

Obviously, these exaggerations make the police and their anti-drug efforts seem much more effective than they actually are.顯然,這些誇張使警察和他們的禁毒努力似乎比實際更有效。 What a surprise.什麼驚喜。

More Reasons to Love this War on Drugs更多的理由來愛這個毒品戰爭

September 29th, 2008 by 2008年9月29日通過 Perry 佩里

This particular “Top 10″ details several studies that completely backfired on the government, like one that disproved the “gateway effect” and the inefficiency of prohibition.這種特殊的“前10名”的幾個細節研究,完全事與願違的政府,就像一個反駁的“門戶效應”和禁止的低效率。 Also including, a few other lies that have been the government's crutch to propagate its war on drugs.還包括,這一直是政府的拐杖其他一些謊言來傳播其向毒品宣戰。

See for yourself見自己 , but I bet you already suspected as much. ,但是我敢打賭,你已經懷疑之多。

Official Marijuana “Street Terms” List官方大麻“街頭條款”名單

December 15th, 2006 by 二○○六年十二月十五日通過 Tim 蒂姆


After checking out LA Pop Art's awesome檢查出LA波普藝術的真棒後 Marijuana Leaf Poster大麻葉海報 , we decided to find the complete list as maintained by the government. ,我們決定找到完整的清單由政府為維護。

All 647 “ street terms ” are included, and man are some of them unbelievably lame.所有647“ 街頭術語 ”都包括在內,和男子是其中的一些令人難以置信的跛腳。 Anyway, check out the list if you want a good laugh.無論如何,檢查出的列表,如果你想有一個很好笑。 Just make sure the police don't catch you smoking any “rough stuff” or “panama cut”.只要確保警察不抓你吸煙的任何“粗糙的東西”或“巴拿馬切”。

[via [經 White House Drug Policy白宮藥物政策 ] ]

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