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Baby Broccoli Sprouts, THC Keep Cancer at Bay

April 14th, 2009 by Rick

Broccoli Sprouts

What do baby broccoli sprouts and marijuana have in common? Besides the obvious of them both being green, both have substances within them that naturally fight off cancer. Broccoli has a substance in it called sulforaphane, only found in baby broccoli sprouts.

Back in 1992 it was learned that sulforaphane was a premier natural cancer fighter and preventer. It wasn’t until September of 1997 that John Hopkins issued a press release that educated consumers about its beneficial properties. It’s a science now actually, marketed by Brassica under the brand name BroccoSprouts.

Marijuana has that good THC, which was proven in a few studies to fight off cancer. A case was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation about two patients that had dissolved THC mixed with saline introduced into their brain tumors. Researchers found that live cancer cells dropped after a prolonged administration.

[img via carleton500gardener on flickr]

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