New Frightening Findings

January 2nd, 2007 by Alex

An extremely serious, scientific and ground-breaking study has just released preliminary findings on marijuana usage.

First reported by a woman with no sense of satire Benita, this scientific report should definitely put an end to pot consumption nation-wide.

Here’s an excerpt:

According to researchers at the, Shingle Hollar Institute Of Technology; POT SMOKING PERMANENTLY DECREASES YOUR INTELLIGENCE!

In one, notable study; two female roommates, who had never smoked or consumed marijuana, were the focal subjects, for this ground breaking report.

The two women,(Mary and Jane) both in their twenties; were followed closely, during the 20 year study.
Both, orginally were given pot to smoke in a clinical situation; 5 times a day, for 6 months.
Mary never smoked again and Jane turned into a habitual smoker.

Results of IQ tests, given initially to both, before the study and subsequently once a year, for the following 20 years; shows markedly lower results for both women.

As you can tell, this is some pretty amazing stuff. I can’t wait to see the full report, detailing the scientific data on Mary/Jane. I might even do my own research on the subject tonight.

…And onto 2007!

January 2nd, 2007 by Alex


Wow, is it really 2007 already? I guess time flies when you’re having fun and the 2nd part of this year really has been exciting for theFreshScent. We’re the highest trafficked counter-culture blog online and none of that could’ve been accomplished without your help.

Both Tim and myself want to send out a big Thank You for reading and participating on tFS. Without you guys around, we’d have no motivation to do any of this.

Now onto 2007 – we’re really looking forward to the upcoming year. There are a lot of new features in development that we believe will help this community grow. We’re never fully satisfied with tFS and the goal is to improve it daily and monthly.

The first feature, which is being dropped in conjunction with this New Years post, is the new tFS Footer. It’s been expanded to show Featured Articles, Recent Comments and our Flickr feed. This will let everyone see what posts are the most popular, who is commenting where and hopefully encourage everyone to participate a little bit more.

Next, we’re going to be introducing more subject material to the site. New products, bigger & better reviews, a brand-new photography lab and some green surprises all factor into the upcoming year. This exclusive content will also be improved upon by new site features.

So, bottom line is that we’re really looking forward to 2007. This will be a year of new & exciting things and we can’t wait to bring them all right to your doorstep.

Mike Tyson & The Police: Together Again

December 29th, 2006 by Alex


When I saw the familiar shape of letters grouped together, creating the name Mike Tyson, I got a warm feeling that reminded me of my childhood. Jail sentences, chomped off ears, unforgettable quotes and more – good ol’ Mike has always had a place in my heart.

This time, Mike didn’t do anything outlandish like stomp on the hood of some passer-by’s car. He just came close to crashing into a sherriff’s vehicle and then got arrested for driving impaired and possession of cocaine.

The irony is that the jail he was brought to was the same jail that he had done previous anti-drug work with juvenile offenders.

With that said, all the major news outlets are covering this story, so why not bring out the brighter side of Mike Tyson?

Read on for more…

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NORML: 2006 Year in Review

December 29th, 2006 by Alex

NORML has dropped their annual ‘Year in Review‘ article for 2006. The article targets the top 10 events and discoveries that have affected marijuana policy in the United States.

The majority of these issues have been covered by tFS. Out of all of these articles, I would have to pinpoint the highest arrest rate ever as one of the most striking issues in 2006. It cements the fact there is still so much to be done in the quest for legalization.

So, here is NORML’s list of most influential events for 2006 (in order):

[via NORML]

How To Make Hash

December 28th, 2006 by Alex

Making hash always seemed a little daunting to me. As far as ‘do-it-yourself‘ projects go, hash is much more complex than your everyday pot brownies.

This video explains everything in detail and will definitely take away any apprehension at going through with the multi-step process. It takes some practice, but man is it rewarding to make your first batch of brown brick.

Make a little, make a lot – there’s no limit on how much you can press.

Houston Law Enforcement 20,000lb. Bust

December 28th, 2006 by Tim

Louis Mendez, 29, an 18-wheeling trucker, was pulled over and arrested when authorities were tipped off that he was in transport of ~20,000 pounds of marijuana. Deputies, who pulled over the suspect, seized small amounts of cocaine and marijuana in the truck’s cab.

An agent staking out the warehouse the truck departed, entered in hopes of finding the owner when he discovered a few bales of weed inside.

Following further investigation, law enforcement were delighted when they found (and later seized) $20 – $40 million worth of marijuana cargo in the trailer. And to think, this all could’ve been diverted if Louis just had his damn headlights on at 10pm at night; they would’ve had no right to pull him over otherwise.

Charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, it doesn’t sound like Louis has much of a defense case – which ultimately means a long, long jail sentence.

Lt. J.D. Glesmann with the Sheriff Department’s Covert Operations Unit stated:

I’ve been in narcotics (division) since ‘93 and I’ve never seen a load of marijuana as big as this.

I guess that means this was big?

The bales of weed were packaged incognito-style, wrapped in plastic and coated in calcium carbonate to diffuse smell and placed in wooden crates, covered in coal. Lastly, the crates were labeled with car makes and numbers, most likely to be used for national distribution.

Obviously, this was the work of professionals and someone, somewhere is having a really bad day.

[via Houston Chronicle]

Former NARC Teaches How to Hide Drugs

December 28th, 2006 by Tim

Ex-NARC Barry Cooper

So here’s the deal – there’s this Texas drug agent, Barry Cooper, that’s creating quite a stir in state law enforcement circles. According to his ex-peers, Barry’s turning his back on the good guys and now, to turn a profit, helping the so-called bad guys.

He’s produced a video called “Never Get Busted Again,” that will help potential traffickers better conceal and/or hide drugs, avoid narcotics profiling and fool canines every time.

Barry Cooper had this to say about his upcoming video:

My main motivation in all of this is to teach Americans their civil liberties and what drives me in this is injustice and unfairness in our system.

The former narcotics officer is highly decorated and was considered one of the top drug cops during his tenure in the police force. An ex-colleague had this to say:

He was even better than he says he was. He was probably the best narcotics officer in the state and maybe the country during his time with the task force.

Expect Barry’s website to launch by Tuesday of next week, with the video shortly following.

Cheers Barry Cooper, I look forward to checking out your vid.

[via Forbes]

The Sun Rip

December 27th, 2006 by Alex

Many companies are tackling the quest to make smoking pot as healthy and tasty as possible. We’ve got natural gas lighters, vape lighters and more vaporizer designs than anyone can remember.

In the end, there’s on true method that the others just can’t touch – the sun rip.

It’s not an available option all the time, but when you have the chance I suggest you give it a shot. All you need is a clear sky, a magnifying glass and a nice summer day.

It tastes better, it’s healthier and you get to tell people that you’re in tune with nature. That’s what I call a win-win situation.

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