Rainbow Cake Deluxe

January 29th, 2009 by Alex


The awesomely named Omnomicon – which gives me the mental image of Maury’s fat guest combined with the Necronomicon – has put together a colorsplosion of a cake recipe, correctly named Rainbow Cake.

This cake is not only awesome for full grown men with a sweet tooth, but Aleta (the color chef) uses lightweight ingredients and even makes her own frosting. After all, there’s no need to snap your belt while enjoying cake.

You don’t need an excuse to bake this, but getting really high before enjoying the Rainbow Cake definitely couldn’t hurt. Aleta also recommends doubling the recipe, it is accurate but the end result is a pretty small cake that could use some extra frosting.

Either way, let’s hope this tastes as delicious as it looks. More images after the jump, and thanks Aleta!

[photos & everything via The Omnomicon]



  1. Gravatar-licious
    michael Says:

    kk, your retarded
    how stoned were you when you made this recipie?
    you dont even have a list of ingrdients
    yeah, seeing the cake was good, its a great idea
    but how am i supposed to make it myself without the list of ingredients?
    get your shit togther

  2. Gravatar-licious
    fnord Says:

    seems like you are the one who might be “stoned” if such states of mind really affect one’s logic or intelligence (they don’t). Learn to follow a link, and then you will find the list of ingredients.

  3. Gravatar-licious
    Jeremy Says:

    I’ll save you the trouble of reading, and put the link to the recipe from within the post here for you.


    How high are you?

  4. Gravatar-licious
    Bobby Says:

    To the previous poster, you are an idiot. The reason that they didn’t have a list of ingredients is that they linked to the page that they found the recipe in the text. Learn to read before you start insulting people.

  5. Gravatar-licious
    Captain Obvious Says:

    And yet through further reflection we remember that authors often include links for the benefit of snarky readers like you, and in so doing turn our attention to the beginning of the article, as well as the source of your embarrassment.

  6. Gravatar-licious
    Sam Says:

    Try clicking on “Rainbow Cake” up top which is nicely lit up blue. Takes you directly to the page with the ingredients and instructions.

  7. Gravatar-licious
    yasmin Says:

    oh my god, whenever there is a place to comment people always end up bitching at each other. FFS why dont you all just bloody grow up! its pathetic!!

    awesome cake btw i want to make it :D

  8. Gravatar-licious
    no name Says:

    shut your big fucking mouth,mike, you idiot. click on the fucking link whore.

  9. Gravatar-licious
    God Says:

    youre all idiots, the cake is a lie! there is no cake, you keep going and going and you think there will be cake and then no $%#@ing cake

  10. Gravatar-licious
    Jesus Says:

    Nice one, Dad.

  11. Gravatar-licious
    Muhammad Says:

    i declare jihad on you

  12. Gravatar-licious
    George Dubya Bush Says:

    Guys, seriously, The War on Terror totally has this one.

  13. Gravatar-licious
    George Dubya Bush Says:

    (a gay cake as a mascot i mean)

  14. Gravatar-licious
    the emperor of something Says:

    is that play dough ??

  15. Gravatar-licious
    Jesus Says:


  16. Gravatar-licious
    Alex Says:

    Best comment thread on this entire website. Thanks for the laughs Michael.

  17. Gravatar-licious
    that guy Says:

    Quoted from first poster:
    “kk, your retarded”
    “your retarded”

    It is spelled YOU’RE as in YOU ARE RETARDED!

    If you are going to insult someone, at least do it without being a retard yourself.

  18. Gravatar-licious
    umm... Says:

    can’t we all just get along?

    but anyway i made this cake last weekend and it was delicious and looked just as awesome as it does on this thing.

  19. Gravatar-licious
    really people Says:

  20. Gravatar-licious
    Deana Says:

    the cake IS a lie.

  21. Gravatar-licious
    OptimisticGanja Says:

    hahaha…epic thread dudeee…

  22. Gravatar-licious
    Silvio Says:

    the cake’s a lie? well, it’s not.

    i am a chef, and trust me, things like this are around since, well, forever.

    no big deal to make the same thing with more colors. actually, the sort of cake in the image i posted above, was one of the first ones i learned. we had restaurants in germany where i grew up and worked, and this type of cake is very, very common. i don’t know about the USA, but all over europe, this kind of thing is nothing special. true, not in these colors, but the technique is the same.

    so. i have seen more then 1 cake with more then 2 colors. no big deal. but it’s very, very cool to look at i think. get’s a bit more tricky if you want the colors to have different tastes tho. or different textures.

    and to michael: :D

  23. Gravatar-licious
    Anon Says:


    oh and good one silvo…

  24. Gravatar-licious
    katie Says:

    I like this, however, I am little scared to use the dye. Research shows links between food dye and negative health related issues. perhaps there is an organic alternative>?

  25. Gravatar-licious
    Zach Says:

    Everything these days is somehow related to negative health. Hell, they’ve linked water bottles with reproductive issues, artificial sugar with cancer, and aluminum with Alzheimers. Live it up a little, use food coloring.

  26. Gravatar-licious
    Charlie Barratt Says:

    katie Says:
    February 3rd, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    I like this, however, I am little scared to use the dye. Research shows links between food dye and negative health related issues. perhaps there is an organic alternative>?

    This made me laugh. Your going to die one day – some food colouring will not make you die any sooner, and even if it did how much by? But thats my opion and your entitled to your own.

  27. Gravatar-licious
    lulzwarrior Says:


  28. Gravatar-licious
    Homomurderer Says:

    Crap its more like gay cake that rainbow cake

  29. Gravatar-licious

    [...] All in all, we’ve lost 4 total posts and close to 20 comments – almost all on the Rainbow Cake [...]

  30. Gravatar-licious
    Pen15 Says:

    my god that cake is lookin real good right now….damn, i wanna f*** it silly!

  31. Gravatar-licious
    rilo Says:

    did you guys hear about the time that someone made that rainbow cake and stuff and shit man it was all like sitting there just chillin when everything started getting crazy and i turned around and said omfg wtf but no one was there to hear me and then i turned back and that cake was still there just chillin out so i hung around to see if something else would happen and it didnt so i went to taco bell

  32. Gravatar-licious
    jackie Says:

    this entire page is amazing. the recipe and the comments. thank you, stumble upon, for directing me to this magic. i am stoned by the way.

  33. Gravatar-licious
    Lance Says:

    Just try to remember the truth. Don’t try to bend the spoon for that would be impossible. Only remember the truth. There is no spoon.

    There is however a cake. As real as they look wonderful. I especially like the one that has the white frosting and the rainbow inside. =-]

    I would suggest that flaming, complaining and yelling will only detract from the beauty and creativity of this concept. Cakes which are no doubt delicious and works of art.

  34. Gravatar-licious
    Shanti Says:

    i think the flaming and comments on this post were, well, the icing on the cake of a great recipe, if you’ll forgive the pun.
    that was AWESOME.

  35. Gravatar-licious
    Greg Says:

    I call Photoshopped!!

    My comment doesn’t make any sense, just wanted to be the first to say it :)

    Looks like a fun cake to have my wife make with the grandkids. Thanks.

  36. Gravatar-licious
    Aperture Science Says:

    The Cake is not a lie, what they tell you is a lie, come to aperture science we will prove to you that the cake is real!! Our Artificial Intelligence System GLaDOS will gladly bake you a cake bwahahahaha, please ignore evil laughter

  37. Gravatar-licious
    morgan Says:

    my birthday is next week and i know what i’m having now! awesome.

  38. Gravatar-licious
    you Says:

    can someone just get the ingredients and how to make this thing because i really want to make it

  39. Gravatar-licious
    jim Says:

    Is this cake only for fags or can straight people eat it too?

  40. Gravatar-licious
    Alex Says:

    @jim – It’s only for fags. You can make it whenever the closet door opens.


  41. Gravatar-licious
    dingleberry Says:


    I can tell from some of the the breadcrumbs. Plus I’ve eaten a few cakes in my day. Delicious lies, all of them.

  42. Gravatar-licious
    Eric Says:

    Hey, the flaming here needs to stop. Are you guys fucking 12 years old???

  43. Gravatar-licious
    Pedobear Says:

    mmm… 12 yearolds

  44. Gravatar-licious
    Aradine Tabouli Salad Says:

    [I have anger management issues.]

  45. Gravatar-licious
    Brendan Says:

    Dude flaming is what keeps the intertubes revolving, flaming will live on until the nuclear holocaust, then it shall be literal flaming, like nukes. but thats not the point.

  46. Gravatar-licious
    Sayne Says:

    Greg, the photoshopped thing was funny for like 3 days in 2007. It’s the future now, get over it. And you weren’t even the first to say it (See ‘anon’). At least dingleberry put some thought into it.

    Have I mentioned I want cake?

  47. Gravatar-licious
    Dana Says:

    hey michael, ITS CALLED BETTY CROCKER! how stoned were you when you read the blog? friggin moron. Vanilla or white cake mix, food coloring. problem solved.

  48. Gravatar-licious
    tay Says:

    um yeah seriously. do you really need a recipe? its cake which you can get anywhere. plus, um. food dye, maybe? i think i kindergarten student could figure that much out. And hm, if you dont live where you can by cake mix in any store, then, you obvioulsy have internet acess. google “how to bake a cake”… genius…

  49. Gravatar-licious

    this is for “that guy” there are more than one accepted way to write you are, your you’re … you are the retard like fuck man get out from underneath that rock youR under

  50. Gravatar-licious
    smashly Says:

    hahahaha!!!! HYPNOCAKE lolololol

  51. Gravatar-licious
    i Says:

    to her. i says “Mabel! i’m tired of sitting around this goddamned apartment, eating this goddamned rainbow cake.” i says “what the hell is this made outta anyway? f#$%ing unicorn s#!&?” and you know what she says to me? she says “yeah, carl. it’s unicorn s#$*!” all sarcastic like. so i slap her down and tell her “this is my house, bitch! you don’t disrespect me in my house, mabel. i’ll f#$%ing kill you. gut you like a fish.”

  52. Gravatar-licious
    aaron Says:

    cakes are not complicated

  53. Gravatar-licious
    StumbleUpon Says:

    Captain! I am sensing a lot of win in this sector.

  54. Gravatar-licious
    bob Says:

    I was gonna back the cake but the guy who wrote the page said it was just for fags. Can I make it if Ive done a girl with short hair in the butt?

  55. Gravatar-licious
    bob Says:

    oops I meant bake

  56. Gravatar-licious

    wicked cool rainbow cake! I have marked you with stumbleupon. Don’t know about sudden acts of random kindness, but I do have a penchant for random acts of sudden color.

  57. Gravatar-licious
    O Says:


  58. Gravatar-licious
    thetruth Says:

    fake! totally photoshopped

  59. Gravatar-licious
    fccfu Says:

    looks like queer cake…

  60. Gravatar-licious
    RainbowCakeLover Says:


    did you guys hear about the time that someone made that rainbow cake and stuff and shit man it was all like sitting there just chillin when everything started getting crazy and i turned around and said omfg wtf but no one was there to hear me and then i turned back and that cake was still there just chillin out so i hung around to see if something else would happen and it didnt so i went to taco bell

  61. Gravatar-licious
    Circles Says:

    Actually aluminium is pretty bad for your lungs if you smoke through it.
    Particles and stuff.

    I also want a big pile of those cakes so I can build a giant hermit-crab out of them and live in it.


  62. Gravatar-licious
    Rag Doll Says:

    Cool cake, I wanna make one now, lol.

    Some of the poster’s appear to be handicapped in some way… They have boxed cake mixes for people like this. But I’m also referring this to Michael, mostly. Also, “fag cakes”? “Oh-em-gee, A rAiNbOw CaKe!1! If i Eatz It I wIlL tUrN tO teh homo-ness!1!” Sorry, a bit exaggerated, but a few of these “flames” (which had the burn level of “your mother” jokes) get me annoyed.

  63. Gravatar-licious
    grammar nazi Says:

    @ demented judo (& cc ‘that guy’ & ‘michael’)

    are you freakin’ kidding me?? there are not “many accepted ways” to spell “you’re”. what you’re referring to is two totally different words, with totally different meanings, contexts AND ways of being spelt.


    method number 1.
    “I despise your ignorance”. THIS IS ‘OWNERSHIP’.

    method number 2.
    “you’re all retarded”. THIS IS AN ABBREVIATION OF ‘YOU ARE’.

    If you’re having trouble, and even if you think you aren’t, how about try to fit “you are” into the spot where “your/you’re” should go, then you’ll work out the right one, for fuck’s sake.


  64. Gravatar-licious
    frogz legz Says:

    Demented judo u iz your own worst enemy. You’re gay. LOL

  65. Gravatar-licious
    susie Says:


  66. Gravatar-licious
    Dr. G.F. Says:

    All test subjects responded positively to the cake stimuli, as expected. The last subject completed all tasks but became unpredicatable and violent. I propose that she suffered extreme psychological trauma at the thought of not having cake, or perhaps being lied to, we cannot be sure. Ive suggested in an internal memo to AS personnel that we should discontinue the use of the cake during experimentation on several occasions, or at least have its use approved by the International Board of Ethics on Matter Transfer. In any case, repairs to the the laboratory and several expensive pieces of lab equipment will need to be completed, and in the meantime we can revise our standard operating procedure.

  67. Gravatar-licious

    [...] ein Rezept mit wunderschönen bunten Bildern des Rainbow Cake [...]

  68. Gravatar-licious

    [...] I visit. Accompanied by a string quartet version of Beatles classics, Em and I adapted two or three recipes trawled from the internet to concoct a magnificent vegan rainbow cake. We didn’t use enough [...]

  69. Gravatar-licious
    SE Says:

    I just made the cake using these colors. I found mine at Whole Foods. It’s worth it for the special treat to make the cake. I found a from scratch, white cake recipe too so I know what’s in the cake. :)

  70. Gravatar-licious

    as lovely as girls…this one looks very very delicious and yummy!

  71. Gravatar-licious

    Woah what a Chef D’oeuvre!
    Actually I was surprised how “easy” to do it was – thanks to your recipe! Mine didn’t looked as nice but tasted yummy! Keep up the good work!

  72. Gravatar-licious
    br Says:

    white cake batter with food coloring. DUH.

  73. Gravatar-licious
    elise Says:

    hei jeg fårstår ingen ting

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    Cenendunk Says:

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  • Traduza ao Português/Portuguese
  • 日本語に翻訳しなさい /Japanese
  • 한국어에게 번역하십시오/Korean
  • 中文翻译/Chinese Simplified
  • 中文翻译/Chinese Traditional
  • ترجمة الى العربية/Arabic
  • Vertaal aan het Nederlands/Dutch
  • Μεταφράστε στα ελληνικά/Greek
  • Переведите к русскому/Russian
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