New Hampshire Passes Bill to Legalize MMJ

May 5th, 2009 by Erin

New Hampshire <3 MMJ!

New Hampshire is the newest state to pass a bill to legalize small amounts of medical marijuana for qualified patients suffering from severe illnesses.

Similar to states with a medical marijuana law already in place, the bill if passed, will allow patients to grow up to six plants and possess up to two ounces of cannabis with a legitimate doctor’s recommendation.

The Senate’s vote of 14-10 has sent this bill for House approval. A review of the bill is also underway to add an amendment, following the typical arguments; Marijuana advocates insisting that it shows compassion to the sick, and opponents coming back with the archaic argument that the bill would encourage abuse and be difficult to regulate.

Edit: The confusion regarding this article has been resolved, we’ll put our crystal ball away. Thanks to Jordan for the heads up!

Timothy Saccenti: Artist Extraordinaire

May 4th, 2009 by Rick

Timothy Saccenti

A Director and Photographer from New York, Timothy Saccenti, works worldwide, bringing his unique blend of art, video and photography to the contemporary art scene.

His visuals are awe inspiring and sometimes humorous, as he mixes the familiar and otherworldly into his work. With his keen art direction, Saccenti uses intense color and palatial lighting in a style described recently as:

Baroque futurism, with a precise-horror attitude.

His most recent music videos with; Battles, Animal Collective, and Jamie Lidell have garnered him much respect and provided him an entry into festivals throughout the world, including the BUG in London, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Los Angles Film Festival.

For my two cents, Timothy Saccenti is gifted beyond words, his artwork in form of videos and photography is mind blowing at times. I can only imagine what feature films would look like, with this true visionary at the helm.




Mayor Crusades Against Baggy Pants

May 4th, 2009 by Russ

Baggy pants

A Florida mayor, apparently nostalgic for Nazi Germany, has lobbied to criminalize the wearing of baggy pants in his town. Last year, Riviera Beach mayor, and assumed facsist, Thomas Masters, convinced 72% of his constituents to pass a town ordinance that fined baggy pants wearers to the tune of $150. Repeat offenders can earn larger fines and even mandatory jail sentences.

Riviera Beach officials consider baggy pants to be part of a culture associated with drug dealing and other criminal activity. Apparently local police have found it too difficult to effectively prosecute laws already in the books, so they have taken to locking up those citizens without pre-approved attire. An unusually sane Palm Beach judge has already ruled the ‘Saggy, Baggy Pants Law’ unconstitutional, but Mayor Masters isn’t giving up so easily.

Reports from his administration indicate that he is considering future proposals to criminalize slang speech, wearing crooked baseball caps, and driving while under the influence of 50 Cent.

Round Up: Odd News Across the Nation

May 4th, 2009 by Rick

You are a dumbass.

Citizen’s Arrest on… Himself

A 50-year old South Carolina man found a crack pipe in his bag and tried to arrest himself.

Drunk Man Smuggles Sock o’ Pot into Jail

A drunk man in Georgia was arrested after being found passed out in someone’s car and taken to jail, where he became more belligerent as guards found a bag of weed in his sock.

Fake Piss Lands 4 in Jail

Four Texas men go to jail for being idiots actually. Yes, it’s a crime. Read more here.

Man Arrested for Pot Possession and Fleeing

A man in South Carolina tried to evade police through two cities and winds up crashing into a SUV.

Armed Robbery Leads to 100g of Pot

Two men in Illinois were arrested and charged with armed robbery, felony marijuana possession and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute after being pulled over for being suspects to a mugging.

Indiana Drug Task Force Called in After Wreck

A man in Indiana dies after colliding with a semi — his Nissan is smashed to pieces, $20 bills were floating in the air and a small amount of marijuana was found.

200 Immature Pot Plants Seized After Traffic Stop

A man in Florida was arrested and charged with multiple drug charges after he initially ran a stop sign.

Afghan Chief Gets Life in U.S. Prison

May 4th, 2009 by Rick

Bashir Noorzai gets Life in Prison

Check out the new scapegoat poster child for the U.S.’s war on drugs.

Bashir Noorzai, 45, a once powerful Afghani Tribal leader, was ordered by an American judge to pay a fine of $25,000 and spend the rest of his life in a federal prison for conspiring to import, manufacture and distribute $50m worth of heroin.

Before his 2005 arrest, Noorzai had aligned himself with his old friend Mullah Mohammad Omar and the Taliban, formed his own army and was at the helm of a heroin empire involving some of his tribe and a million people in southern and western Afghanistan and Pakistan. At that time he was one of the most powerful and dangerous narcotics traffickers in the world.

In 2005, he came to the United States after being invited to speak with government officials. He was interviewed by investigators for 11 days, at a hotel near the former World Trade Center site and then arrested.

Dutch Police Unveil CannaChopper

May 4th, 2009 by Rick


The Dutch police have a new tool to locate grow-ops and pot fields. Like k-9, but able to fly and having a super sniffer, the CannaChopper, is an unmanned miniature helicopter that has built in instruments that detect marijuana odor and uses IR (infrared) and video surveillance.

When the CannaChopper flies over a house, if there is a grow-op present it will detect the immense heat signature attributed with grow lights, as well as detect the slightest aroma from the marijuana plant. After the detection of illegal activity, the police are then called in for backup at the location.

On it’s first aerial venture it located a marijuana farm and seven growers were arrested.  Only 10% of the marijuana fields are grown legally, the rest of the pot is smuggled into the black market.

Mexican Senate Votes to Decriminalize Weed Posession

April 30th, 2009 by Russ

Mexican Senate

The Mexican Senate approved a measure Tuesday that would eliminate penalties for possession of several drugs, including marijuana. Proposed by conservative President Felipe Calderon, the bill would legalize possession of up to five grams of pot, half a gram of cocaine, and traces of harder drugs such as meth and heroin. The bill also would eliminate mandatory federal sentencing for small-scale dealers.

Following a nationwide debate on the efficacy of President Calderon’s escalation of violence against local drug cartels, several regional leaders have publicly supported a national policy of decriminalization. Former Presidents Ernesto Zadillo (Mexico), Fernando Cardozo (Brazil), and Cesar Gaviria (Columbia) all endorsed a return to progressive drug politics in the wake of a staggering rise in drug-related violence.

Succumbing to public pressure, Calderon proposed the legislation with the hopes of relieving some of the burden on local law enforcement, and allowing a more focused pursuit of high level drug traffickers. The bill awaits the endorsement of the Mexican lower house before it can be passed into law.

Wide Receiver Catches Weed Misdemeanor

April 30th, 2009 by Russ

Santonio Holmes

Pittsburgh Steelers’ star receiver, Santonio Holmes, was arraigned Tuesday for possessing three blunts that he offered as evidence to officers during a traffic stop last October.

Apparently, the Pittsburgh police officers were looking for ‘real criminals’ when they came upon Holmes’ car. Unfortunately, the NFL star matched police’s description of a suspicious-looking “large black man driving a fancy car.” In the surprise of the century, Holmes’ lawyer is challenging the constitutionality of the traffic stop.

Holmes, who was last year’s Superbowl MVP, said that he “learned a lot” from his one game suspension following the weed arrest. One thing he’s sure to have learned is that ‘driving while black’ is still a crime in some parts of the country.

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