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Identifying Signs of Abuse

December 9th, 2008 by Perry

Aimed at parents, eHow has put together a list that might help them identify signs of potential drug abuse. Although parents are the main focus, this could also be used by anyone who is concerned about a friend or relative.

Communication will always be the number one way to find out. When approached directly, there are many techniques addicts will use to deflect the question; subject switching, instant combativeness or feigning ignorance. The trick is to not start the conversation off in an accusatory tone, as that instantly puts the person you’re worried about in a defensive position and will make them question your true intentions.

With that said, the article wisely cautions against jumping to any conclusions:

Don’t jump to conclusions. Virtually everything listed in this article are normal phases when growing up. You’re looking for combinations. Use sound judgement and trust your instincts.

In almost every scenario, except parenting, the hardest part for a friend or relative showing concern is whether or not it’s their job to become involved in the first place. You must always weigh the safety and concern factor versus trust and friendship, all of which may be jeopardized.

Obviously, lists like these are a start and possible help, but there is no simple way to approach someone you’re worried about. Try to be understanding and see where it goes from there.

How Long Does THC Stay in the System

December 2nd, 2008 by Perry

An article in about About.com regarding how marijuana metabolizes in our system, points out some of the limitations of drug tests and explains how marijuana’s active ingredient, THC, is processed in our system.

It also explains what stays in the system — the metabolites in marijuana which leaves our body through our excretory system — and gets people fired for testing positive in urine drug tests. These metabolites have a “half-life” of about two weeks, but heavy smokers have had a problem up to 90 days, although there’s no authenticity to this claim.

From what I hear, it’s about 50/50 on completely washing out your system with a masking agent, unless you stop smoking at least 48 hours beforehand — any closer than that and you’re taking a pretty good risk that something positive will show up in the results.

MMJ: Information You Should Know

September 17th, 2008 by Perry

California Medical Marijuana Card

I know a lot of people are skeptical about getting Medical Marijuana cards. I understand. Maybe it’s the stigma attached to it, maybe you think it’s too expensive or simply a scam. But it’s easy, and there’s a post that makes it even simpler by explaining how. Maybe…

How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in California

If you are still buying marijuana illegally, you’re just putting yourself at unnecessary risk. And here’s something the web site doesn’t mention: the marijuana found in legitimate dispensaries is reasonably priced and well-manicured because it was grown by professionals in an optimal environment, NOT smuggled in or part of some stash that was harvested six months ago in some field outdoors and then left in Bubba’s truck shrink-wrapped in a brick.

I’ll say it again in hopes that it finally sinks in… if medicinal marijuana is legal where you live, then in the words of Smokey, “Take advantage man, take advantage.”

They Forgot the Best Cure, All Natural

September 17th, 2008 by Perry

Leave it to the English to do a brilliant study on cures for the hangover blues.

While I’ve personally always found some legally, medically prescribed herb and a Sobe Green Tea the best route, there is something to be said for the methods they discuss. Friends swear by the greasy meal, which I think works for everything but Tequila hangovers, and good ole fashioned letting it out the way it came in. The article touches on some of the more common remedies including the uselessness of the hangover pill.

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