Medical Marijuana: Master Kush

March 5th, 2007 by Alex

Master Kush

Well, this is a definite first for tFS. The rating and name speaks for itself. Master Kush, an indica strain, is the best medical marijuana money can buy.

theFreshScent Product Recap
Strain Master Kush
Type Indica dominant
Pros Strongest high
Cons Expensive
Price $30/g, $80/8th
tFS Rating 10.0/10

This dense bud is extra sticky and almost appears polar white due to its super crystallized leaves. When you break the nugs apart, a distinct, sweet smell fills the air. This strain really is everything you look for in medical marijuana.

In addition, the smoke has a sweet zip to it and doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste in the mouth. The high hits hard & quickly from the beginning, mostly starting in the head and moving its way throughout in a matter of minutes.

There aren’t many significant negatives that stand out other than the fact that it can be too intense at times. Yes, too intense. And this 10 out of 10 kush strain is not cheap by any means, but hey if you can afford it, saddle up cowboy! You will not be disappointed.


  1. Gravatar-licious

    Awesome description Ryan, my mouth is watering and my fingers are uneasy looking for something to roll :p. However, I do think such a potent indica can be counter productive (forget about any plans you had cause you are going to spend all day on a couch).

    What was your smoking method for this strain? If it was a joint, were you able to finish it?

  2. Gravatar-licious
    K Says:

    wow sounds good. You should try to get your hands on some White Widow. The high description of the Master Kush sounds just like WW.

    WW is a real creeper but when it hits you, damn do you feel it all through out your body. And its frosty white coating along with its sticky texture really brings a smile to your face when breaking up. The smell is fresh and fruity, really wakes you up. Since its an indica dominant plant though its one of those smokes that is perfect for bedtime. Give it a try if you havnt already its really good stuff.

  3. Gravatar-licious
    Ryan Says:

    My method was a blunt and there was no way I could finish it all in one seating. I smoked about a third of it and then saved the rest for later. This stuff is no joke.

    K, I totally agree with you on White Widow. I have only come across it twice but from those times, I have noticed a lot of similarities in look and texture!

  4. Gravatar-licious
    Dave Says:

    mmmmmmmmmm. :)

  5. Gravatar-licious

    [...] Master Kush for sure. That will knock you out completely. If you can’t get ahold of it go for OG kush. __________________ You want the Dank? We’ve got the Dank! >>WikiStrains [...]

  6. Gravatar-licious
    Nate Says:

    *drooling all over my keyboard*

  7. Gravatar-licious
    angry Says:

    Aren’t there are any strains that produce no high but dull pain or naseua? Not everyone wants to be giddy for no reason.

  8. Gravatar-licious
    K Says:

    Try alcohol “angry.”

  9. Gravatar-licious
    calikid Says:

    K, no disrespect other than both being primarily indicas.At most clubs good WW can be obtained 12/gm where as the great kush’s and sour diesel’s are 20-25/gm. Also some places can get 8/z limit of widow,but on sfv kush or pure or master kush limit can be 1or 2 gms maybe 1/4 z .Also THC % for most widows in 13-18% Your great kush’s,G-13,Chemdawg are reported at over 23-24% with a greater CBD ratio.Some in A-Dam have tested a strain at 28% UNCONFIRMED.Also flowering time longer, yields smaller.Also kush and dawg and SD are clones only.just mho

  10. Gravatar-licious
    calikid Says:

    Angry, Try Sativas trainwreck and diesel (not sour or NYC) also Durban Poison

  11. Gravatar-licious

    GIVE ME AN 8th of this and it will blow me away but ill keep on smoking it cus i love it ive been smoking bud for 8 years and kush is the greatest.

  12. Gravatar-licious

    why do people name their bud? its eighter stress wack as shit, chronic ok shit ill get an 8th for 40$, or the bomb as shit kush medical i get 8thers for 65$ but to all fake ass bud smokers STOP NAMING YOUR BUD THEY R JUST NAMES TO RAISE PRICES

  13. Gravatar-licious
    Hellion Says:

    Ok but you gutta realize they are named for a reason. Sure some strains that people name are the exact same either becuase the strains are the same, or its just the same strain to start with and people have heard different names, Whatever, no big deal. But you gutta understand that the Kush strain itself is a fucking good one, and so they named it. Its not making it overpriced, its priced high because of the THC Percentage.

  14. Gravatar-licious
    RED!! Says:

    dat master kush l00kz b0mb!!

  15. Gravatar-licious
    lkmota Says:

    damn i need 5um of that

  16. Gravatar-licious
    deek kush nj Says:

    i got that same exact bud right now it stinks so good it makes u feel like your eyes r gonna close i luv it

  17. Gravatar-licious
    deek kush nj Says:

    650 an O hollA

  18. Gravatar-licious


  19. Gravatar-licious
    TOKER Says:


  20. Gravatar-licious
    rowek Says:

    got an ounce for 380

  21. Gravatar-licious
    kushedout916 Says:

    just picked some of this up and let me tell you take about 4 good hits and save the rest because you will be blowed out of your mind haha i bought 2 gs 3 days ago and still have some left and those that smoke like i do know that 2gs don’t last 1 day let alone 3 master kush good shit

  22. Gravatar-licious
    smokey Says:

    a fuck this bud dog! u want some bomb shit? try Premium 98 Bubba Kush that puts Master Kush to SHAME………

  23. Gravatar-licious
    Matt Says:

    damn… i just bought some of this shit…. and im sittin here at work… waiting till i get off… in about an hour and a half… and cant wait to spark up a bowl… hopefully i can go to the concert after kuz… damn i wanna be faded and check out this gig stoned.

    but yeh… i say white widow is so far the best…

    lets see how this “master” shit is..

  24. Gravatar-licious
    Texas smoker Says:

    mane all dat shit up on dis site looks soooo fuckin goood too bad i cant afford nun of dat shit

  25. Gravatar-licious
    deek Says:


  26. Gravatar-licious

    I just got some white widow and master kush,,2 grams shake 25 bux but man its worth it,hit the ww not alot happened then the master kush BOOM straight fucked up,,now i’m not sure which did it

  27. Gravatar-licious
    john Says:

    i want some how can i git it!!!! way do u git it .

  28. Gravatar-licious
    david Says:

    GODDAM dat shit look like some staight kill, i’ll straight dome that shit and be off my ass. me and my niggas are going to match kush blunts on 4/20 at 4:20 p.m. for the 08 year. we need some of that shit, i wanna see why they call it MASTER KUSH…………………………………….man, i wish i had glaucoma so i could be gone with the wind. also, white widow is up there too. a lot of people sleep on dat shit.

  29. Gravatar-licious
    master tokes a lot Says:

    DAMN THAT KUSH IS the danxiest budda ive ever seen

  30. Gravatar-licious
    mr. blue Says:

    Master Kush will lay u down!! Smoke at your own risk! Or right before bedtime cause if your smoking during the day there’s no way you’ll be able to function. Haha. Love this shit

  31. Gravatar-licious
    p.a.intherain Says:

    I just got a quarter of M.K., and it is phenomenal. I looks just like the pictures I find on the web, and the high is exactly as described.I love how dense the nugs are! You can tell right away it has a high THC content. The only other bud I have had in the past 2 or 3 years that may match up is a blueberry x N.L. strain that has been around. At first I complained about the 50 dollar/eighth price for the M.K., but then I ended up getting a quarter for 90, and it is totally worth it. I love the pacific northwest!

  32. Gravatar-licious
    smokingmasterkushrightnow Says:

    I’m puffing on master kush right now, down here in south california. we didnt invent it but we perfected it…heh

  33. Gravatar-licious
    gdawg Says:

    smoked half a bowl 2 nights ago and was not able to sleep
    but extremely fried. real good shit no doubt. i saw pulsin
    neon lights in my head? was it just me?

  34. Gravatar-licious
    kashmir1113 Says:

    Best i have ever had..

    Best Prom night i ever had too..

  35. Gravatar-licious
    kashmir1113 Says:

    oh and deek,

    i have chemdog and blonde hash at my disposal right now.

    but thanks anyway.

  36. Gravatar-licious
    SILVINO Says:


  37. Gravatar-licious
    Smokymcpot69 Says:

    Master Kush is by far one of my favorite buds I have ever come across. I smoked it before I even read this review, and it was dead on. The high was intense and all my friends came back to me saying the same thing, “DAMN THAT SHIT WAS DANK!”

    You should do a review on g 13. If you ever hear of catch wind of where you can get it go pick that shit up. G 13 is my favorite bud on the face of the earth, no questions asked. i have never seen such pretty buds in my life.
    great solid nuggets, completely covered in crystals as if coated with pure sugar, orange hairs all over it. the nug itself almost resembled candy corn.

  38. Gravatar-licious
    abc420 Says:

    goddamn i need some of this. anybody know if it’s hittin the chicago area soon?

  39. Gravatar-licious
    Mike Says:

    great resource thanks

  40. Gravatar-licious
    Mike Says:

    Great post, thanks for the info… last part makes the most sense though

  41. Gravatar-licious
    CheZ Says:

    [Please read our FAQ.]

  42. Gravatar-licious
    omg Says:

    i got some bubba, purple mountain, Og-13,mk ultra and Ice right now… they all look as good if not better than this master. South cali owns it, A-dam sucked on both trips. the buds are so inferior next to ours it’s no wonder i could get $13 grams or 3 grams for $20 over in europe. It’s pretty whack buds, thats why us smart peeps in cali take the europeans work and turn it into gold!

  43. Gravatar-licious
    stonedage Says:

    AYE DEEK! OZ’s FOR 200!!!

    haha cant beat them wine county prices

  44. Gravatar-licious
    stonedage Says:

    and anyways, you cant beat the sebastapool purple!

  45. Gravatar-licious
    highnigga123 Says:

    dude id rather smoke swag this shit sucks

  46. Gravatar-licious
    kyle Says:

    grabbed a quad of this bud this past weekend, got absolutely blunted. recommended.

  47. Gravatar-licious
    MR.Diesel Says:



  48. Gravatar-licious
    Infectedmushimushiroom Says:

    just wondering… can i live in that fucking medicine bottle? PLEASE!!


  49. Gravatar-licious


  50. Gravatar-licious
    south africa Says:

    man down here in s.a its hard to get hold of ood shit ..we got swazi lotsa skunk …but im puffin on a nice srawbery rizla cone of sweet sweet cron ,ak-47 ,ice bud …wich i bought from the cops ..psy trance |||-|||

  51. Gravatar-licious
    irene smoker Says:

    ive had this before but i still say nothing can bet the irene

  52. Gravatar-licious
    westcoastdoeboy Says:

    i got a couple grams of this and smoked three blunts with my friends, and sat down and started to see little black dots then started laughing a lot then passed out.i thought i was going to die, this shit is the real deal, in colorado you can get this for 200 a zip. it has its own distinct smell to it and its taste is in its own catogery

  53. Gravatar-licious
    saskush Says:

    man i grab this off my dealer (i live in ontario canada) for 10 bucks a gram 225 an ounce prices are so high in the states! holy shit i would not be able to afford to smoke nearly as much if i lived there

  54. Gravatar-licious
    daaaank bud Says:

    that shit is not worth 80 dollars an 8th, that is fucking bull shit and the ppl that make it that expensive should be ashamed.

    go to colorado and u can find an 8th of that for 50 bucks go to BC its prob 40,

    just a tip to u buyers out there. NEVER PAY MORE THAN 350 for an oz. just dont do it

    i am familiar w/ the 20 a g shit that makes it 70 an 8th, but what ppl dont tend to realize is that 15 dollars a gram is 420 dollars an oz.

    pot shouldnt be as expensive as coke

  55. Gravatar-licious
    daaaank bud Says:

    wow i should have read the posts above mine,

    and if u can find that for 200 a zip on colorado ur buying it by the HP at least…… or got a dank hook, u bastard

  56. Gravatar-licious
    saskush Says:

    350! lol i would never pay over 280 for the absolute bombest weed, weed should be 10 dollars a gram. i have never said this before but im actually glad to live in ontario. kush,diesel,hempstarr,haze and tons of other strains always floating around. i mean i was complaining about my buddies buying quarter pounds of master kush for 925 and apparently thats CHEAP compared to in some places.

  57. Gravatar-licious

    [...] Favorite Strain: Master Kush [...]

  58. Gravatar-licious
    Love It Says:

    a bagged .5g lil nug will make ur room smell like sprite n chronic.
    fuckin sick ass shit man.

  59. Gravatar-licious
    matt Says:

    iam doin mk right nw looks luvly damn ur green is expensive tho eere in london im payin n sellin it 120 a oz n it always kush ,haze ..sumin along dem lines

  60. Gravatar-licious
    kyle Says:

    I got a $40 sack and it has lasted me over a month of every night use. it can be overwhelming, and it puts me right to bed. best bang for your buck, especially for medicinal purposes.

  61. Gravatar-licious

    Will this shit eva make it to the chi?? I hope so..

  62. Gravatar-licious
    tyler Says:

    hey. if i can just point out that. master kush is not the best weed money can buy. g13 is a government created strain and it is the best weed money can buy. master kush cannot be smoked in a joint do in part to the fact that the trichromes on the leaves are to dense. in other words its to sticky to be smoked in a joint.

  63. Gravatar-licious
    paul Says:

    Dear Mr. President,
    I Believe the health care system does need to be reformed.
    But, Doctors have an Oath, To care for ill people, to save lives if
    they can be, That Oath does not talk about money.
    But there are other issues, and so many of them I am sure.
    Why can’t Washington uphold the ones that are already in place.
    Such as. California has the Prop. 215 in place for the state,
    And all the Counties Regulate it how they want, since 1996; 13 yrs. ago.
    The Federal Goverment does not respect state Law, this is a shame
    that is being swept underneath the rug, But it is effecting a lot of lives.
    Charles Lynch, the proprietor of Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers, a medical marijuana dispensary in Morro Bay is now facing possible State Prison.
    And the person that made the mistake, that put Charles in this position
    was just a worker at the Morro Bay clinic.
    Patients were prevented from testifying, as soon as thier medical condition was mentioned. The judge ruled that state laws concerning medical marijuana were irrelevant in a federal court.
    There are so many others that are being prosecuted and/or Evan being discriminated
    11362.5. (a) This section shall be known and may be cited as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.
    (b)(1) The people of the State of California hereby find and declare that the purposes of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 are as follows:
    (A) To ensure that seriously ill Californians have the right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes where that medical use is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician who has determined that the person’s health would benefit from the use of marijuana in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.
    (B) To ensure that patients and their primary caregivers who obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes upon the recommendation of a physician are not subject to criminal prosecution or sanction.
    (C) To encourage the federal and state governments to implement a plan to provide for the safe and affordable distribution of marijuana to all patients in medical need of marijuana.
    (2) Nothing in this section shall be construed to supersede legislation prohibiting persons from engaging in conduct that endangers others, nor to condone the diversion of marijuana for nonmedical purposes.
    (c) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no physician in this state shall be punished, or denied any right or privilege, for having recommended marijuana to a patient for medical purposes.
    (d) Section 11357, relating to the possession of marijuana, and Section 11358, relating to the cultivation of marijuana, shall not apply to a patient, or to a patient’s primary caregiver, who possesses or cultivates marijuana for the personal medical purposes of the patient upon the written or oral recommendation or approval of a physician.
    (e) For the purposes of this section, ”primary caregiver” means the individual designated by the person exempted under this section who has consistently assumed responsibility for the housing, health, or safety of that person.
    I urge you to please uphold our laws, And help people who are legal under the prop.215
    I can’t believe that this State Law means nothing to those that discriminate against Marijuana use. Marijuana was in our White House until the 20s. Our forefathers used it for recreational use.
    This either be a 20 million dollar fight, costing American tax payers.
    Or it can be 20 million in revenue. This is pure discrimination.
    I know my rights are being infringed upon.
    What about yours?

  64. Gravatar-licious
    tae Says:

    these prices are fucking rediculous, fu im payin that much. here is a major reason this natural plant should be legalized!

  65. Gravatar-licious
    Tree65 Says:

    I’m a victim of RDT(random drug testing) but luckily i was tested already and came out clean. Time to get REEEEFED! I’m about to pick up 1/8th of this and im soooo stoked! I’ve smoked only once this year so i have a feelin im gonna get knocked on my ass. I was planning on rollin some j’s but it sounds like i wont even be able to finish ONE haha. Peace Everyone. Be happy-life is good!

  66. Gravatar-licious
    Drago Says:

    Dear Mr. Angry,

    Hope you get this…. Train wreck and diesel seem to work well for calming my nerve pain, caused by my pain management doctor when he cut nerves in my spine…. I can still think and function well smoking these. But I think smoke effects us all differently.



  67. Gravatar-licious
    just Says:

    Just smoked a quarter of this stuff. Shits bangin, i recommend it to any indica lover

  68. Gravatar-licious
    MW9budz Says:

    This kush is on fucking point itll get you skeed you will have large amounts of energy and the most positive mood in the world

  69. Gravatar-licious
    DaaTicket Says:

    Im in VA looking for a connect, hit me up

  70. Gravatar-licious
    silkyswag Says:

    Hey folks, I just picked up an half oz of this on NYE for $160 out in southern california, and I must say the review is point minus the listed prices.
    Breaks up wonderful, a .4 will fill a regular size blunt.
    Smells great
    Variable high feeling(head,body,muncies,couch lock,sleep)
    Sticky(a piece actually stuck to my finger while I was breaking it down)
    Very subtle kush tatse=kinda bland
    Maybe my tolerance is different but it’s just an “ok” buzz for a kush strain
    I would rate it @ about 6.5-7 on a scale of 10
    I can feel the weed seeping up to my head which caused me a slight headache upon first session, anyone else experienced this?

    *visine will help u pass a urine test* who has actually tried this and been successful?
    Daticket, hit me up

  71. Gravatar-licious
    silkyswag Says:

    I feel like og kush, sour diesel, greenhouse kush, gods gift, purple kush, blue dream, & bubba kush are much better choices.

  72. Gravatar-licious
    Cilla Says:

    were can i get master kush??

  73. Gravatar-licious
    Cilla Says:

    orrr white widow…i can not find it any where =[ some
    one pleasssse help!

  74. Gravatar-licious
    mat Says:

    i got some master kush yesterday its some good stuff but where im from it costs $10 for a gram. $30 for a 1/8… which is nice. In B,C, where i live good kush is SOOO easy to find :)

  75. Gravatar-licious
    mat Says:

    yo daaaank, why the hell would you pay $350 for a 28g bag of weed. regular price here for good quality ounce is $220-$230 most. And im talking bout high quality kush not some shitty hash plant.

  76. Gravatar-licious


  77. Gravatar-licious


  78. Gravatar-licious
    Loch Says:

    We got some of this stuff for 65/quarter from a friend, awesome strain, it has a super heavy high so I wouldn’t recommend smoking it if you have stuff to do.

    Anyway, super awesome stuff, I will get it again if I get the chance.

  79. Gravatar-licious
    shimmysham Says:

    WAAAATTT!!! im in tampa fl, and theres no kinda bud like that here if u do find some they charge 25-30 a g smh
    u guys got it good

  80. Gravatar-licious
    Scotty Says:

    Yo i live in crestview florida, by destin and pensacola, the beaches n stuff are great but dank and kush like this is like 30 a g here, and its hard as hell to come by, anyone help a white nigga out, gimmie those digits and let us get in on some of the fun

  81. Gravatar-licious
    steve Says:

    yo all you guys are cracked out man you are all paying waaaay to much for your weed reach montreal quebec 140/oz thats like exo and higher but if you want something shitty like m39 you can get it for 90/oz thats all i got to say really

  82. Gravatar-licious
    That BU kid Says:

    just picked up a half oz and was never happier or higher. The price is high, but so is the level of thc

  83. Gravatar-licious
    Quebec Says:

    Way too expensive, we pay that $30 here in quebec. It’s pretty much like Chemo and the once would be around 200$ but that’s only because it’s the top of the top.

  84. Gravatar-licious
    HElo Says:

    Wow 80 bucks for an eighth… You can buy the seeds for slightly more than that and grow pounds and pounds of the stuff. I Believe Reserva Pravada is the guys who stabilized the OG Bubba Kush strain, if you an find their seeds in stock, buy them (get the OG #16 if you can, it yields more than the regular OG. -Dont know about Master Kush, a lot of seed banks have he srain, I would get a canadian version- they have the best genetics right now)

  85. Gravatar-licious
    HElo Says:

    Sorry, it’s the OG #18 i meant, not 16. Its called that because they chose the best OG mother out of a group of plants, and the 18th had the best phenotypes, mainly higher yield. This is according to their site – not my personal knowledge.

  86. Gravatar-licious
    jules Says:

    im getting this stuff tonight!
    40$ for 2gs

    rollin a joint for my dad.
    nice easter present, eh?

  87. Gravatar-licious
    Stevie Says:

    Daaaaaank BUD: You got it in ONE bro…. No-One should EVER EVER, EVER EVER EVER, EVER EVER EVER EVER, Sell/Buy ANY kind/Strain/Phenotype of BUD that is the SAME price as flippin CRACK/COKE!!!!!!!! (Let that be KNOWN) Those prices are Bullshit, Completely!

    But all in all, The MASTER KUSH ive had for years now, all grown from NIRVANA seeds and DPseeds, Soooo well WORTH every penny for the OUTCOME/HARVESTING of such a FINE FINE fruit of labour! *(Let this be known also)

    MK is De BOMB< and thiose prices, are "REDICULOUS"… a QUarter OZ here (UK bound) 40 Pounds a Q, or 75 Pounds a HAld OZ to 130-140 an OZ….
    GREAT QUASLITY BUD the MASTR KUSH, fantastic for MEDICINAL reasons, and Highly recomnded for Sleeping dissorders and Pain, Greatly high in the CBD and CBN content!! MAkes it so good for Medical Reasons of MANY types….

  88. Gravatar-licious
    Cannabista Says:

    Just got some delivered up in NYC. Dense lovely lil nugs.

  89. Gravatar-licious

    hey im mike i need to talk about medical marijuana and i need it whats the cheepist way i can get it for a really bad brokin neck

  90. Gravatar-licious

    North Carolina has great bud I’ve had master before lots of times and its lovely but I had some shit that was crossed with og and pk and it was tha shit foreal and I would love to get some of those prices 60 120and 425 is my max down here pepole still pay 80 170and550to600 that’s crazy its cheaper just got to get out

  91. Gravatar-licious
    the fucking mad notes Says:

    i agree with alot of the peeps on here thats way to much for some bud i live in knoxville and i can get white widow 5g for 30 bucks purp all day for reggie prices and maui wowi for 10 bucks a gram and i think that is damn good prices just an eample for some of you over payers.

  92. Gravatar-licious
    Josh Says:

    I just bought a gram of this for 20$ it looks amazing, smells amazing. I havnt smoked kush in a long time lol, Im used to smokin reggies so im about to get pretty high. Im saving it for tomorrow. But 30$ for a gram of weed? Thats ridiculous, I have no problem paying 15-20$ tho because its worth it. Reggies are 5$ A gram and kush is way better, Get a blunt of kush over a eigth of reggies ull get higher with da kush then reggies. If it dont u had some bullshit mid grade dro lol.

  93. Gravatar-licious
    inkneedles420 Says:

    Just picked up an oz of some Master KUSH and all i can say is im damn sure glad it has a name so i know what to ask for to get this same high again!!! oh yeah, homie tryna sell oz’s for $650…I pick em up for $290 all day! Great meds but way over priced at $650 in my opinion.

  94. Gravatar-licious
    Archie Crunker Says:

    Yo inkneedles where you at? Holla at me, prices like that I’ll come to you.

  95. Gravatar-licious
    ballyhoo Says:

    Master Kush doesn’t look like this usually………

  96. Gravatar-licious
    Trey Says:

    Master Kush is like, my favorite strain ever. White Widow is good, we have it everywhere in Ohio. I’ve been smoking for 6 years, i’m 18 now and the only “drug” I do, is marijuana.

  97. Gravatar-licious
    dankstar Says:

    damn all these reviews say this shit is dank then this shit is DANK, definately waaaaay better than og kush

  98. Gravatar-licious
    greengrizzly Says:

    Trey, where at in OH you at? slim pickins here in IN at times

  99. Gravatar-licious
    Damnn finzz Says:

    Dammnn men i just smoked a big Masterkush joint and o menn i really think this is tha best weeeed i’ve ever had damn im explodedd
    Smells so good, tastes so good, mhhhh
    and so mush THC when you grind it mennn incredible
    i’m just 15 but i smoke evry day n i swear this is the best kushh i touched in my life

  100. Gravatar-licious
    Hasheesha Alicia Says:

    I get so lucky. I can get Master Kush for $60! It’s the real deal too! It’s the sweetest high! I like to hit it out of a pipe, blunts if there’s a large group. Too much can be lights out. I never had a chance to hit on some White widdow but would love the opportunity. The best stuff I heard is from Alaska! I want to know about some Northern Lights.

  101. Gravatar-licious
    JimmyGarlic Says:

    Love this but I’m sorry to say…Wish I could take a pic of this 40 buck eighter…The smell is unbelievable and the taste is incredible. When I got the first batch…I didn’t want to break it up at all because its not too often you see bud like this….TOO MUCH IS LIGHTS OUT>>>I PROMISE!!!

  102. Gravatar-licious
    josh Says:

    Haha I pay an equivalent of about 14$ a gram!! Gotta love south Africa

  103. Gravatar-licious
    Audi Says:

    Some dope ass weed son

  104. Gravatar-licious

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