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Harshest Punishment of the Year Award

December 8th, 2006 by Alex

This story that pretty much defines the term disproportionate punishment.

Carmen Granata, a 23 year old Michigan native, likes to party. In Eastpointe, where she owns a house, Carmen decided to have a BBQ and invite friends over. I’ve had plenty of BBQ’s before, and as most people know, some are relaxed and some can get a little rowdy every once in a while. Carmen’s was definitely the 2nd of the two options.

Neighbors called police on her two times between 12AM and 1AM. At close to 4AM, one of Carmen’s friends went outside her porch to talk on a cellphone. The police were called a 3rd time and Carmen was given a ticket for violating the city’s noise ordinance.

This is where it turns weird – thinking that she’d just get a simple fine, Carmen plead Guilty to the noise violation. Biiiig mistake. Judge Norene Redmond gave her 30 days in jail for the infraction. It turns out neighbors had signed a petition saying her house was the site of frequent parties and this heavily swayed the judge.

Surprisingly, her punishment didn’t stop there. Carmen was sentenced to 2 years of drug testing on random date’s each month. Then, she was handed another 2 years worth of probation with daily breath tests for alcohol.

I’ve never heard of or read about such a horribly out-of-place punishment for what is a relatively minor infraction. I can understand the neighbors frustration, but putting a 23 year old girl behind bars for 30 days? That’s just cold.

Carmen’s family has hired a lawyer to get the Guilty plea thrown out of court, an hopefully repeal the sentence handed to her. For her sake, let’s hope it works.

[via Newsvine]

Think Before You Fight

December 7th, 2006 by Alex


Ah yes, it’s been a while since a complete moron has shown up on the news radar, but not anymore.

Nicholas Loiola, 27, got into a serious fight with his brother. A big enough one for police to be called in to stop the show. Unfortunately for Nicholas, that’s not the only thing they stopped.

Upon entering the home, officers smelled a very familiar plant. A search warrant was put into motion, and before Nicholas knew what hit him, his house was being searched from top to bottom.

This time, just searching the top was enough. In the attic, police found 50+ marijuana plants weighing over 10 pounds. They also found a MAC-11 9mm pistol and a Glock 9mm semi-auto pistol.

So, first let’s check out the felony charges: four counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, three counts of first-degree criminal possession of marijuana and fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property. And now the misdemeanors; second-degree menacing, fourth-degree criminal mischief and unlawful possession of marijuana. Ouch.

Described as a “sophisticated marijuana growing operation,” it’s ironic that Nicholas didn’t have the brains to avoid situations where police are invited into his home. Oh well, lesson learned the hard way I guess.

[via The Journal News]

Middle School Teachers Blaze Before Class

December 6th, 2006 by Tim

Two faculty members, who teach at Mililani Middle School in Hawaii, allegedly had a sesh before their school day began.

Lisa Luhrsen and Benjamin Ayson were spotted in a car off-campus by an unidentified witness, who reported the two of suspicious behavior. Later, they were both observed under the influence of marijuana and consequently, were arrested.

Both teachers are on paid leave of absence while law enforcement fully investigates the situation.

Let’s hope that Lisa and Benjamin majored in something like poetry or phys. ed., because being stoned is good for plenty things, but teaching math sure as hell isn’t one of them.

[via KPUA]

Miami Airport Foils Transport of 3,740 lbs of Pot

December 4th, 2006 by Alex

Green packages.
This doesn’t come through the baggage claim.

Looks like the term ‘not so friendly skies’ has taken effect for some failed drug smugglers.

A trained police dog alerted police in the Miami International Airport to 3,740 pounds of hidden marijuana. That’s a hefty amount right there.

The smugglers attempted to mask their payload from police dogs by surrounding it with lots of strong-smelling spices; black pepper, curry and other seasonings. Obviously, it didn’t work out too well.

Now, Customs and Border Protection agents are trying to locate where all the weed came from and who was supposed to pick it up. I’m sure there are some pissed off Rastafarians somewhere in Jamaica re-thinking their smuggling techniques.

[via Sun-Sentinel]

Drug-Running Grandma

December 2nd, 2006 by Alex

Such a nice old lady.
Note: This isn’t the busted granny.

There are plenty of habits that are bad for you and plenty of habits that can get you into trouble. Now we can add bingo to the list.

A 61 year old granny, Leticia Villareal, got busted with 214 pounds of marijuana in her trunk. State troopers confiscated the 10 hidden packages when she was pulled over in Bisbee, Arizona. Why did she have it on her in the first place? To pay for an extreme bingo addiction.

Prosecutor Doyle Johnstun said this:

People who play bingo almost every night of the week end up losing in the long run. The underlying issue is that she’s got a bingo problem, which explains why an otherwise nice person might get sucked into something like this.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but if it comes down to drug running or not playing bingo – I’m going to choose the latter. Now Leticia faces up to 12 years in federal prison.

Bingo is one hell of a drug…

[via CNN]

Temple 420: Church of Marijuana Ambushed

November 29th, 2006 by Tim

Temple 420
Temple 420 is a relatively new Judeo-Christian house of worship, based in Hollywood, CA. Lately, they have been the subject of much debate about the religion’s controversial stance as a firm marijuana advocate. As stated by the parish ministry, all members in 50 states will be protected if charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. They will even pay the fees associated with your ticket if the marijuana consumed was used for religious purposes. For a limited time, one can become a lifetime member for the low, low price of $100 dollars.

This organization is led and founded by Craig X Rubin, a vocal and persistent leader for the ending of prohibition on marijuana. He is also the author of a recently published book – 90210 Grow.

Reverend Craig X has this to say:

Our members will never be convicted of marijuana possession again. Marijuana is basically legalized at the federal level since religious pot is now protected by the Constitution, unlike medical marijuana, which is only protected by local jurisdictions. I have dedicated my life to ending the prohibition of Marijuana and I have finally had my day in court.

Already under intense scrutiny by law enforcement, on November 8, 2006 at 4:20 pm, the Hollywood temple was raided by more than a dozen armed Los Angeles police officers in hopes of finding drugs and anything else incriminating. Unable to locate what they had hoped, officers settled and confiscated temple documents and sacraments of Temple 420.

I swear, it is mystifying how police departments continually squander valuable time & resources on bullshit like this. Many cities in Los Angeles (including West Hollywood) already have ordinances in place that specifically direct police officers to make this their lowest priority. I refuse to believe there isn’t some gang member, rapist, thief or thug on the streets of Los Angeles more deserving of their attention. Kindly file this under “Things That Piss Tim Off.”

Although we at tFS find it ridiculous to pretend a plant is a religion to legally smoke weed, we fully support Craig and his organization and wish him the best.

In closing, here’s Craig X with a few more words:

Temple 420 needs people who are like minded to support the Temple by joining our congregation even in this time of need. We are fighting for the rights of all people who have faith in the Bible and feel as if law enforcement should respect the First Amendment of the Constitution. The right to use cannabis for sacramental purposes will not come easy. However, our rights are worth fighting for so please join the Temple and show your support.

[via Cannabis Culture]

Snoop Dogg Arrested, Again and Again…

November 29th, 2006 by Alex

“Hey, bring your green hat!”

Looks like someone activated the ‘Arrest Me’ homing beacon underneath Snoop Dogg’s car again.

This is bitter sweet for me, because I like Snoop-a-loop and I don’t want to be writing bad things about him. Then again, every single time he gets arrested for the same damn thing – drugs – so I have no choice. You’d think someone from his posse would help him figure out how to avoid this sorta shit after the 16th time it’s happened.

Well, this time, Snoop got arrested in Burbank after performing live on Jay Leno. I bet you can figure out what the charges were without even reading the rest of this article. Yep, he got done for weed, cocaine and felony possession of a firearm. Turns out Snoop had a hidden compartment in his SUV for carrying his illegal weapon. That’s a double whammy right there.

I was hoping Snoop would lay low after his recent arrest for … basically … the exact same thing as this time. Also, his posse beat up some English coppers almost 8 months ago, so that’s fresh in the mind of the media.

I’m sure Snoop has a permanent cell, kind of like a home away from home, in the downtown Los Angeles jail. So, while he’s getting some rest, his publicist is going to need a raise after all of this crap blows over.

[via CNN]

Another Gotti Bites the Dust

November 29th, 2006 by Alex


After being such a huge celebrity as to attend the Teen Choice Awards and the Big in ‘05 Awards, it looks like the only way Frank Gotti Agnello can get back into the national spotlight is by getting arrested. Shocking eh?

The ‘Dragon Ball Z’ haired lady-killer got busted for possession of marijuana, oxycontin and morphine pills. Damn brother, morphine pills? Guess the oxycontin just isn’t getting the job done anymore.

The bust happened after Frank ran a stop sign in his rented SUV. Two friends were with him, but no one would claim the drugs, so all 3 were charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance. Turns out the youngest Gotti’s gangster look-a-like costume didn’t come packaged with testicles.

Not surprisingly, Frank’s lawyer is going to enter a plea of not guilty. So, we’ll see how this story develops, but you can almost guarantee a plea bargain and some community service will be the ending result.

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