Welcome our New Staff Editor – Ryan

January 30th, 2007 by Alex

As I’m sure most of you can see, over the past week and a half tFS has been focusing strongly on product reviews and medical marijuana reviews.

One of the driving forces behind this important shift is a guy named Ryan. He’s what I like to call a ‘ganja guru’ and he has now been invited to join theFreshScent team.

So, I’m proud to introduce Ryan as our new staff editor. He will be focusing mainly on medical marijuana reviews and occasionally throwing his two cents in on product reviews too.

He can be contacted by writing to ryan[at]thefreshscent.com or by using our main contact page.

Welcome to the team Ryan!

Wagner Heat Gun is NOT a Vaporizer

January 30th, 2007 by Alex


Every once in a while you’ll come across a deal that seems almost too good to be true. As the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Wiser words have rarely been spoken and they get reinforced daily through lessons learned the hard way. Our product that seems too good to be true is the Wagner HT 400 Heat Gun.

Now, your first question is probably, “Why the hell is theFreshScent reviewing a heat gun?” The answer is simple, because some shady headshops are trying to pass off these Home Depot glue warmers as ‘vaporizer lighters.’

They’ll look you straight in the eye and say that this gun is perfect for use with your pipe or bong and will make the smoking experience much healthier. In a word – wrong.

theFreshScent Product Recap
Category Products > Other
Company Wagner
Made In USA
Pros None
Cons Doesn’t work
Price $60.00
tFS Rating 1.0/10

The Wagner HT 400 has one heat setting of 650° F. This would work to vaporize cannabis, except the vapor-point for our favorite herb is only 356° F. Strike one. Let’s pretend that the HT 400 has the correct temperature setting, would it still work? Nope. When activated, this gun pushes out a continuous gust of wind. Not exactly a Category 4 Hurricane, but strong enough to knock any pot out of the bowl. Strike two.

So, other than the temperature being wrong and the air pushed out of the HT 400 preventing it from working, is it at least cheap? No (again). Well, maybe if you buy it for the actual retail price of $33 from a Home Depot or Lowe’s. Instead, certain headshops are trying to sell this heat gun for $60 a pop – nearly doubling the price of the item. Strike three.

This is by far and away the worst product tFS has ever reviewed. So bad, we had to give it a 1.0 out of 10 rating. The only way it could score worse than that is if a staff member was injured while trying to review the damn thing.

As a vaporizer lighter the HT 400 doesn’t work, it’s expensive and it just plain sucks. It’s designed for construction and arts & crafts oriented work, which it excels at.

If you ever see one of these things at your local headshop, be aware that they’re willing and able to rip you off without a second thought.

Kulu: King Size

January 29th, 2007 by Alex


Our lead off product review of the week is something that a lot of you might not be aware of – Kulu King Size. Although this manufacturer actually produces a variety of papers, they aren’t stocked in many local headshops.

theFreshScent Product Recap
Category Papers > King Size
Company Kulu
Made In European Union
Pros Good size, burn slow
Cons Tough to find
Price $2.00
tFS Rating 8.5/10

The first thing you notice about Kulu’s is the width. Each leaf is sizeable and noticeably wider than most regular king sized brands. The pack itself contains 28 leaves made of pure rice paper. Another good aspect is that the leaves are all naturally gummed, so no synthetic glue enters your lungs.

Initially, I believed these to be the regular ‘no smell & no taste‘ style of king size. This doesn’t hold true after you smell the papers. It’s hard to describe, but the scent is something you’d expect on laundry freshener or something similar – think Spring Breeze.

The papers themselves smoke great. They’re slow burning and large enough to hold together a fat one. Flavor isn’t added to the smoke, but the aroma given off is fresher than normal. The rice papers are just the right thickness and come embossed with an interesting print of a horseman.

As far as king size papers go, the Kulu’s are top notch. I’d put them right up there with Smoking brand as the best reviewed so far.

Patients Protest LA Dispensary Raids

January 29th, 2007 by Alex


With the LA dispensary raids still fresh in memory, I was able to locate a photoset of the protests that followed.

Medical marijuana patients brought signs and pill bottles to the downtown Federal Building on Monday, January 22nd. Even West Hollywood officials, where the majority of the raids took place, were disappointed that the DEA chose to execute search warrants instead of contact them directly.

More than 500 people demonstrated outside the federal building and later walked to the City Hall to thank the mayor for his support of patients rights so far. Let’s hope the protest has a lasting effect and will discourage the DEA from making a repeat visit anytime soon.

Two more pics after the jump.

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Debris: Friday, 1.26.07

January 26th, 2007 by Tim

  • Funny Smell Rings Dinner Bell [via Fredericksburg]
  • Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Permit Moratorium [via NBC4]
  • Claremont Applies More Pressure on Marijuana [via Claremont Courier]
  • DEA: 5 Suspects Arrested in Large Marijuana Bust [via CBS4]
  • Cameron of UK Calls for Legalization of ‘Medical Marijuana’ [via Independent UK]

HowToStopSmokingMarijuana.com Sucks

January 26th, 2007 by Alex

I honestly don’t even know what to say about this one. It’s like Cannabis Addicts on steroids combined with horrible video effects and bad editing. Oh yea, his website style looks slightly familiar too.

I’m not sure what sort of weed this guy used to smoke, but when I come across some liquid lead kush I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

If the video’s goal is to advertise how great his life is without marijuana then someone needs to go back to marketing school. Instead, this video is just a badly thought out scare tactic.

HowToStopSmokingMarijuana.com has all the characteristics of a money making scheme. It’s also badly developed and executed. Hopefully, everyone here & over the pond knows to stay away from this sort of crap.

One more lame video after the jump.

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Da Bomb Blunts: Bubonic Blueberry

January 26th, 2007 by Tim

Da Bomb Blunts: Bubonic Blueberry

I know everyone misses seeing Nate Dogg and his orange hat, so it’s time to review another blunt wrap from Da Bomb Blunts. Today, I’m focusing on their Bubonic Blueberry flavor.

theFreshScent Product Recap
Category Blunts
Company Da Bomb
Made In Dominican Republic
Pros Light blueberry smell
Cons Crease in the wrap
Price $1.50
tFS Rating 8.0/10

The best aspect about anything made by Da Bomb is their packaging. One of the most consistent at maintaining blunt freshness, the sealed tube & shape-holding straw method is tough to beat.

The wrap smells like light, summer blueberries. It’s nice to grab a hold of something with an accurate scent instead of a very synthetic smelling reproduction. There’s no special features added to the blunt that might aid in rolling – a tapered end, serrated edges – none of that. What they do have is a quality leaf that burns slow and smooth.

Surprisingly, when lit, this blunt gives off a strawberry like aroma. It doesn’t necessarily taste like blueberries but still makes the whole smoking experience a good one. There are plenty of ways to go wrong with a blunt wrap but Da Bomb Blueberry is a more than solid choice.

GreenTherapy.com Presents ExtravaGANJA

January 25th, 2007 by Alex


There are many things that create a perfect match for each other – peanut butter & jelly, rum & coke and (my personal favorite) marijuana & laughter. Knowing this full well, Green Therapy is hosting another ExtravaGANJA in Hollywood, CA.

Green Therapy’s goal is to “raise awareness of the benefits of medical marijuana and to help bring patients some relief by giving them a laugh or two”. That sounds like a damn honorable mission statement to me.

Performing comics include Joe Rogan, Jeff Ross, Doug Benson, Dom Irrera, Todd Glass and more. There’s also going to be an afterparty featuring Los Marijuanos and the DVD release of ‘Get Pony Boy’. Overall, it’s going to be one entertaining night.

Tickets cost $20 at the door with a $5 discount to medical marijuana patients. The event is being held in The Comedy Store, located at 8433 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood.

Doug Benson is one of my favorite comics, so I’m definitely dropping by this show. If you support medical marijuana then come on down and have a great night.

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