Heroin’s Low Cost Creating Buyer’s Market

October 28th, 2008 by Perry

The low cost of the drug and its growing availability in the Northeastern region of the country, is making heroin the new meth of the 2000s, according to Drug Enforcement Administration officials.

A bag of heroin costs less than a pack of cigarettes, and that’s one of the main reasons more local teenagers are trying the narcotic.

What’s more, the reputation of heroin is becoming more and more acceptable among an increasingly younger crowd, boosting the drug’s appeal. One of the problems is the growing misconception that the drug is less dangerous when snorted than injected, which is not true according to DEA sources.

Part of the problem, which the DEA fails to acknowledge, is that the DEA is a huge part of the problem. If they didn’t lie to America’s youth and tell them how dangerous marijuana is, after kids tried it and found out the lie; they are more likely to want to see what else people have been lying to them about.

Vintage Bob Marley Interview

October 27th, 2008 by Perry

Here’s some vintage footage of one marijuana’s biggest advocates, rastafarian folk legend and one of the most popular musicians ever – Bob Marley – talking about Mary Jane.

It’s a plaaaaaaaant, embrace the herb.

Fiji Islands in Midst of Drug War

October 27th, 2008 by Perry

In a U.S.-centric culture, we tend to forget that there are lots of other people struggling with drugs, drug wars and drug problems (although in this particular instance our colonization probably played a big role.)

A Fiji blogger writes about the changing culture of drug use on the island which has been altered by recent enforcement efforts. This tiny agricultural island nation with a population of less than one million has seen over $50 million in drug busts in the last three years.

[image via Nation Geographic by James L. Stanfield, 2007]

No Link Found Between Lung Cancer and Cannabis

October 27th, 2008 by Alex


A recent study reports that there is no increase in the likelihood of lung cancer from marijuana consumption, even among heavy smokers. Scientists who conducted the study seemed surprised by the results because marijuana contains up to 50 percent more of the carcinogenic chemicals which are believed to be the cause of cancer in smokers.

Researcher Donald Tashkin, MD, of UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine tells WebMD:

We know that there are as many or more carcinogens and co-carcinogens in marijuana smoke as in cigarettes. [...] But we did not find any evidence for an increase in cancer risk for even heavy marijuana smoking.

There are a lot of factors that could lead to the assumption that marijuana smoke accelerates cancer risks:

  • high concentration of chemicals linked to lung cancer
  • most marijuana smokers breathe deeper and hold smoke in longer
  • the large variance of chemicals in different grades and strains of marijuana

So why isn’t the link there? Scientists believe it has something to do with the properties of our favorite isomer – THC. Cellular studies of THC suggest it might have antitumor properties and can encourage the death of genetically damaged cells.

This is great news. Now, all I need is for THC to be able to cook a decent meal and keep an apartment clean, then I’m marrying it.

Del Taco Hooks it Uuuup

October 27th, 2008 by Perry

A Del Taco in Colorado has a new item on the menu, and the manager isn’t so thrilled about it. One not-so-bright fast food employee was trying to multi-task and serve more than just delicious discount tacos.

Dennis Klermund, 26, served fast food orders with extra green sauce (i.e. – pot). The only problem is he didn’t keep track of his regular customers, and accidentally treated one couple to a special combo meal.

His customers found a bag of weed with their food order, that was supposedly for a friend of Klermund’s.

Now, instead of a hook-up and some cash, Dennis got arrested for marijuana and paraphernalia possession. Looks like Dennis just got a lesson in customer satisfaction…

Cartel Leader Busted in Tijuana

October 27th, 2008 by Perry

The violence of the cartel struggle may eventually wind up being its undoing. Mexican cartel leader Eduardo Arellano Felix was recently captured after the violence became too much and someone revealed Felix’s location to law enforcement.

Felix had a $5 million reward leading for information for his arrest, after nearly 150 people (many in Felix’s organization) were killed in the last month alone.

In all, at least 57 suspected organized crime members, a majority of them believed to be part of the Arellano Felix organization, were killed in the last week, including 12 dumped in front of an elementary school Sept. 29 and eight tossed in an industrial yard Thursday.

Experts argue over whether taking down Felix as the head will actually make a difference. “Old cartels don’t seem to go away; they just seem to morph into new variants over time,” said David Shirk, director of the Trans-Border Institute at the University of San Diego. “There’s strong continuity for these organizations, dating back multiple generations of smugglers.”

[image via Sigloxxi]

Getting Legal, Part 1: The Day I Became Legal

October 27th, 2008 by Perry

After years of shifty go-betweens, waiting at drive-thru restaurant parking lots and sitdowns with hippies, I finally decided to apply for a medical marijuana card.

Having been in trouble with the law for possession, ironically the legal safety issue wasn’t one of the reasons I went out to get the card. Instead, the idea of being on any sort of government-sanctioned list of marijuana users made me feel uneasy, almost like a pre-approval process for a tapped phone line and an introduction to big brother society.

Nevertheless, I did it because I have every right to under California law. All I had to do was arrange an appointment via a phone number for Medicann that I found at a local headshop.

So I made the appointment – the earliest I could see a doctor was about ten days out – and as the day grew nearer I debated the issues involved in getting the card more and more. I struggled with the idea of getting a card because knowing that I was taking the same medications for anxiety, stress and headaches that people sought for glaucoma and chemotherapy recuperation made me feel some measure of guilt. Although I’m a proponent of legitimzed free use, e.g. no illness should be needed to enjoy marijuana if you’re of age, I still felt the strain of an ingrained stigma.

After a lot of internalized debate, I realized that this is the result of my subconscious associating marijuana with a Class A controlled substance. The fact is that marijuana is used by patients for a variety of maladies, but that’s not why I think marijuana should be legalized, there’s another, more personal reason…

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The Ecstasy Rainbow

October 24th, 2008 by Alex


Want some eye candy for the weekend? How about the ecstasy rainbow?

Exactly 99 different ecstasy pills, all different colors, with all different logos. From the dollar sign to McDonald’s to the Playboy bunny – branding is king, even in the designer drug trade.

Click the image for a hi-res version.

[image copyright Erowid, 2007]

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