Large Load Seized on 4/20 of All Days

April 22nd, 2009 by Rick

Trees of marijuana seized

It’s 4/20. It’s morning, it’s hot, muggy — you’re down in Miami. You’re cruising along the Florida turnpike trying to get to a 4/20 event with important cargo. As you look at your rear view mirror, you see a piece of styrofoam from your truck fly out of the bed and hit another car. Just as you think, “I hope a cop didn’t see that,” the familiar red and blue lights flash. You pull over, nervously. The cop makes his walk towards the car and as soon as he nears the bed, out of the side view mirror you see his facial expression change as he smells the trees of marijuana you have.

Pop quiz hot shot: “Do you bail and run for your life? Or do you sit there, get arrested and face an easy decade in jail just because you were supposed to get to a 420 event with marijuana?” You bail.

Sound like a good 4/20 misadventure? It was. This actually happened.

Witnesses said it was an estimated $500,000 worth of marijuana was confiscated and placed in large black trash bags. Despite more law enforcement officers being called in, the driver of the truck escaped. Showing up to the 4/20 event without weed is a hell of a lot better than showing up to jail with drug charges.

theFreshScent’s 2009 4/20 Wrap-up

April 22nd, 2009 by Rick

A Collection of YouTube Videos for 2009’s 420

YouTube's 4/20

Check out these YouTube videos of people celebrating 4/20 all over the country.

[Santa Cruz, CA] Partied like Potstars in UC Santa Cruz

Everyone usually arrives early to walk around and truly enjoy the festivities before heading off to Porter Meadow to light up at 4:20 p.m. Mother Nature threw some heat Santa Cruz’s way on 4/20. At UC Santa Cruz, the brave people that did venture forth into the baking sun, carried water bottles and suntan lotion.

A newly added oddity to the party were religious, sign-wielding protesters.  If anyone needed pot clearly it was those that were questioning the morality of smoking pot and holding signs that read ‘Highway to Hell’. Even bare chested dudes blowing smoke into their faces didn’t entice them to come to the dark side.

All in all, the 96ºF heat didn’t result in any medical incidents and the police got a chance to rescue a dog trapped in a car that had it’s windows up. 5-0 were also happy to give out 200 parking citations.

[Boulder, Denver] No Tickets Issued for Possession

Roughly between 8,000-10,000 people showed up at the University of Colorado for their 4/20 rally. At 4:20 p.m. they let out a cheer and a cloud of smoke filled the air.

Another 3,000 people showed up at the Civic Center Park in Denver, CO. People heard live music and speeches from activist groups. 80 police officers were present as well but no drug arrests were made.

[Vancouver, BC] 4/20 Draws Another Big Crowd

Vancouver’s huge 420 Bash at the Art Gallery had all kinds of people, from all different walks of life; they all had one thing in common — the love of cannabis. This video is from Thorny Bleeder Records and gives you a quick run down of the kinds of activities and people that made the event what it was.

It starts off with a questionable taste of music and an even more questionable dental plan. Then after some of the crowd is shown, some retro dressed clown trying to emulate the naked cowboy from Times Square says ‘I want to be high!’ You and everybody else buddy!

It’s a time when people can come together and vendors can capitalize on the cannabis craze by advertising their kush buds. It looked like a peaceful event, not a cop in sight. The Canucks really know how to throw a party.

Family Guy 420 Episode

If you missed the Family Guy 420th episode on April 19th, then visit Hulu and watch the latest episode with limited commercial interruption.

This year’s 4/20 has come and gone but here’s to the next 4/20, look for theFreshScent to have a significantly larger impact on the holiday.

Edit: Joy & her significant other tied the knot on 4/20. Congratulations to you both! :)

CNBC Interview with MPP’s Bruce Mirken

April 22nd, 2009 by Rick

Bruce Mirken, a communications director at the Marijuana Policy Project, was interviewed on CNBC. Mirken brings up points like; two-thirds of the Mexican cartels’ profit comes from marijuana and that marijuana has consistently been the top cash crop in the United States, which the cartel’s have received the majority of profit from.

Even after he told the CNBC reporter, that two-thirds of the cartel’s profit comes from the distribution of marijuana, she interrupts her guest and asks if the cartels would just move to hardcore drugs. Another guest starts dropping some interesting statistics to the other Guest, John Carnevale, President of Carnevale Associates and asks him why marijuana can’t be legalized.

Carnevale actually has the audacity to say that the answer is quite simple. He adds that the reason marijuana can’t be legalized because there would be a greater demand for it and more people would be doing it.

Even the another reporter tells John about the success in the Netherlands, where the stats show the exact opposite — but Carnevale sticks to his guns and even goes on to claim that the reason marijuana is illegal is because it is a harmful drug and serves no medicinal purposes? I think 13 states and growing would beg to differ, along with all the scientists and doctors that aren’t paid by the government to speak out against marijuana.

Carnevale denies that the prohibition of marijuana is similar to the failed prohibition of alcohol.  He even dodges a statement about marijuana being less addictive and toxic than alcohol by bringing other drugs into the discussion. Back-peddling, trying to stand on some firm ground, Carnevale then brings up the point that they all like to bring up — the children. How Carnevale brought this up is sheer lunacy by implying that if marijuana would be legalized then a 3 or 5 year old would have it available to them.

Carnevale goes on to say that alcohol is the leading cause of people going to the hospital and that the social abuse of it has cost $200 billion. He forgot to mention the deaths that alcohol has caused, not just the trips to the doctor. Granted none of these things are good yet alcohol is still legal and marketed worldwide. Saying that marijuana can’t be legalized because we didn’t get it right with alcohol is just purely hypocritical.

Study: Our Brains Deal Drugs Molecularly

April 22nd, 2009 by Russ

The Human Brain

Reports are out that scientists have observed human brains manufacturing marijuana-like proteins. These proteins target cannabinoid receptors in the brain that normally allow people to experience the psychotropic and physiological effects of marijuana.

Some of the participating scientists are hoping to use this discovery to develop drug treatments with the therapeutic benefits of pot that lack the “undesirable” side effects. So, theoretically, future pot smokers can treat their glaucoma without also becoming fascinated by the wood grain patterns in their dining room table for several hours. Where the fun is in that, I have no idea.

Study: Female Hormones May Counter THC’s Effect on Cognition

April 21st, 2009 by Erin

Lady humps.

Experiments done on adult female rats by Louisiana State University have shown that the estrogen produced by ovaries slightly counters the effects that THC has on memory and learning ability. Moreover there has been no research conducted on exposure to THC during the rodent equivalent of adolescence.

In the most recent tests, six female rats with ovaries intact and six female rats with ovaries removed were all exposed to THC during their so-called “adolescent” period, and were trained to perform tasks for food. Upon reaching adulthood, the rats were again exposed to THC and given a test. For comparison, 12 rats (six with ovaries, six without) were given the same tests, but were only exposed to THC during adulthood.

The results showed that the rats exposed to THC during adolescence performed more poorly on their tests overall; with or without ovaries. Although this particular study excluded male rats, it’s yet another insight into the world or the effects of THC.

Don’t let the Partnership for a Drug Free America get their hands on this, it would just be adding fuel to the fire.

First Ever Pro-Marijuana TV Ad Aired 4/20

April 21st, 2009 by Rick

The first ever pro marijuana TV ad campaign challenging cannabis laws launched just yesterday on April 20th, 4/20. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), the group behind the 7,770 scheduled TV ads, planned to have them appear on CNN, CNBC, Fox News Channel, Fuse, FX Networks, G4, MSNBC, CNN’s Headline News and Spike TV. NORML’s recognition has been growing, including 600,000 friends on Facebook and nearly 67,000 friends on MySpace.

The ad itself is the winner of a user generated ad contest that NORML had asking the question:

What would you say to President Obama about legalizing marijuana?

New Jersey College student and aspiring filmmaker, Jason Druss, received 6,500 votes for his work and won the contest and the $3500 prize.

Druss said:

It’s time for President Obama to endorse cannabis law reform where it is legally controlled and taxed like alcohol and tobacco products. [...] It’s shocking that students can lose out from federal student loans for possessing a few joints, when pot’s been part of the college culture for decades.

Cheech & Chong Tour Raided Down Under

April 21st, 2009 by Rick

Cheech and Chong Light Up Australia Tour

25 police officers and 4 K-9 drug sniffing dogs were the latest fans party crashers to the Cheech & Chong Light Up Australia tour last Wednesday at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. 50 people were searched and 6 were found possessing a small amount of marijuana. None of the 6 were either fined or charged — instead they were issued caution notices.

A New South Wales Police spokeswoman said it was all part of a larger drug operation in that area, which included a train station and some other locations near the theater.

Japan Loves the 80s, Especially its Drug War

April 21st, 2009 by Russ


Once (and maybe still) obsessed with Elvis Presley, Japanese society now seems to be more interested in emulating Nancy Reagan. A renewed drug prosecutorial fervor has seen Japan’s marijuana arrests double over the past ten years.

Several high profile cases of Japanese weed demonization have reached the press in recent weeks, including the expulsion of a popular sumo wrestler from his sumo league, and the temporary shutdown of a major university sports facility for the infractions of a single pole-vaulting pot smoker.

Japanese lawmakers have even recently passed laws banning the production of industrial hemp, effectively targeting the widely reviled societal rebels known as Buddhist monks. The monks use hemp cloth in their robe-making practices.

Though the sheer numbers of arrests pale in comparison to their western neighbors (3,793 in Japan vs. over 900,000 in the US), the Japanese have some of the most stringent anti-weed laws on the books, including a potential five-year prison term simply for a possession-related arrest.

One magistrate had the following exchange with a man about to be sentenced on a theft and weed-related charge:

Do you understand that marijuana is bad for your health?

The defendant replied:

I don’t think it’s bad for my health. I did research on the internet, and it said that marijuana was less harmful than tobacco and alcohol.

The judge responded:

You’re being deceived, because you’re a fool.

Interestingly enough, Japan also has one of the highest rates of tobacco addiction in the civilized world.  Nearly 40% of Japanese men are active smokers and seemingly oblivious to the weed-related irony.

Unfortunately, it seems that Japanese pop and legal culture both are still hopelessly embraced with the 80s. For public health and sanity’s sake, someone should sneak in some Japanese network reruns of That 70s Show.

[img via innasuperinna on flickr]

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