Medical Marijuana: Grand Daddy Purple

November 5th, 2008 by Alex

Medical Marijuana: GDP
theFreshScent Summary Card

Name: Grand Daddy Purple (GDP)

Type: Sativa

1st Impression: Similar to Trainwreck in both smell / looks.

Pros: Great high, smells delicious.

Cons: Lack of taste / smell while smoking.

Straight Dank

Purchase Date: 10.29.08

Purchased from: HPRC

Price: $15/g and $50/eighth

Final Verdict: Packs a serious punch for the price. If you’re a Sativa fan, this is a great pickup.

I know you’ve all been waiting for tFS Reviews to come back, and we’re happy to drop our first of 2008, so let’s jump straight into the fire.

One thing I’m sure you’ll notice is our new tFS Summary Card. It was designed with giving you an ‘At A Glance’ view of everything important about a strain. Also, you can minimize the summary card by clicking on the link in the top-right corner.

Ok, back to the star of the show…

This strain is called GDP and instantly reminds me of a personal favorite – Trainwreck. The bud is a light shade of green. It’s got more hairs than the average Sativa and is dusted with trichromes. You can tell this strain was cured correctly, GDP is crisp and the nug itself is nice and dense.

What’s interesting, is we found some purple leaves once the bud was broken open. Something I definitely didn’t expect, and makes me wonder about the heritage of this plant. Still, when ripped open, this bud looks killer.

If you’ve ever smoked Trainwreck, then you know its smell, totally unmistakable. GDP is very similar; it’s a light, sweet, citrus-y smell that makes your mouth water.

When smoked, GDP is smooth but doesn’t pack too much flavor. It can easily be overpowered by flavored papers or blunt wraps. The high starts in your shoulders and quickly moves up to the head, within 10 minutes of smoking. As time goes on, it radiates back down your body all the way to the lower extremities. Maybe that’s the purple heritage breaking through?

The high is outstanding – lasts long and doesn’t make you feel groggy. You won’t be doing any scientific experiments or anything, but it’s easy to function while this bud makes its presence known. Ping pong was a good call after our research was done.

Overall, considering the price, I was pleasantly surprised with GDP and am thinking about picking up some more next time I’m down in the valley.


  1. Gravatar-licious
    Danny Says:

    Sativas aren’t my favorite but it’s awesome to see more reviews!

  2. Gravatar-licious
    Clarke Says:

    GDP = Grand Daddy Purple

    Just an FYI

    And Sativa’s are the absolute shit. The creative and energetic high if MY favorite. Great change of pace if you’ve been toking a heavy indica or some shitty mids lately.

  3. Gravatar-licious
    Clarke Says:

    Dig the summary card by the way!

  4. Gravatar-licious
    Alex Says:

    @Clarke = Thanks for the info man!

  5. Gravatar-licious
    Danny Says:

    Yeah I am just an indica fan personally.

  6. Gravatar-licious
    lala Says:

    Good stuff glad its come through finily

  7. Gravatar-licious
    chizzy Says:

    In the spirit of one-upmanship, your GDP looks like just P, or purple! the grand daddy here (sfbay) is absolutly purple with orange hairs all over.

  8. Gravatar-licious

    tha GDP in SC is darkpurple an covered in orange hairs

  9. Gravatar-licious
    OLD 420 Says:


  10. Gravatar-licious
    hahah Says:

    This weed looks alright I guess, but is not the dense mass of hair and crystals that is well-grown GDP. It is true that some phenotypes of GDP are danker than others though. I’ve found that some of the best phenotypes are at least half green in color but pure purple in taste and smell. If you’re smoking GDP and cite a “lack of taste and smell while smoking” as this reviewer did, you are definitely not smoking some well-grown or vigorous GDP. If this was good GDP the review would say, “Smells like the fruit only God eats and tastes like Halle Berry’s pussy.”

  11. Gravatar-licious
    djdizzy Says:

    Isn’t GDP a indica not a sativa?

  12. Gravatar-licious
    abc420 Says:

    one of my favorite strains, doesn’t disappoint. the kind i smoke is more purple than this but either way it’s some dank shit. it’s nice and fluffy in the grinder and suprisingly smooth in a bowl, pick up an eight if you get the chance.

  13. Gravatar-licious

    Yes definatly one of the top marijuana strains Grand Daddy Purps” to this day…Very enjoyed…Most of my friends would pay an arm and a leg to get some of this strain on a regular basis for Medicinal purposes of course!!!

  14. Gravatar-licious
    K-Mo Says:

    Oh Yea That’s Good Weed!!! We got It Flint, MI

  15. Gravatar-licious
    Hitrainer Says:

    yo I love GDP! That sh*t gets me gone and i can stll do shit. I’m a sativa lover myself. Why do so many people hate sativa’s

  16. Gravatar-licious
    t0ast Says:

    gdp’s an indica dominant strain…

  17. Gravatar-licious
    austin Says:

    Gdp is indica bud…dumbass

  18. Gravatar-licious
    MerryJooana Says:

    GDP is a strain very well known to Norcal growers. It is absolutely, unequivically an Indica. It looks nothing like this picture. It tastes nothing like Trainwreck. 3 minutes of Google research will confirm that. Maybe mixed up the bottles? good luck!

  19. Gravatar-licious
    Ksmokr Says:

    Grandaddy Purp is in no way, shape or form a sativa. i have smoked it personally many times and it knocks you out. either thats not GDP…. or its not GDP

  20. Gravatar-licious
    Carmen Says:

    GDP is an indica…

  21. Gravatar-licious

    Dis shit nuthin compared 2 my GDPurp mines got shades of purp n lite greeen as fuck.. Hands down doppest dope I’ve EVA smoked

  22. Gravatar-licious
    littlepot Says:

    GDP, is not Sativa, its Indica, and does not look like that. It is a very colorful flower, with tons of purple and orange colors mixed with a little green. The buds are very dense, and the smoke is very flavorful. The high is a body high. I use this strain ALONE, it is the very best strain Ive tried for anxiety and stress.

    Someone asked why a lot of people don’t like Sativas, its personal pref,I’m not a huge fan, I will take Indica 1st any day, some sativas actually can cause anxiety, the feeling people describe as “Up” and “cerebral” in my opinion is more of a anxiety feel, and that’s what I want to get away from, so I stick with the GDP! Best all around strain I have tried.

  23. Gravatar-licious
    CoaCoa Buddha Says:

    Is this a joke? This maybe GDP but it isn’t one of it’s best. The GDP I used to get had no green, strictly purple leaves, with very blatant red/orange hairs. This strain looks to be more Grand Daddy, than Grand Daddy Purple.

  24. Gravatar-licious
    anonymous Says:

    Unless it’s purple wreck (trainwreck [mexican sativa x thai sativa) x Purple Urkel / grape wreck (trainwreck [mexican sativa x thai sativa) x Grape Ape

  25. Gravatar-licious
    Hero Says:

  26. Gravatar-licious
    Halo Says:

  27. Gravatar-licious
    Neo Says:

  28. Gravatar-licious
    Neo Says:

  29. Gravatar-licious
    Neo Says:

  30. Gravatar-licious
    Heel Says:

  31. Gravatar-licious
    Arnie Says:

  32. Gravatar-licious
    Riotch Says:

    GDP = 80 Indica and 40 Sativa The GDP here in Denver is More
    Purple with deep red hairs.. Very delightful

  33. Gravatar-licious
    Aron Says:

  34. Gravatar-licious
    Halo Says:

  35. Gravatar-licious
    Dominic Says:

  36. Gravatar-licious
    Mushroom Man Says:

    Your Grand Daddy Purp doesn’t look like mine, mine is straight purple and you can tell it’s indica jus from the smell, you can also tell from the taste and the high, u sure you had grand daddy?

  37. Gravatar-licious
    dyedeeria Says:

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  44. Gravatar-licious
    Country Boy NC Says:

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