Giuliani Just One More Bitter Republican Douche

October 21st, 2008 by Perry

Launching an unprovoked attack on the New York Times, former governer Rudy Giuliani brought up Obama’s past drug use as an example of the liberal bias that goes on against Republic targets. His frustration was in response to an investigative piece by the Times which delved into Cindy McCain’s past addiction to painkillers.

His specific quote, which he later retracted was:

You can’t even — you can’t even raise these issues. And, you know, God forbid somebody would do some reporting on Barack Obama’s use of drugs. I guess that was the point that Mrs. McCain’s lawyer made.

Giuliani on Fox News, douche via teleconference:

A few out of many reasons why Guiliani is an idiot:

  1. Obama admitted his drug use in a book he wrote a couple years ago, so it’s not news.
  2. The main reason why McCain is viewed in a different light is because where Obama calls for compassion and treatment, McCain calls drug users criminals, and thinks we should push for convictions.

Maybe if McCain weren’t such a staunch, holier-than-thou personality on drug policy, people wouldn’t care if his wife did or didn’t pop pills. It makes sense.

Third Grader Arrested on Suspicion-Based Drug Testing Policy

October 21st, 2008 by Alex


This is some troubling shit.

A third grader at Muldown Elementary School was one of the first students arrested in the school district’s new suspicion-based drug testing policy. At first glance, I thought this was going to be another case of drug prevention gone wrong… until I read the article.

This 3rd grader smoked pot in the bathroom of his elementary school, asked classmates if they wanted to smoke, and finally confessed after being confronted with his ditched pipe. Considering the confession was “reasonable suspicion,” he was tested and suspended for 3 days.

The odd thing is, after the reasonable suspicion exists, parents aren’t required to give consent for drug tests on a child – the schoolboard can go ahead no matter what.

I don’t know whether to be surprised or depressed about 3rd graders smoking weed in school. In my opinion, it seems more than ridiculous that an elementary school needs a drug testing policy, but that’s just a sad statement on current society.

Instead, I think it’s time to recommend a suspicion-based parent sterilization program, but that’s just me.

Marijuana Becoming Subject to Bureaucracy

October 21st, 2008 by Perry

Now that marijuana is becoming accepted into our culture, it’s also becoming subject to one of the biggest perils facing modern man: bureaucracy.

Alex Coolman @ Drug Law Blog notes a recent trip to a NORML conference that he was “struck by the strong push to regulate, normalize and formalize the discourse around medical marijuana.”

The major players in this area seem to understand that medical marijuana has a truly astounding potential to grow – particularly when the federal administration changes – and are moving now to set in place structures that will allow that growth to be as safe, responsible and sustainable as possible.

While it’s vital to have a strong infrastructure in place, and lobbyists to compete with law enforcement PACs, you can’t help but feel the movement is starting to stray from its original high-minded goals.

Ultimately however, the effect on the marijuana movement is a positive one, as the article goes on to explain:

California is actually a very interesting example of how this field is regulating itself. Standards are getting created and implemented by the people who work in the field, and they are evolving not as a function of law enforcement but in an attempt to encourage good health and good business.

However, he also noted the irony of watching medical marijuana representatives squabble over the same kinds of accountability standards that you might see in Tylenol or Aspirin.

All the Young Dudes

October 21st, 2008 by Perry

In a recent speech, NORML activist Paul Armentano calls out for young people (especially) to enlist in the fight against the War on Drugs. Citing that 74 percent of all people arrested for marijuana are under 30, he called the W.O.D., “a war on you.”

If you want to become involved, the best way to “enlist” is to apply to for a medical marijuana prescription and let your city council members know you want a dispensary in your town.

Potential Herbal Cure for ADHD

October 21st, 2008 by Perry

A recently published medical study may have found helpful effects in treating the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with marijuana use. It also gave knowledge to recent debates over marijuana’s ability to effect those prone to psychosis.

Per Bruce Mirken @ Marijuana Policy Project Blog:

There was a correlation between signs of mental health disturbance and marijuana use for the group of siblings at genetic risk for psychosis, but not for the other groups. This suggests that marijuana may worsen the prognosis of those with a predisposition to psychosis but does not make healthy people psychotic.

In the ADHD group, the results suggested marijuana may be beneficial: In several of the tests, there was a trend toward better functioning among the marijuana using ADHD patients than among the non-users. In the article, the researchers discuss a possible mechanism by which marijuana “could attenuate some of the behavioral symptoms of ADHD.” This is an area that cries out for more research.

Makes perfect sense if you look at some of the associated symptoms, it makes you wonder why this hasn’t been tried earlier.

Banksy: The Village Pet Store & Charcoal Grill

October 20th, 2008 by Alex


Wooster Collective has given us a great view into Banksy’s first East coast show.

Unlike the massive Los Angeles affair, which theFreshscent covered here, this new Banksy experiment is in a 300 square foot store in New York.

Oh there’s one other slight difference… this show is filled with animatronics. Not content with graffiti, stencils, sculptures or Paris Hilton paraphernalia – Banksy unleashes swimming fishsticks, chick-in mcnuggets and more mind bending creations.

According to Wooster, The Village Pet Store & Charcoal Grill runs from 10am until midnight, every day, and is open to the public. Get down to 89 7th Avenue between West 4th and Bleeker Street before Halloween (October 31st) to catch the action.

I’ve dumped a boatload of media after the jump, pictures and videos galore.

[images via Wooster Collective / Banksy]

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Scarface Would Be Proud

October 20th, 2008 by Alex


The Mexican government is at it again, except this time, they’re the ones kicking ass.

Arrested at a lavish mansion, which even contains a private zoo, this group of drug traffickers doesn’t look too happy. Police seized guns and drugs from over a dozen people, including Colombians, Uruguayans and even an American citizen.

The crazy part is, I thought shit like this only happens in Scarface and other movies. Check out the mansion and you’ll see hand-carved walls, a lavish backyard and even a white tiger.

I bet they threw some bad ass parties though. Just don’t be that guy. You know, the one who gets all coked out and try and pet the tiger.


Check out more photos after the jump…

[Photos via AP]

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Your Candidate’s Stance on Drugs

October 20th, 2008 by Perry

Okay. So even as a liberal I can admit the language is a little slanted in the comparison of the two sites, and are much kinder to the democratic candidate. But let’s be honest. It’s because the republican party is the one responsible for all of the lies about marijuana, dating back to the Nixon era. It’s called karma, deal with it.

A sampling from the site compares how McCain believes marijuana is a gateway drug, opposes legalization of marijuana and supports the death penalty for drug kingpins.

Obama, on the otherhand, acknowledges the medicinal power of marijuana, has vowed to end federal raids of dispensaries and supports rehabilitation over incarceration.

As voting time rapidly approaches, I know who I’ll be choosing.

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