South Park Back with New Season, iPhone App

October 9th, 2008 by Perry

If you don’t like South Park, then you can “Geeeeeeeeet Out.”

The lovable foursome, that has been the age of 10 for the last 12 years, is back with a brand new season and a new app for your iPhone. It hasn’t been released yet, but boingboing has a sneak preview up on the website.

He’s Fighting the Law, But the Law Usually Wins

October 8th, 2008 by Perry

In an effort to pull a Georgia marijuana possession law of the books, a man is arguing that the very wording of the statute is unconstitutional.

Okay, technically it’s a semantic point because he’s arguing the unconstitutionality of a law that states someone is assumed guilty if caught in possession without the benefit of a trial. It’s irrelevant buddy, you live in Georgia, which means that if the law were repealed, another would be passed in the time it takes to read this blog.

But it does do a good job of pointing out the illogical, myopic bully tactics of the anti-drug people, doesn’t it?

Hallelujah! Hallelujah, I’m Saved!

October 8th, 2008 by Perry

If a story about the Free Marijuana Church of Honolulu doesn’t appeal to you, you might be on the wrong website.

Religion founder Bernard von NotHaus, High Priest of Honolulu, professes:

The time has now come for me to answer Timothy Leary’s nagging question, ‘When will you accept that you are a messenger of God?’

This was the basis for the religion. Eh, it works for me. I didn’t need much convincing after the Free Marijuana part.

Props to the Democrats

October 8th, 2008 by Alex

Even if Clinton’s telling a half-truth, Edwards is only telling the truth on this one subject and Kerry got swift-boated, at least the Democrats generally own up to getting high. Interestingly enough, now we’ve got a candidate who’s admitted to doing both marijuana and cocaine.

In 8 years we’ll have someone who’s snorted K, smoked some coco-puffs and chased the dragon. Ah, democratic political evolution at its finest!

“Shattering” Conventional Meth Prevention

October 8th, 2008 by Tim


Meth is disgusting.

It’s about time kids were educated about the repercussions of methamphetamine use in an intelligent, engaging manner. The last place you want a kid to learn about meth is when visiting Uncle Billie Bob in the backwoods of Oregon.

Luckily, this isn’t some offshoot of the D.A.R.E. program, because as evidence has proven, that approach costs a shitload of money and gets very little results.

So as drug prevention evolves… Meth education has finally hit the stage in Vancouver with a new play called “Shattering.” The show is open to the public with kids ages 13 and over and is set to hit the road for a tour of B.C. between now and early December.

Christopher Bromley, with Headlines Theatre, said:

The play asks difficult questions that dig beneath the symptoms to get at the root causes of addiction, but also provides a safe and fun place to explore approaches to complex situations.

Looks like it takes a bunch of Canadians to actually engage youths about one of the nastiest drugs out there. Good job, eh.

Can You Dig it?

October 8th, 2008 by Perry


This guy probably can.

Antonio Morales Barrios, 41, received two and a half years for his role – presumably as a watchdog – supervising a house that hid a 120-mile border-crossing underground tunnel. This is just 1 of 60 authorities have found since the post-9/11 heightening of border patrols.

Oh, and more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana was found, so he probably wasn’t acting alone, but no one else was named in the charges. These sort of operations are high risk, high reward and generally don’t stay operational for more than three months. This particular tunnel lasted two months before the Calexico authorities discovered it.

Detroit Free Press: Don’t Print Shitty Op-Eds

October 7th, 2008 by Alex


Another Michigan story, but hey, it’s the center of an embattled legalization measure and worth keeping in the headlines.

Looks like another anti-medical marijuana group is jumping into the legalization fray – the Troy Community Coalition. Their executive director, Ann Comiskey, has written an op-ed in the Detroit Free Press about the evil, unthinkable dangers that a medical marijuana initiative can do to their communities.

This basically equates to a ‘Reefer Madness’ type mentality, with thinly-veiled scare tactics about danger to children and increased violence, crime and abuse.

My favorite line is this one:

Marijuana is an illegal drug, and, admittedly, it makes some people “feel good.” That is what drugs do — make you feel good. That does not make legitimate medicine.

What an educated statement, please tell me more!

The only good thing to come out of this woman’s article, other than the unintended entertainment, is a reference to the Office of Applied Studies. This site has tons of useful and interesting statistics on substance abuse.

See, there is a silver lining to all shitty op-ed clouds…

All Pills, No Thrills

October 7th, 2008 by Alex


As an au naturale kind of guy I’m not a huge fan of Marinol – the commonly prescribed, synthetic form of THC.

In Michigan, where the state is about to vote on medical marijuana legalization, one doctor is going on record as saying the pill just doesn’t work, which is why medical marijuana is so important to those seeking relief.

Dr. Elaine Chottiner, the section head of Hematology and Oncology at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, let this quote drop:

If Marinol worked, nobody would care about legalizing marijuana.

She said absorption is probably one reason the drug doesn’t work as well, since it takes longer to digest and incorporate a compound into the bloodstream than it does to smoke it. Also, Marinol contains only one of marijuana’s 66 compounds.

The main point is relief for the patients, and although the clinical trials of Marinol showed relief for certain kinds of chemotherapy, it is not applicable to all.

In less than a month, November 4th to be exact, Michigan voters are going to decide on the merits of legal, medical cannabis use. Let’s hope the opinions of people in the know help influence their votes.

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