Yes on Amendment 44

November 5th, 2006 by Tim

Go Bush!
Go Cheney!

These are the two newest advertisements published in Colorado in support of Amendment 44 – the legalization of up to 1 ounce of marijuana.

The ad on Bush isn’t quite as convincing as the one on Cheney, but both outline a pretty valid point if you ask me.

Marijuana Reform Breakdown

November 4th, 2006 by Alex

Smoke the Vote

TalkLeft has put together a nice, quick breakdown of the upcoming marijuana reform initiatives that are taking place in Colorado, Nevada and South Dakota. This years’ mid-term elections are not only important because of the obvious Democrat vs. Republican struggle, but also because these measures might be the first steps toward legalization.

Public opinion is starting to swing in many states. Organizations like LEAP and SAFER Colorado are doing their part to improve awareness and promote the benefits of herb rather than the demonization and scare tactics employed by the US government.

Overall, even if these measures don’t succeed (and I sure as hell hope they do), I still believe we are on the path towards a more intellectual approach to smoking. When you compare the benefits and drawbacks against many other legal substances in the US, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

[via TalkLeft]

tFS Debris – 11.3.06

November 3rd, 2006 by Alex

Since news is kinda slow on the tail end of this week, it’s time for a super-sized Debris. There’s some real variety in this edition – 2 videos, 2 features, and more links than you can throw a grow-op at. Enjoy.

The Videos

Stoned in Suburbia: An interesting look into England’s weed scene and also an eye-opener that smokers come in all shapes & sizes.

Mariwana: Old shool music vid from the classic reggae group Soul Syndicate. Doesn’t look like they’re smoking the kindest of buds, but they’re definitely enjoying life.

The Features

Cellphone Plan Escape: CellTradeUSA is a company that is matching people who want to get out of their cell phone contracts with those who want to jump into without paying activation fees or being stuck long-term. Genius. [via Product Dose]

Hollis Home: An Arizona house built by architect Randall Fonce that exemplifies clean lines and lots of open space. Sure beats my apartment. [via Luxist]

The Links

Bullet Rapping paper – damn it feels good to be a gangsta [via Josh Spear]
Bullet Sample crazy Kettle Chips flavors and vote on them [via Uncrate]
Bullet For the designer on the go – Pantone goodness [via Infosthetics]
Bullet Awesome wall graffiti in Rotterdam by Lastplak [via Wooster Collective]
Bullet Defyra glasses – scandinavian cool with shapes & colors [via Cool Hunting]
Bullet MartyWear Speakers – where design and great sound combine [via Uncrate]
Bullet Not often that a pie chart can actually make you laugh [via Boing Boing]
Bullet One sleek-as-hell portable DVD player, but the PSP still wins [via Born Rich]
Bullet The first (and only) good looking Scion xB collabo [via Commissary]
Bullet Fucking awesome clock that syncs with Google calendar [via Infosthetics]

Sheriff Arrested for Re-Selling Drugs & Ammo

November 2nd, 2006 by Alex

Seized Drugs & Ammo

How to get the public to distrust it’s law enforcement officers – a tutorial by tFS:

First, make sure you are in a position that requires voters to elect you. Try and make it one that’s high up on the totem pole – like a sheriff for instance. Next, round up a gang of like minded individuals who are motivated to make the extra buck. You want some variety on this, really spread your troops around. I suggest a postal service employee, a probation officer, and then some regular Joes out on the street.

Next, start seizing and storing everything you can find – guns, drugs, steroids, – you name it. Here comes the critical part, use your position, its influence and your newly formed gang to re-sell everything you’ve confiscated back into the community. A great way to do this is by paying off a sheriff’s seargent to use his house as a distribution base.

What’s the last step? Enjoy the benefits for as long as possible, because eventually you’re going to get cornholed by the FBI and DEA in a massive raid that brings down everyone around you. Still, this is only hypothetical. Right?

[via Newsvine]

If They Only Grew This Fast…

November 2nd, 2006 by Tim

This is a cool time-lapse video depicting the process of herbs’ vegetation stage. If you’ve never seen any plants in person, this will give you a pretty good idea of how these babies develop in the early parts of the grow process.

Speeding up the frame rate shows just how much plants can move throughout the grow cycle.

Royal Blunts: Passion Fruit

November 1st, 2006 by Alex

Royal Blunts: Passion Fruit

Royal Blunts delivers some of the best flavors on the market. Just like other major players, their line-up is heavily filled with fruit based flavors – Mango, Peach, Strawberry and more. Passion Fruit is in the same category, and delivers like RB knows how.

First point, the wrap wasn’t dry, which is the only real drawback from Royal. If you spot any package designs with the see-through square be warned there’s a high chance it’s gonna be brittle as hell.

The smell is good on this wrap, not pinpoint accurate, but close enough to work. This wrap hits the usual notes after that – good to smoke, doesn’t add much flavor but the burned smoke does leave a good aroma. Royal Blunts has put together a solid product but it’s nothing that sticks out from the crowd.

The Breakdown: Price: $1.50 tFS Rating: 6.5/10

Anti-Drug PSA is Comedy Gold

November 1st, 2006 by Alex

Oh so lame.

This gem of a PSA was pointed out by a Pitchfork Media staffer, and damn is it funny. It’s a well known fact, even proven scientifically, that the governments massive anti-drug campaign is useless. Well, except for wasting lots of money, it’s great at that.

Here is another in the long line of retarded PSAs. This one is great, because not only does it say weed turns you into a poser, but an indie-rock listening poser. Noooooooooo!

You can download the Poser PSA here or read the full transcript below:

Robotic Voice: Being popular was all I could think about last year. I wanted to, like, be cool with everybody. I listened to music that I didn’t like and laughed at stuff that wasn’t funny. I programmed myself to be a totally different person to everyone.

*computer voice starts to change into a real human voice*

Female Voice: But I wasn’t myself. Now I’m not pretending to like indie rock or anything like that. And people think that’s cool.

Male Narrator: Live above the influence. Above weed. Check out abovetheinfluence.com. Sponsored by the ONDCP and the Partnership For A Drug-Free America.

I don’t know what Partnership for a Drug-Free America has against Dinosaur Jr., The Pixies or Pavement but it seems like they’re the ones living on Shady Lane.

[via PitchFork Media]

Can I Place an Order for Delivery?

November 1st, 2006 by Tim

1 Large, Xtra Cheese
1 Med, Pepperoni

Here’s some undated handout photo goodness, courtesy of the DEA. If only I had the phone number…

This undated handout photo supplied by Drug Enforcement Administration shows plastic boxes full of marijuana with an attached greeting from the Cartoon Network. In court papers, the DEA said its agents found “more than 30 pounds of marijuana, in open and plain view, and already packaged for retail holiday delivery to Cartoon Network customers.” -AP

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