Top 10 Stoner Moments in Movies

April 20th, 2007 by Alex

There has been one topic within the smokosphere that people have been debating ever since the dawn of cinematography; what is the best stoner movie of all time? Are Cheech & Chong the best of the best, or have newcomers like Half Baked and How High knocked the kings off their throne?

This subject is just too close to people’s hearts, and I’m just not ready to jump in with my own Top 10 Stoner Movies of all time.

Instead, we’ve decided to twist the script and bring you what is sure to be just as hotly a debated topic – The Top 10 Stoner Moments in Movies.

First, the ground rules – these moments don’t necessarily need to be pure comedy or come from a ‘Stoner Movie’ so to speak. Instead, they just need to involve marijuana usage and its accompanying subject matter.

So, what better way then to kick start this monumental debate than on 4/20? Let the game begin!

#10Bong Water: Forrest Dwellers
Starting off the Top 10 we have Jack Black doing what he does best – playing the guitar, singing and being high.

Just being in the movie Bong Water already gives this scene a boost, but it reflects on the NorthWestern culture blazing out in the woods and going for an adventure.

To see the rest of the Top 10 Stoner Moments in Movies, read on…

#9How High: The Snooze & Lose
How High is a stoner movie that grows on you. Out of all the best moments to choose, why not the closest thing to a recorded casualty due to smoking? That guy is so happy to survive the fall, you can see the joy on his face. Too bad about the RV…

Bonus: After the 2nd clip (which is the one we’re talking about), check out the next scene from this video. “It’s blunt-o-clock!”

#8Scarie Movie 2: When Weed Smokes You
Ever wonder what it feels like to get rolled up and smoked?

Marlon Wayans knows, and he’s here to talk about it. This scene makes the cut just for giving weed so much personality.

#7Kids: The Park Blunt
Unfortunately, the best vid we could find for this scene only catches the tail end of what makes it so great, then jumps into the iconic beatdown sequence.

The cinematography when the blunt is broken, licked, rolled and smoked was the first of its kind and makes it worth of Top 10 status.

#6Harold & Kumar: New Jersey Driving
It’s never good to be a paranoid pothead and Harold proves this theory right.

On top of achieving the perfect representation of an asshole New Jersey driver, this movie portrays the crappy NJ toll system true to form. Who knew there could be so much non-fiction in a stoner flick?

#5Half Baked: Killer’s Adventure
Mr. Nice Guy carries the good stuff, and who says that only humans like to get high?

Before his tragic end, Killer goes on a journey that gives him a lifetime’s worth of memories.

Kill Killer. Kill.

#4Super Troopers: The Intro
Probably one of the funniest opening scenes in any movie, ever.

I laughed so hard the first time I saw this I almost threw up and it’s been a personal favorite ever since. That’s all I have to say about that.

#3Friday: I’m Gonna Get You High
One of the most awesome stoner moments in all of movie history.

Coincidence that this post is also dropping on Friday and I ain’t got shit to do? I don’t think so.

#2Big Lebowski: Followed
There was a seriously heated battle between certain members of our staff on whether to make this the #1 clip or not. Obviously, it got squeezed to the close 2nd spot.

If you’ve ever tried to ash out a closed window, this scene brings back familiar and painful memories.

On the other hand, if you’re watching this happen to someone else, it’s fucking hilarious.

And finally…

#1Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke
Cheech and Chong started this movement and they stay on top.

Let’s get chinese-eyed and watch all the phases of a heavy stoner run their course. Bad driving, giant joints, acid, police and … Labrador shit? Priceless.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Blow: the ‘We Can Sell Marijuana!’ scene
  • The Beach: the ‘Field of Dreams’ scene
  • Tommy Boy: the ‘Bong Rip to Table Slam’ scene

That’s the list everyone.

Don’t agree?

Put your money where you mouth is and let’s see your Top 10 Stoner Moments in Movies.


  1. Gravatar-licious

    Ah man, I can’t believe you didn’t include any scenes from Dazed and Confused at least as honorable mentions. Or how about the scene from Animal House, “Is this stuff going to make me go schizo?” “It’s a distinct possibility.”

    Great post!

  2. Gravatar-licious

    [...] There has been one topic within the smokosphere that people have been debating ever since the dawn of cinematography; what is the best stoner movie of all time? Are Cheech & Chong the best of the best, or have newcomers like Half Baked and How High knocked the kings off their throne? [link] [...]

  3. Gravatar-licious

    [...] The Top Ten Stoner Moments in Movies (Courtesy of theFreshScent) [...]

  4. Gravatar-licious

    [...] Here is a list of clips from movie of stoner moment.Some of the best stoner moment in ganja movie history. [...]

  5. Gravatar-licious

    [...] theFreshScent » Blog Archive » Top 10 Stoner Moments in Movies [...]

  6. Gravatar-licious
    Wobbles Peeper Says:

  7. Gravatar-licious
    TeKnoMaN Says:

    Dude, Dazed N Confused…… how can that not be in the top 10? I also think the movie BLOW had a great flashback scene to the hippys of the early 70’s in California. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is another great movie that deserves to be in the top 10 of all time Stoner flicks. Also last but not least Im thinking Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back simply because of the dual headed lightsaber/bong that Jay wields at the end.

    I totally agree with the top 3 picks though.
    1. Cheech n Chong
    2. Big Lebowski
    3. Friday
    4. Half Baked
    5. Super Troopers
    6. Harold n Kumar
    7. How High
    8. Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRPamAUZmDo )
    9. Dazed N Confused
    10. Blow

  8. Gravatar-licious
    lexy Says:

    pulp fiction…

  9. Gravatar-licious
    p00t Says:

    nothing from grandmas boy?

  10. Gravatar-licious
    C.O.B Says:

    “Orange County” anyone? the part where Jack Black and the chick hook up in the Dean’s office , there slow reaction to everything is hilarious

  11. Gravatar-licious
    jack oneil Says:

    Road Trip – the scene where the old guy is puffing and his dog wants pancakes…

  12. Gravatar-licious
    K Says:

    Half baked should of been squeezed in thier..the first scene where they talk about the first time they smoked is halarious.

    Firday after next..with Dada..Where the white boy uses the vacumme to clear out the smoke LOL..and Dada’s lip gets sucked in..that part was soo damn funny..

    The road trip scene mentioned was also funny as hell.

  13. Gravatar-licious
    twospotz Says:

    Don’t be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood

    i don’t know but some scene has to get in their :p loc dogg is wearing a bag o weed in is crazy hair :p

    in how high i like the Stroke-smoke scene when redman is working out for the kajak team


  14. Gravatar-licious
    Dave Burns Says:

    how about outside providence when he acts like the bong’s a fuckin trumpet haha

  15. Gravatar-licious
    DutchMango Says:

    o my god you guys are forgeting one of the most crazy stoner drugy movie of all time this is disapointing FEAR AND LOTHING LAS VEGAS

  16. Gravatar-licious
    Batwoman420 Says:

    man hell yah im so happy to see bongwater and kids up there orange county road trip and friday after next are the gayest stoner movies ever

  17. Gravatar-licious
    valeriebside Says:

    New Stoner Flick- Super High Me

    So I just came across this pretty sweet flick. It’s a take on the movie Super SIZE me, except instead of eating McDonald’s for 30 days Doug Benson (from VH1) eats and vaporizes medical marijuana for thirty consecutive days. I also found out there are free screeners for the movie up on the film’s site…(www.superhighmemovie.com)… Have fun with this one. Peace.

  18. Gravatar-licious
    Alex Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Valerie, we’ve been keeping an eye on this movie for some time. Can’t wait for it to be released.

  19. Gravatar-licious
    Drewpy Says:

    Grandma’s boy has some classic stoner scenes in it.Anyone from the 80’s era can relate to that movie in some way or another be it video games or smoking pot…prolly not the jerking off to the plastic doll on jp’s mom part i hope…

  20. Gravatar-licious
    bla Says:

    We’re sorry, this video is no longer available!

  21. Gravatar-licious

    Man, everything above #8 had no movie to go with it… Well… I still think Jack Black is the SHIT!

  22. Gravatar-licious
    jks Says:

    Fear and Loathing in LV was hilarious, but on another level entirely from the weed, which this list focuses on. Johnny Depp seeing bats on the highway while his samoan attorney has a hard-drug induced siezure. Or when the samoan starts intimidating Cameron Diaz’ colleagues in the elevator, because he’s paranoid that they’ll “take his baby” away from him. OR how about the freakout scene where he tries to commit suicide to “White Rabbit” in the bathtub, and then emerges, brandishing a knife and incoherent. That is some scary real shit to anybody who has ever been around and seen the effects of hard drugs. A far cry from weed.

  23. Gravatar-licious
    jks Says:

    Get him to the Greek has some classic scenes, like when Jonah Hill chugs an entire bottle of whiskey and bogarts the entirely joint to keep it away from Russell Brandt, because Diddy ordered Jonah to keep Russell sober for the TV appearance. So russell shows up just fine, but Jonah is hilariously wasted.

    And the “Furry Wall” scene had me crying it was so freaking funny. I never liked Colm Meaney as Chief O’brien on Star Trek TNG, but as a brawling Irish hedonist he is simply brilliant.

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