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Medical Marijuana: Christmas Kush

January 9th, 2009 by Alex

Medical Marijuana: Christmas Kush
theFreshScent Strain Card

Name: Christmas Kush

Type: Indica

1st Impression: Hope this smokes as good as it looks.

Pros: Smells great, looks delicious.

Cons: Price?

THC Heaven

Purchase Date: 12.16.08

Purchased from: HPRC

Price: $20/g and $60/eighth

Final Verdict: This bud straight smacks you upside the head.

Time for the first review of 2009 – including 1 of a few new wrinkles we’ll be adding to reviews for the new year. Before we get drop the first feature, let’s get to the star of the show, one absolutely killer bud called Christmas Kush.

We all know there’s variance in everyday strains, there’s also heavy variance in different grades of Kush, and this one is straight deadly. As soon as you open the canister, Xmas hits you with a deep, dank smell. The buds are a dense, medium green with patches of lighter coloring in certain areas.

Santa must have dropped some extra THC down the chimney because Xmas Kush is sticky-dusted with crystals. You better use a grinder when prepping this for a joint or blunt, because finger-breaking the herb is a real pain in the ass. Still, you can power through if you need to because after the effort comes the fun part… smoking.

First hit of Christmas Kush is almost guaranteed to make you cough, it feels like getting punched in the chest. The high hits you ridiculously quickly, if not by the 1st hit, you’ll feel it on the 2nd. It spreads almost exactly the way it enters the body, basically getting whatever it touches immediately high – first the face, then into your chest, then dispersed to the rest of the body – 10 to 15 minutes after smoking, your whole body is lit up.


This bud was so good, we decided to take a macro look at it. Then we started messing with some lighting conditions. Then we started taking some hi-res shots. Finally, we decided to make it into a wallpaper – the first official tFS strain shot wallpaper.

The wallpaper is 2560×1600 and does some serious justice to this seasonal strain.

Check out all the glory in full resolution (open in new tab or window).

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