Afroman: Cali Swangin’ Tour

December 27th, 2006 by Alex


There are a couple of stoner anthems that come to mind from the past few years. One of the more popular ones was ‘Because I Got High’ by Afroman. Well, he’s determined not to be a one-hit-wonder and has dropped a 2 disc LP called Afroholic – The Even Better Times.

To promote the new album, Afroman is touring California with his Cali Swangin’ Tour. The first tourdate is January 25th in Hollywood and the last is January 28th in Santa Cruz. His new release is aimed at being a more dynamic rapper and showing there’s more beneath the surface than catchy drug-related jingles.

Check out Afroman’s website here or get more info on tour dates & ticket sales at Howard Presents.

Read on to view the flipside of the Afroman flyer.

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Frank Gotti Agnello Headshot

December 26th, 2006 by Alex


One of our last posts in November had to do with Frank Gotti Agnello getting busted for morphine and oxycontin.

Well, The Smoking Gun sourced the junior Gotti’s mugshot and put it up on their wall of shame. I think the best part about this shot is the dollar sign hoodie that shows Frank is all about the benjamins.

[via The Smoking Gun]

Cooking with Marijuana: Sensimillan Caesar

December 26th, 2006 by Alex

It’s time to start this holiday week off with another installment of the Cooking with Marijuana series.

This time, chefs Hans and Hans show everyone how to make a delicious caesar salad by mixing marijuana olive oil into a homemade dressing.

“Not only will it taste nice, it will be nice.”

Flickr User: DEA Man

December 23rd, 2006 by Alex

Good stuff.
Good stuff.
Good stuff.

Here’s some photos from a Flickr user called DEA Man.

His user profile says, “DEA Superman, keeping drugs out of our high schools… you’re welcome.” I guess a thanks is in order?

Above are some choice photos of pot that was confiscated from a Hawaiian medical marijuana clinic.

Or, you can check out his photo sets – here, here and here.

Carol of the Buds

December 22nd, 2006 by Alex

This music video is from The Cannabis Chorus and it’s perfectly titled ‘Carol of the Buds’.

When faced with such musical talent, theatrical presence and high production quality as the video above, I realize the music industry is still alive and kicking.

How amazing artists such as this can go unsigned and unnoticed for this long is astounding. Britney, Christina and Fergie – here it is, here’s your competition.

Debris: Thursday, 12.21.06

December 21st, 2006 by Alex

Golf Bloggers Shouldn’t Give Life Lessons

December 21st, 2006 by Alex

What happens when a chubby, condescending golf editor tackles a subject he has no idea about? Well, an article like this gets crapped out.

Michelle Wie taking advice from someone who was neither highly-successful nor popular at a young age is laughable at best. Still, let’s break this piece of garbage down:

Back in May, I blogged about a troubling study that revealed the “2005 National Collegiate Athletic Association survey of a sampling of golfers indicated … marijuana use by 25 percent, according to the NCAA.” That’s right, A QUARTER of U.S. college golfers tested smoke grass!

This survey of a sampling that Mark Nessmith is talking about was actually conducted anonymously. In other words, this quasi-solid study doesn’t necessarily represent the entire NCAA golfing population and basing his assumptions on it is dangerous at best.

As a professional golfer and Nike pitchwoman, I know Michelle is not eligible for the Stanford golf team. But I’d be willing to bet she ends up spending a good bit of time with collegiate golfers there.

Michelle, I have to assume you’re reading this (if not, Jesse can pass it along), I have some advice for you:

Perhaps you’d have to be high to think you’ll ever win on the PGA Tour, and it might be tempting to go along with the college golf crowd, but PLEASE say no to drugs. You’ve just got too much to do and too many things to accomplish. And remember, quitters never win. Don’t be no fool, stay in school.

Seriously? “Don’t be no fool, stay in school?” That’s probably the lamest thing I’ve read yet this month and that takes some skill.

I suppose Michelle should never be allowed to drink a beer or smoke a cigarette? How about eat a Krispy Kreme? Those are all unhealthy for her! Can’t Mr. Morality help Michelle make more life decisions?

I’ve got an idea, how about this guy lets a 17 year old girl who’s already accomplished more than him make up her own mind and live life the way she wants to? Being accepted to Stanford deserves a congratulations, not a weak attempt at being the PGA’s version of DARE.

Blunt Wrap: Gin & Juice

December 21st, 2006 by Alex

Blunt Wraps: Gin and Juice

For some reason, alcohol-flavored blunts seem to be popular with manufacturers these days. Blunt Wrap has thrown their own version into the mix with their Platinum Gin & Juice flavored wrap.

theFreshScent Product Recap
Category Blunts
Company Blunt Wrap
Made In Domincan Republic
Pros Good packaging
Cons Low on flavor
Price $1.50
tFS Rating 6.0/10

Made in the cigar-rolling region of the Dominican Republic, Blunt Wrap materials are always quality. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily flow over to the taste and/or smell. BW’s ‘hot-foil’ sealing technique made the blunt perfectly moist and and the serrated edges are easy to roll with. The original leaf smell is almost impossible to pinpoint. I can tell you it doesn’t smell like Gin, Juice or Gin & Juice.

The wrap smokes fine. No surprises really – it burned evenly and the smoke wasn’t harsh. The blunt didn’t give off any distinct taste or aromas while burning. Overall, this one falls short. Gin & Juice is a tough flavor to replicate and the technique definitely hasn’t been mastered yet.

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