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Hawaii Says Aloha to Marijuana Laws

November 6th, 2008 by Perry

I should clear that up, since Aloha can mean “greetings” or “farewell.” Technically, Hawaii hasn’t eradicated decriminalized marijuana, but it’s telling law enforcement to look the other way when it comes to cannabis. And if that sounds unclear, it is.

By a vote of 53.1 percent to 38.6 percent, Hawaiian residents voted to make marijuana the lowest law enforcement priority. In my opinion, it’s not necessarily a complete positive because under the new law:

…would put the enforcement of laws against marijuana to each police officer’s personal discretion.

That sounds like a dangerously unclear situation bound to cause legal issues, especially when the district attorney comes out against the law for the right reasons.

Prosecuting Attorney Jay Kimura said that it posed a danger for law enforcement officials:

I’m opposed to passage of this. I don’t believe it’s enforceable as written.

2008 Election Final Results

November 5th, 2008 by Perry

Defeated by a vote of roughly 60 to 40, the groundbreaking initiative would have moved California further towards decriminalization than any other state in the union. While Prop. 5 advocates lost, they may have reason for optimism considering the 40 percent of the vote it had garnered. Surprising, considering all of the resources dedicated to its defeat, like basically everyone in California with a badge, MADD, John Walters and his unethical use of federal resources to interfere with a state election and Charlie Sheen, who of all people was the spokesperson.

Prop. 9, which called for a bigger say for victims in sentencing, passed, and Prop. 6, which called for more spending on law enforcement, failed, which means California voters want tougher penalties, but to spend less money to regulate more criminals.

The latest reports on Prop. 8, are that 52% of Californians have voted Yes, with 95% of districts reporting. Although that’s not a definitive pass, the chances of 8% of the remaining precincts swinging the result are very low.

More relevant results after the jump. Continue Reading

Lighting Up to Celebrate the News

November 5th, 2008 by Perry

Whether you’re black, brown, yellow, white, all smokers love to celebrate good news the same way… by smoking. Great clip of the newscasters’ feigning disbelief at their on-the-scene reporter getting large whiffs of the green stuff inside the Century Plaza Hotel ballroom.

C’mon, don’t look so surprised guy, it’s L.A.

Get Out and Vote, NOW!

November 4th, 2008 by Perry

Here are the candidate’s stances on marijuana one final time in a bite-size, easily-consumable video. Additionally, this is also a reminder about the last time you have to think about voting for a while.

See you guys at the voting booth!

UPDATE: Thanks to Colin for getting us some backstory on the presidential decriminalization topic. It appears that Obama hasn’t always been rock steady in his opinions of legalization or decriminalization. MPP’s original, albeit short, video about Barack Obama can be found here.

Afterwards, a YouTube user by the name of MikeCANN created a response, showing quotes and other examples of Obama’s back & forth opinions – maybe angling to appease as many potential voters as possible. This video is embedded after the jump.

The MPP video that we have above is a more balanced version, and a direct response to MikeCANN’s efforts. On a side note, if you live in Boston, he books the music for the Boston Freedom Rally and has a ton of great videos on his profile page.

Thanks for the info Colin!

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Status Updates on 2008 Elections

October 29th, 2008 by Perry

Where do your candidates stand on the issues in your state?

MPP Blog put together a list of a few of the more significant elections in terms of medicinal marijuana policy. Find out if a representative from your state is listed and where he or she might be in terms of election status.

One More Reason to Get Out and Vote

October 22nd, 2008 by Perry

This strays from our scene a bit, and at the risk of getting preachy, I just wanted to throw one more reminder out there of why it counts to vote.

Although some may feel confident about Obama’s 10-point lead, or if you support McCain, and are discouraged, there’s a lot of reason not to be. Polls are often full of shit. Race and enthusiasm have been cited as influential factors which may inflate Obama’s lead, or McCain’s deficit, whichever way you look at it.

There’s the well-documented Bradley effect and the Buchanan effect and other reasons to believe that the election is still up in the air, other than the polls’ margin of error. We all know sometimes it feels like a coin flip between a douche and a turd sandwich, but get out there and vote. Doesn’t matter who, just vote.

Your Candidate’s Stance on Drugs

October 20th, 2008 by Perry

Okay. So even as a liberal I can admit the language is a little slanted in the comparison of the two sites, and are much kinder to the democratic candidate. But let’s be honest. It’s because the republican party is the one responsible for all of the lies about marijuana, dating back to the Nixon era. It’s called karma, deal with it.

A sampling from the site compares how McCain believes marijuana is a gateway drug, opposes legalization of marijuana and supports the death penalty for drug kingpins.

Obama, on the otherhand, acknowledges the medicinal power of marijuana, has vowed to end federal raids of dispensaries and supports rehabilitation over incarceration.

As voting time rapidly approaches, I know who I’ll be choosing.

Where Your Candidate Stands on the Issues

October 10th, 2008 by Perry

A quick, useful and easy-to-read rundown on some of the most recent history behind drug policy, including some background on why and where the candidates stand. All good stuff to know before heading to the voting booth on November 4, 2008.

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