Ex-NYPD Pilot Spins Tales, Not Rotors

April 10th, 2009 by Rick

Yeah, it's Airwolf.

Ex-NYPD helicopter pilot, Jon Goldin, just can’t seem to catch a break. Back in October of 2006 the NYPD had a random drug test; Goldin allowed them to conduct a hair follicle test. A short while after they took a hair from his arm, Internal Affairs approached him and said he tested positive for cocaine. He did not dispute the drug test at the time and was fired immediately.

After he went home and confronted his girlfriend, she revealed that she used cocaine. Last month Goldin and his lawyers appealed and contested that the cocaine was in his system because his girlfriend used cocaine without his knowledge. His lawyers claimed that he tested positive for cocaine because of “passive ingestion” that occurred through long term sexual contact with his girlfriend. He even had more ammunition for the case:

  1. Decorated Vetern
  2. 15 Years Service
  3. Girlfriend’s testimony that she hid cocaine use from Goldin
  4. Witnesses’ testimony of over 70 people confirming Goldin’s straight-edge lifestyle.
  5. 2 Doctors’ testimony that involuntary ingestion is possible.

Despite all of that, Supreme Court Justice Eileen Rakower ruled against him. It all came down to the testimony of a NYPD doctor:

The amount of cocaine found in [his] hair samples rendered [his] theory of involuntary ingestion of cocaine through sexual contact with his girlfriend (an admitted cocaine abuser) implausible.

Apparently the amount of cocaine in his system was four times the level of accidental exposure.

Justice Rakower concluded:

The record before the court makes it abundantly clear that a rational basis existed for [Goldin's] dismissal.

Goldin’s lawyer commented:

This is a very special human being who devoted his entire life to being a police officer. He would no more use drugs than the man on the moon.

Man on the Moon… Man in the Moon — whatever the saying, he’s always smiling and looking so damn happy and I think we all know why.

I can see Goldin’s sign already: Will work fly for food.


  1. Gravatar-licious
    Stony Stoner Says:

    Poor, poor LEO had his life ruined by a random
    drug test. What’s good for the goose, is good for
    the gander!

    But where are the articles for all the many civilian
    lives ruined by drug tests? And no questions about
    whether the test being appropriate. Had he shown
    poor performance? Nope, he was just doing his job.

    His arm-hair was “high”, so to hell with the rest of
    his exemplary record. How ignorant is that? About
    as ignorant as firing some poor schmuck cuz he got
    high at a concert last weekend?

    I bet the guy administering the test still had alcohol
    in his system from the night before!

    Stop the drug testing! Either trust your employees
    or fire them. Drug tests are invasive to privacy and
    are intended to catch pot smokers and illegal drugs
    while ignoring alcohol, wine, liquor, prescription
    drugs, all of which are abused regularly.

    Drug Testing is not about safety, it’s about

    Smoke Cannabis, it’s good for what ails ya!

  2. Gravatar-licious
    Silvio Says:


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