Medical Marijuana: Super Bubba Kush

April 30th, 2007 by Alex

Super Bubba Kush

The ever-popular Kush strain is highly sought after and also highly available in Southern California. One of the more popular sub-strains of this eye-reddening varietal is Super Bubba Kush.

theFreshScent Product Recap
Strain Super Bubba Kush
Type Indica dominant
Pros Great taste
Cons Hard come-down
Price $30/g, $80/8th
tFS Rating 9.0/10

There’s a reason this herb is called Super Bubba and not just Bubba, this bud has it all – a very sweet smell, amazing taste, many large hairs and great color.

At first glance, the Super Bubba Kush catches your attention with its long hairs and crystal coating. The light green leaves, also doused with crystals, add to the dynamic look of this prize fighter.

Effects from this strain are powerful and heavy. The high starts in the face and spreads rapidly towards the rest of the body. Super Bubba puts in a solid day’s work with well over 2 hours of body-numbing effects. Unfortunately, the come down is harsh and abrupt, leaving you almost brain dead for a few hours afterwards.

Super Bubba Kush is an all around all-star bud, if you can afford it. One thing you get along with the VIP name and effects is the VIP price.

Make sure you clear your calendar accordingly after burning this strain and plan something to do that doesn’t require a lot of movement and/or thought.


  1. Gravatar-licious
    Matt Says:

    $30 for a gram? That is quite a bit. When it comes to marijuana for medical reasons is it common that a person would buy off a dealer illegally rather than go to a dispensary? I know the quality most likely is not the same, but from what ive seen black market marijuana is much cheaper than the prices you list here.

  2. Gravatar-licious
    Ryan Says:

    It is quite a bit for a G, but you are paying to not get busted by state cops in California unlike a “black market” dealer. And plus, these growers who provide for the co-ops sure do know their mary jane!

  3. Gravatar-licious
    C Says:

    I think you’re also paying for the convenience and the fact you know exactly what you’re getting.

  4. Gravatar-licious
    Smokedout Says:

    I think you can get better weed cause you can get very high grade for like 20 a gram plus if you grow it to that is alot better weed

  5. Gravatar-licious
    calikid Says:

    Super Bubba is a great smoke ie; 9/10. But SFV Kush is a 9.7 so is most pure kush.I guess it depends on the grower as well as the dispensary.go to Santa Barbara they have 11 dispensary’s some great strains and prices.Check out Hortipharm on State St. BTW Chemdawg is a 9.9 but rarely avail.

  6. Gravatar-licious
    Alex Says:

    calikid – I actually have some SFV Kush on me right now and it’s definitely one of the better strains floating around.

    We were going to pick up some Chemdog to review early last week, but it was getting down to the shake and we decided to hold off until a better batch becomes available.

  7. Gravatar-licious
    James Says:

    SFV KUSH…Holy Crap! Last night was my first introduction to weed and I took a major hit from the bong of this stuff. After a few minutes I felt…relaxed. So, I did what any right thinking American male would do…I took another hit. All was well a few minutes after that. Until I decided I was ready to go to the local bar in Culver City. I stood up…and fell over. I woke up about 6 hours later. Missed going out partying, but I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in a while. Thank you California!!! I moved here from Pittsburgh, PA a few years back…now, I’m never going home. LOL!

  8. Gravatar-licious
    Kelly Says:

    can anyone tell me how the medical mj clubs get their stuff? Who grows it and how do the patients know what they are getting? I am thinking of trying it for my rheumatoid arthritis but I don’t want to smoke some low quality stuff covered with pesticides and mold because it will make me feel worse. Are there any growers who are legitimately growing good product or are they all just a bunch of ex-convicts making money? lol. No really, does anybody have a real answer for me? No joke. Thanks!

  9. Gravatar-licious
    tee-man Says:


  10. Gravatar-licious
    Bavet Says:

    Looks yummy . Bit expensive. Can get the same quality buds from BC and other mom suppliers.

  11. Gravatar-licious
    tyler Says:

    complete crap. 30 dollars a gram is ridiculous, no matter where you are. completely mind boggling. you can get as good for substantially less.

    profiteering off the sick is wrong.

  12. Gravatar-licious
    Ian Says:

    way over priced. and i thought the pharmaceutical companies ripped people off.

  13. Gravatar-licious
    be free Says:

    For the people commenting on the price. Think wine. you can get Italian country wine for a dollar a bottle (or in the US and some other countries, some cheap box wine for 5-10 dollars), OR, you can get a nice Pinot Noir for 20 dollars. If your mere objective is to get plastered, go with the cheap stuff. If you would prefer something that taste good, will not give you a head ache, and a have a nice aroma, you have to pay. This is not some train track grown weed, this is the result of clonings, experimentation, cross pollination, etc., it is in a different league, and simply cannot and should not be compared with the stuff you bought of that dude you hardly know just off of campus.

  14. Gravatar-licious
    calikid Says:

    in 69 a lid was $10, a new vw $1695. a caddy 6995 (tickets to woodstock $20 for those dumb enuff not to crash) In 2007 a vw is 20K, a caddy 45K,front row tickets $400. A lb. of top med. $5-7K is what the growers sell to the clubs.Is that too expensive, maybe but the risks are great.Most great strains are clones only, low yield ,greater consumption of nutrients,etc. BTW cuttings of sfv have reportetly fetched as much as 20K.The point is even in Ca. this product goes for 500 /z. At the dispensary where I volunteer patients drive as much as 300 miles R/T For SFV,OG,Pure Kush as well as good NYC and Sour Diesel and great purps from Humbolt.My fav is still sfv kush grown organically indoors in soil w full set-up(co2,etc.)

  15. Gravatar-licious
    calikid Says:

    Prices quoted are for LA clubs the MOST expensive in the state.In our town the most expensive is 20/g or 500/z ,they have shake for 10/g and have many good medical strains at 300-400/z.Concentrates start at 25/g with the best bubble hash 35-40 .Good kief 30/g, BHO at 55-60,edibles from $8-20/ea ……………………………$30 a gram for cannibas is totally a So.Cali thing some charge 60 a gm. for hash oils for 90-100.Most clubs in lala sprang up in the last 12-18/mos unfortunately many are greedy johhny come lately’s from other states who only care bout makin a quick buck, because of their greed they make it hard for legitimate patients most of whom are poor in favor of the rich hollyweed types and stoners who could care less about prices

  16. Gravatar-licious
    smallz420 Says:

    Ok, most of you guys are stoopid (pun intended) medical marijuana is very high quality, grown under supreme conditions; hydroponic farms, halogen lights, ventilation systems, and multiple other variables in which are taken into consideration, that have been legitimized by the government. It seems as 20 bucks a gram at street value for weed that you are unsure of the strain is not very smart. While you know the strain,( sativa,/ indica,), how it was grown and rightfully accepted by state and federal authority’s with majors in botany (hippies who found a way to make money of the man), i find very intelligent to go through this network. again face value for a gram on the streets = 20 medical = 30 ten dollars more for a higher known quality of bud… think about it.

  17. Gravatar-licious
    MMVet - From the Bay to LA Says:

    30 is too much, and so is 80. not compassionate at all. in the bay area more than 50 will be laughed at for 8ths, unless it’s the best you’ve ever had in your life. find a friend, who knows a good club. get legal. this is worth 18/62 in my opinion (for an LA price that would be reasonable). anyone who says this is somehow worth more is trippin. even if you just usually smoke schwag it’s not worth it. get some trainwreck from the bay for 30/35 an 8th or something.

    and if anyone has ever tried jolly rancher purp or butter og let me know. you’ll probably agree with the above

  18. Gravatar-licious
    MMVet - From the Bay to LA Says:

    and smallz420, no marijuana is “legitimized by the government”. i hope you don’t get arrested. people use hardcore techniques to hide smell, heat (and infrared heat traces), etc.

    however, the risks aren’t great enough for the 5-7k calikid speaks of. that’s robbery (but a nice-as-fuck profit for the producer/middleman). profiteering off the sick is wrong, right?

    the kush in SFV is among the best i have seen, and the most plentiful. best clubs in so cali in the valley – at least they have something nice over there

  19. Gravatar-licious
    MMVet - From the Bay to LA Says:

    and i love chemdawg. what a powerful sativa

  20. Gravatar-licious
    cLokE Says:

    i get my kush grams for 20$ u know got that stoner juice lol..but anyways bubba kush had me on my ass that how good this shit is 4real i think kush should be the only marijuana on the streets….

  21. Gravatar-licious

    30 bucks for a gram i think thats insane i usually get 20 bucks for a 1.5 and its the medical stuff so these prices should even be this high cuz theres so many ways to get medical mariguana without having to deal with cops and government and with the medical clubs

  22. Gravatar-licious
    Lenny Says:

    Man you guys should try Salvia its a legeal high they, sell them in the somkeshops.But only in california pretty sure its a cray high stat hullosination quick then a good relaxation

  23. Gravatar-licious
    John Says:

    Lenny: While salvia is amazing and all, it’s NOT weed, and should NOT be treated like weed. Salvia is an entirely different substance, only comparable to weed by the similarities of health risks (lack thereof). Marijuana is a way to relax. Salvia is a hallucinogen, and it is intense. The only “relaxation” that comes from saliva, is after the hallucinations have worn off and you start drifting back into the real world.

    People, DO NOT smoke salvia if you expect marijuana. Do your research. Salvia is a complete “out of this world” experience.

  24. Gravatar-licious
    rafael Says:

    hey man im from vancouver and we get that shit 10 bucks a gram
    nice big buds
    and you can get this stuff from most teenagers out there

  25. Gravatar-licious
    Monie B Says:

    Bubba Kush aint shit the best weed is called rigamortis and its grown under water and comes from Hawaii and cost 100 dollars a gram and is way worth it with lest come down effects

  26. Gravatar-licious
    KC Geretz Says:

    This weed is very slunky smelling and ver potent. It has many shades of purples and it is known to burn very slowly. It has a harsh distinct taste to it much like as harsh as a haze. I payed 215 for a half of it, I got half GDP and the other half Bubba Kush

  27. Gravatar-licious
    Cadu Says:

    Yeah, i’m tasting it now.
    Glad to find information about.


  28. Gravatar-licious
    yao ming Says:

    AZ be gettin some dank shit too…had some sweet tooth a couple days ago and it was some kill…purp has been real popular over the last couple years and i think the top 3 ive tried have been the grandaddy purple widow and hawiian purp…puttin a lil bit of that lean on your bleezy is kool too

  29. Gravatar-licious
    OSO_LOCO Says:

    damn those prices are ridiculous 80 for an eigth u got me twisted ill get 55 for an 8th of some hood kush

  30. Gravatar-licious
    HumboldtHerbGrad Says:

    i go back and forth to humboldt and acadia and these r reg prices for bubba. i live in las vegas all we get is purp but we got a bubba grower in town and its $25 a G and $80 for eigth. u guys can say what u want but the bubba sells like hotcakes and if have smoked it u would gladly pay $25 a G. but like the top says u want to get VIP high ur gonna pay VIP prices. i know the grower personally here in vegas and its not easy to grow by a long shot.

  31. Gravatar-licious
    HumboldtHerbGrad Says:

    PS thats not a good bud or isnt a bud of bubba look in the cannibible its not supposed to be that dense more strainy and more manicured that bud could be manicured more.another PS fuck dispenseries to pay LA prices go straight to nor call and buy for way cheaper from the same growers that bring it down there

  32. Gravatar-licious
    HumboldtHerbGrad Says:

    and smallz420 ur an idiot govornment doesnt grow weed they buy it from street dealers that got their liscense to grow. do ur research before u start rambling on that “govornment” weed is better. go to nor cal and until then dont talk about about stuff u have completely no idea about….cause there is a couple of u in here…go back to smokin ur bc instead of complaining about prices. lol.

  33. Gravatar-licious
    irvine2fullerton, Orange Couty Says:

    i get my bubba kush 165 for half an O… thats how it is in Orange County…

  34. Gravatar-licious
    Cunno2001 Says:

    I was going to comment on smallz420s idiocy, but HumboldtHerbGrad beat me to it. “Legitimized by the Government” ???? Please dude, stop embarrasing yourself.

  35. Gravatar-licious
    crimdelacrim Says:


  36. Gravatar-licious
    murphy Says:

    smallz420 is very ignant.”halogen lights?” ha. i personally work on a farm in norcal and bubba is a bitch. try powdery mildew- most setivas dont get it at all if not just on waterleaves. oh yeah it doesnt yeild but about 1/4 as much as most other grow freindly strains either. but its what the people need, so i help provide it to the sick. and btw all you need to sell to most clubs is a prescription and argue price. the only disadvantage for legal people who provide it is that you have to pay TAXES.(thus the higher price) and i personally laugh at the name game. my next strain im growing is double fruity grape silver kush crossed with jack traindieselhaze(from the original inventor in 1910 of course!)toke on- murph

  37. Gravatar-licious
    collieman Says:

    where can i purchase these strains from? is there an online source or is there just a dispensary?

  38. Gravatar-licious
    Tim Says:

    @collieman – All the strains we review can be found at dispensaries only.

  39. Gravatar-licious
    calikid Says:

    LMAO I had govt weed(10% THC compared to over 20% for Ca.medical quality).Theres a reason they send a canister of 300 joints a/mo. If you doubt me ask one of the 4 still alive.The crap they grow in Mississippi and process in No. Carolina is low grade.

  40. Gravatar-licious
    casey Says:

    im growing some bubba that looks better than this. for any one else that’s been growing this strain for a while, any tricks to curing it? can’t seem to get too much info on the strain.

  41. Gravatar-licious
    CHOW MEIN Says:

    medical marijuana is the same as street marijuana… the only difference is, the real growers from northern california grow all of their crops up north and drive it to southern california (L.A. Basin) and tax the shit out of the clinics because they can get top doller. If u cant find this same weed from your local street pharmacist… TRY A NEW 1!

  42. Gravatar-licious
    CHOW MEIN Says:

    oh yeah, and i get my bubba for $800 a q. break that down.

  43. Gravatar-licious
    RentoCampus Says:

    So I just got 1 gram of this bubba kush for $20, not $30. And it was straight from the medical shop. Had me all numb for a good 1hr. Then had the munchies, then knocked out!! This hit me really good off two bowls.

  44. Gravatar-licious
    Jap Says:

    BUBBA KUSH! my all time favorite weed, gonna go smoke a bowl right now. oh and i get this from a street dealer. my dude always has bombs

  45. Gravatar-licious
    rachel lee Says:

    so i am getting some bubba from one of my dealers in my home town
    its 35 for a hq
    so its 10 bucks a gram.
    however you have to pay gram for gram
    which can get painful

  46. Gravatar-licious
    max bag Says:

    i live i california and anyone that says buying from clubs is better then a private dealer/grower is a fool. 30 dollars a gram? you can get an 8 for 45 of high quality no questions asked, maybe 40 if ur lucky. clubs jack tha price fat, take the best packs for themselves and not care because people love their little security blanket of going through an “actual” business when the bottom libe of it all is it’s kegal lol. fuck the clubs save your money, support ur local grower or even next time your at the club instead of buying an $80 8th a week, take that money buy a few clones and a light and grow ur own. if personal is what your looking for you cant beat doing it yourself.

  47. Gravatar-licious
    emit315 Says:

    $80/8th? I bought a 60 8th recently in the valley. sbk is dank! i brought some back home to the east coast. A knock out high for sure.

  48. Gravatar-licious
    mammaz Says:

    I think weed is stupid. My dad has super bubba
    wahtever stupidstupidstupid .
    ruins lives and teens thinks heee can hide it from me hah.
    think again TRY ME .


  49. Gravatar-licious
    Zach Anderson Says:

    wow these price’s are pretty outrageous….. i would only pay that much for the Master Kush. ITS SOME HEAT! otherwise screw paying for any other type of Dro for these prices.

  50. Gravatar-licious
    blaze Says:

    man! I don’t give a f**k wat any one says, bubbakush is the king off all kush..I’ve been growing this stuff for about two years and so far this strain made me more money than granddaddy perp ever did it puts perp to shame

  51. Gravatar-licious

    fuck u bitch(mammaz( weed is for medical use 1 drink of beer is worse then smoking a blunt

  52. Gravatar-licious

    this shit is rip off i could get some for 10 for a gram

  53. Gravatar-licious
    BiggShort Says:

    Man, I lived in vegas my whole life and never found someone stupid enough to try and sell some fire for $30 a G, and I get WAAAAAAAY better looking bud than what you got in that pic all day and the most I have paid is $60 for an 1/8th and thats because I’m not too plugged into the scene, I used to get it for $250 oz and $40 an 1/8th of some white stanky iced out fire weed – - I dont have a license yet and the streets will always have better prices, in my opinion

  54. Gravatar-licious
    BiggShort Says:

    Oh yeah, Grand Daddy Purp is eehhh, aight but ya wanna fux with some real kill? Blue Moonshine.. The king of fires! LA confidential, OG kush, Master kush, and this purple trainwreck are some dope strains, sweet tooth too

  55. Gravatar-licious
    BiggShort Says:

    in OR $1200 a QP for some real true purp

  56. Gravatar-licious
    BiggShort Says:

    MAMMAZ : you are retarded.. Weed heads are stupid? Well, for starters I smoke weed everyday and at least I can type better than you. How much money do you make? Obviously I am not too busy and I net a fat six figure income, and I honestly doubt you do. Smoke a blunt, shut the fuck up and get some dick because your obviously sexually frustrated

  57. Gravatar-licious
    KUSHED OUT Says:

    30 a G? Taxing hommie. In ORANGE*COUNTY i can get 2G’s of PURPLE BUBBA KUSH for 30. we call em 2fers. some do it for 35 if they wanna be a dick about it.

  58. Gravatar-licious
    random Says:

    NOOOO, everyone here who thinks they’re hot shit because they think this strain is 2 expensive, your completely wrong. Im down in florida, this shit sells for 40 a G here IF SUM1 HAS IT. I have straight connections from cally, 20$ a g, 275 half an O. Now, I’ve only been smoking for 4 years (im 15), but I’ve tried over 50 strains of high quality KUSH. And this, IS THE BEST. The harsh taste and tingling body sensations unbeatable. If you get your hands on it, make sure to have music, your mind will be in one world and your body dancing in another!

  59. Gravatar-licious
    T Leary Says:

    $30/g?! That is absolutely rediculous, I don’t care how amazing it is, that is some hardcore price gouging. Even the best of the best can’t cost more than a few hundred/pound to produce and these guys are charging $30/ a g?! That’s pretty fucked up especially considering some people require this for medicine. Don’t pay $30/g for anything unless it is made of solid gold.

  60. Gravatar-licious
    joe Says:

    this is some shit but i cant afford it so ill stick to the streets and that blueberry yum yum

  61. Gravatar-licious
    J Mann Says:

    This shit looks like some kil but i know some peopel who has better bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Gravatar-licious
    Scotty Says:

    Im scotty and i live in crestview florida, by destin and panama city, great dank is very hard to come by and the charges are riduculous 30 a g! if someone would let me get in on some fun, u have no idea how much id appriciate it lol

  63. Gravatar-licious
    kushpro Says:

    I have some of the super bubba going right now. I have sampled it prior to acquiring one clone that have given me my limit with the mother, and its all gonna grow outside in the greenhouse legally oh yeah.

  64. Gravatar-licious
    kushpro Says:

    I also want to add mine to my patients will go for about 12-17 dollars a gram or 375.00 a zip. It’s great to help out people in need without being a greedy bastad with 30/g bs. Right

  65. Gravatar-licious



  66. Gravatar-licious
    BillyOz Says:


    harvestheaven@hotmail.com has this strain it is amazing but they have denser sweeter looking bubba.

  67. Gravatar-licious
    Diane Lee Says:

    I got the Platinum Bubba and Super Bubba at my pharmacy for the mere price of $40.00 for 3.5 .. So somebody is pulling your legs…lol It’s no way that expensive. try a different dispensary ala pharmacy. Mine always has a sale on weekly for one or another top shelf. Oh and I do live in L.A. My cancer pains are so much better. Just don’t drive if you take this. It will leave you stuck like a big truck.

  68. Gravatar-licious
    max-stoner Says:

    Hello, I have 28g of grandaddy purple. 7grams of snocap. There is also another 2oz but the strains became mixed up. I think one strain is train wreck but they are top shelf anyway

    Delivery is £5 for any weight exept 1g-2g orders. For 1g or 2g orders add £2.50 for delivery. The £5 delivery service will arrive the day after posting. Orders are packed and posted without delay and usually go the day payment is received.

    Payments. I prefer ukash but if you have suggestions or a prefered method let me know and i will consider it. I have liberty reserve and will soon have an address for cash payments. I doubt there will ever be paypal because they cause too many problems to people that buy legal goods on legit sites. Imagine a cannabis vendor trying to dispute a payment reversal or an unjustified complaint. Most vendor that do offer paypal only offer it for short periods of time and even then accounts are usually hacked accounts they have purchased. Payment methods are usually non negotiable.

    I have date stamped photographs available


    Max Stoner

    email: max-stoner @ hushmail.com

  69. Gravatar-licious
    max-stoner Says:

    new stock arriving soon. top shelf buds.

    max-stoner@hushmail. com

  70. Gravatar-licious
    Mr.BlowItByTheO Says:

    This would be 20 a G, 60 an eight, 140 a Q and 400 for an O where I be

  71. Gravatar-licious
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