Medical Marijuana: True OG Kush 의료 마리화나 : 참 OG의 쿠시

March 1st, 2007 by 3 월 1 일, 2007 년 Ryan 라이언

진정한 OG의 쿠시

True OG Kush is one of the “ultimate” kush strains found in sunny Southern California. 진정한 OG의 쿠시가 화창한 남부 캘리포니아에있는 "궁극적 인"쿠시 균주 중 하나입니다. Very few other strains seem to compare to True OG's unique scent, taste, and mental & physical effects. 거의 다른 균주는 진정한 OG의 독특한 향기, 맛, 정신적 및 육체적 효과를 비교하는 것.

theFreshScent Product Recap theFreshScent 제품 요점을 되풀이하다
Strain 변형 True OG Kush 진정한 OG의 쿠시
Type 유형 Indica dominant 지배적 인 인디카
Pros 프로 Intense high 높은 강렬한
Cons 단점 Long recovery 긴 회복
Price 가격 $30/g, $80/8th 30달러 / G $ 80 / 8
tFS Rating TFS 평가 9.5 /10 9.5 / 10

True OG's light, almost neon green leaves are simply great to gaze at, with a copious amount of crystals covering every inch. 진정한 OG의 빛은 거의 네온 녹색 잎 구석 구석을 덮고 결정의 풍부한 양, 바라 단순히 중대하다. The buds are dense but break apart with ease, leaving your fingers sticky and aromatic for a while afterwards. 싹이 조밀하지만 쉽게 깨지, 이후 잠시 동안 끈적 및 방향족 손가락을 떠나.

When smoked, the first shock wave hits hard. 훈제 때 제 충격파 하드 안타. It doesn't take long to realize that you're already feeling its effects from just one or two hits. 그것은 당신이 이미 하나 또는 두 개의 히트에서 그 효과를 느끼는 것을 깨닫게 오래 걸리지 않습니다. This bud is for real. 이 새싹은 진짜입니다. A few hits of this True OG and the effects are long-lasting and intense, but beware that the recovery period from this is heavy. 이 사실 OG 및 효과의 몇 안타 - 오래 지속 강렬한하지만이의 회복 기간이 무거운 것을 조심. This bud is more of a late night adventure than a midday smoke break. 이 새싹 정오 연기 휴식보다 늦은 밤 모험의 더 많은 것이다.

This strain is no joke, seriously. 이 균주는 심각하게, 농담입니다. If you want the cream of the crop in the kush realm, here it is. 당신이 쿠시 영역에서 작물의 크림을 원하는 경우에, 여기있다. Come to think of it, True OG should come with a warning label about inducing an extreme level of munchie impulses. 그것을 생각 해 보 니, 참 OG는 munchie 충동의 최대 레벨을 유도에 대한 경고 라벨을 함께 제공한다.

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    calikid Says: calikid 말한다 :

    Good review and pics 좋은 리뷰와 사진

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    Looks fantastic man. 훌륭한 사람을 찾습니다. Is $80 the going price for an 1/8 of medical in southern california? 남부 캘리포니아에서 의료의 1/8 달러 80 예정 가격인가?

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    Rippedsuperhero Says: Rippedsuperhero 말한다 :

    Saweet! Saweet! I got a fat sack of this stuff for free, and 4 plants wasnt sure how they were gonna turn, out now im just anxious! 나는 무료로이 물건의 지방 자루를 가지고, 4 공장은 거 차례를했다, 밖으로 지금 바로 불안 메신저 방법을 잘 않네!

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    Kieran Says: 키 에런은 말한다 :

    I bought a half ounce of og kush from the club two days ago….. nope I get a eigth of purple for 25 bucks here in los angeles and I get my halves for 100 나는 아니 내가 25 달러 여기 로스 앤젤레스에 대한 보라색의 eigth를 얻을 내가 100에 대한 나의 반쪽을 얻을 ... .. 이틀 전에 클럽에서 OG 쿠시의 절반 온스를 구입

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    jeremy Says: 제레미는 말한다 :

    Send me some! 나 일부 만드세요!

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    KronicalKush Says: KronicalKush 말한다 :

    Indica dominant gives me a fat headache but i still smoke it . 지배적 인 인디카는 나에게 지방 두통을 제공하지만 난 여전히 연기. 50$ an 8th in LA for my OG kush 50 내 OG의 쿠시을 위해 LA에서 8 달러

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    travchron Says: travchron 말한다 :

    mmmm i love marijuana MMMM 나는 마리화나를 사랑
    but its ruining my life! 하지만 내 인생을 망치고!

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    jim Says: 짐은 말한다 :

    in chicago.1 blunt is 20 dollars na ounce is like 700 chicago.1에 무딘 20 달러 온스 (700)처럼 노나이다

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    Ron Says: 론은 말한다 :

    Yo theres no truth to that wherever ur getting ounces for 700 in chicago ur getting ripped off 300 an ounce for that purple haze holla at me 요 프로그래머가없이 진실 곳 (300) 내에서 그 보라색 안개 훌라에 대한 온스 찢어지고 UR 시카고에서 700 UR 받고 온스

  10. Gravatar에-licious
    Nolia2SB Says: Nolia2SB 말한다 :

    Naw Adrian 아냐 애드리안
    OG is 65 at the MOST. OG는 최대 65이다. But, the OG that goes for that looks to be that dank phenotype shown above (not some s1) 그러나, 그 간다 OG가 축축한 표현형 위에 표시된 것을 것 같아요 (안 일부 S1)

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    dave Says: 데이브는 말한다 :

    Sounds like you folks are talkign two strains of OG here. 당신이 사람들이 여기 OG의 두 균주를 talkign되는 것 같은데. I may be wrong but the og I had set me on my butt after one hit. 제가 틀릴 수도 있지만 OG 나는 하나의 히트 후 내 엉덩이에 저를 설정했다. Although I agree that most is over priced. 나는 대부분의 가격이 책정 이상 동의하지만. But true og is worth a higher price but not that high. 그러나 사실 OG는 높은보다 높은 가격을 지불 할만한 가치가 아닌 것입니다. I pay over 300 an oz for mine and it lasts forever. 나는 300를 통해 광산에 대한 온스를 지불하고 영원히 지속된다.

  12. Gravatar에-licious
    jaime Says: 제이미는 말한다 :

    was up hit at 최대에 명중되었다
    me up for i could get some ounces off you for 3 bills thats cool 818 568 0635 나는 저까지 3 청구서 당신 떨어져 몇 온스를 얻을 수있는 것은 818 568 0635 멋진 이잖아
    ask for jaime leave message 제이미 휴가 메시지를 요청

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    Keith Says: 키스는 말한다 :

    Damn that sucks for you guys. 젠장, 그 너희들을 위해 안됐다.
    Here in decatur, IL we get an ounce of high grade mids that beat dro for 60. 여기 디케 이터에서, 일리노이 우리는 60 DRO를 이길 고급 중음의 온스를 얻을.
    half ounce for 35. 35 반 온스.

    I bought three faaaaatttttt ass pearled kush blunts for 25. 나는 3 faaaaatttttt 엉덩이 펄의 쿠시가 25 대마초 샀다.

    Ya'll gettin ripped the fuck off. 가주는 섹스를 찢어 뻥.

  14. Gravatar에-licious
    e415 Says: e415은 말한다 :

    ahhahaha @ Keith ur smokin bammer! ahhahaha 키스 @ UR 담배의 bammer! og kush in the Bay AROUND 45-50 300- 345 OZ 주변 베이 OG의 쿠시 45-50 300- 345 OZ

  15. Gravatar에-licious
    burningdowntrees Says: burningdowntrees 말한다 :

    This shit has hit NYC delivery hard. 이 똥 하드 뉴욕 전달을 강타했다. 520 for an O some good shit, I've been smoking this non-stop, def prefer it to the other NYC delivery weed (white widow, NYC diesel, Sour Diesel). (520)는 오 좋은 똥, 나는 데프 다른 뉴욕 전달 잡초 (흰색 과부, 뉴욕 디젤, 사워 디젤)에 좋아,이 논스톱 흡연했습니다.

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    CASEY Says: 케이시는 말한다 :


  17. Gravatar에-licious
    mike 마이크 Says: 말한다 :

    [No.] [아니.]

  18. Gravatar에-licious
    chriss Says: chriss 말한다 :

    callllliiii kushhh callllliiii kushhh

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    redijedi Says: redijedi 말한다 :

    Yup, true OG is the best. 아, 그래, 사실 OG는 최고입니다. The only other strains that compare are: true Master Kush, and maybe some Hindu and Afghani Kush strains considering that's where this wonderful indica strain comes from. 진정한 마스터 쿠시,이 멋진 indica의 변형이 어디에서 오는지 어쩌면을 고려하여 일부 힌두교와 아프간 쿠시 균주는 다음과 같습니다 비교 만 다른 균주이다. Way before indo, way before Humboldt, these yogis and sufis were smokin kush on the banks of the Ganges(Ganja) and up in the Kush mtns. 방법 인도하기 전에, 방법 전에 훔볼트,이 요기와 수피는 쿠시 MTNS에서 갠지스 (마리화나) 최대의 은행에 쿠시을 담배했다. So what happens when you take the oldest and strongest strain in the world and grow it indoors with more love…OG Kush. 당신이 ... OG의 쿠시을 세계에서 가장 오래되고 가장 강력한 변형을 더 사랑으로 실내에서 재배 할 때 어떤 일이 발생합니다. What happens when the euro and american masters put even more love into it…Master Kush. 유럽​​과 미국의 주인이 ... 그것으로 마스터 쿠시를 더욱 사랑을 넣어하면 어떻게됩니까. So there are only 2 or 3 true Kush varieties. 그래서 만 2 또는 3에 해당 쿠시 종류가 있습니다. Accept no half-breed imitations, don't be fooled. 더 반 품종 모방 적용 여부, 속지 않는다. Bubba, NYC, Diesel, 213, berry this or that…none compare. 부바, 뉴욕, 디젤, 213, 이런 저런 ... 없음 비교 베리. There are plenty other good strains, they're just not kush. 많은 다른 좋은 균주가있다, 그들은 단지 쿠시 아닙니다. Standard LA street value is $70 1/8. 표준 LA 거리 값 70 달러 1/8입니다. $80ish at the clubs. 클럽에서 $ 80ish.

  20. Gravatar에-licious

    OG is the one I always go for I had some Jade kush 5 bux more than OG but it was bomb OG 내가 OG보다 약간 옥 쿠시 5 벅스했다 내가 항상가는 일이지만 폭탄이었다

  21. Gravatar에-licious
    mitch Says: 미치 말한다 :

    yes yes true OG kush can put you on your ass i've learned this the hard and fun way…but there is one other type that i believe to beat true OG kush. 예 예 진정한 OG의 쿠시 내가이 단단하고 재미있는 방법을 배운 당신의 엉덩이에 당신을 넣을 수 있습니다 ...하지만 난 사실 OG의 쿠시를 이길 생각하는 하나의 다른 유형이있다. Since i'm from Southern California and have haved true Og kush i know how powerful it is but if you really wanna get high find your self some lavander kush…a blend of Purple Kush and OG Kush this shit will have you seeing stars and divoering your refrigerator in no time…..oooo and people get it straight it's 20 bucks a G none of this 25 bullshit it's 20 or less if your good friends with the guy but if someone's tryin to pull 25 ag on you fund another dealer there's plenty out there 내가 남부 캘리포니아에서 왔어요 진정한 옥과의 쿠시을 준거에 비하면했기 때문에 나는 그것이 얼마나 강력한 알고 있지만 당신이 정말로 싶어 높게 자기 일부 lavander의 쿠시 ...이 똥 당신이 별과 divoering를 보는 것 퍼플 쿠시와 OG 쿠시의 조화를 찾을 경우 시간에 당신의 냉장고 ... ..oooo과 사람들은 똑바로이 25 헛소리 G 없음이 20 또는 당신의 좋은 친구 남자와하지만 경우 적은 없다 20 달러의받을 사람이 많이있다 또 다른 대리점을 투자하면 25 AG를 끌어 노력 있다면 저 밖에

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    [No.] [아니.]

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    DJ OG KUSH Says: DJ OG 쿠시는 말한다 :

    OG Kush baby …. OG의 쿠시 아기 .... cali kush baby … NAW MEAN 칼리 쿠시 아기 ... NAW MEAN


  24. Gravatar에-licious
    DJ OG KUSH Says: DJ OG 쿠시는 말한다 :

    Mitch: 20 a gram comes out to $70 an eigth.. which is still way too high for an eigth out here in socal.. but i will pay this once in a while still because that OG is sooo sweet like erick sermon….. $25 a gram comes out to $87 an eighth .. which means you are getting anally pounded… No disrespect to this site, great reviews here, but $30 a gram comes out to $105 an eighth … 미치 : 20 그램은 .. 아직도 여기 소칼의 eigth에 대한 너무 높은 70달러 eigth에 나오는 ..하지만 OG가 sooo를 달콤한 같은 에릭 설교이기 때문에 나는 아직도 가끔이를 지불 할 것입니다 ... .. 25 달러 그램 달러 87 나오는 여덟 번째 .. 당신이 항문 그램이 여덟 번째 105달러에 나오는 (30)를 여기에 ...이 사이트에 어떤 불경, 좋은 리뷰를 두드리고 없지만, $지고 의미 ...

    thats 1/8th of an ounce. 온스의 1 / 8 이잖아. multiply $105 times 8 it comes out to $840 . 105달러 8 배는 8백40달러에 나오는 곱합니다. $840 an ounce . 840달러 온스. .. wow. .. 와우.

    nuff said… naw mean 그런가 말했다 ... 의미 아냐

  25. Gravatar에-licious
    Ryan Says: 라이언은 말한다 :

    This strain is so good…Texas 600 an ounce….30 gram is easily paid, but def. 이 균주는 텍사스 600 온스 ... 0.30 그램을 쉽게 지불하지만, DEF입니다 ... 너무 좋다. worth it way out here in the boondocks… 출구 여기 삼림 지대에서 그것을 가치가 ...

  26. Gravatar에-licious
    Mason Martinez Says: 메이슨 마르티네즈는 말한다 :

    Bro that some good!We be getting that Grandaddy Kush down here in the south but it aint be looking like that. 브로 좋은 것을! 우리는 남쪽에 그 Grandaddy 쿠시 아래로 여기에 도착 할 수 있지만, 그렇게 찾고있을 아닌가요.

  27. Gravatar에-licious
    brooklyn 브루클린 Says: 말한다 :

    Tried the OG Kush yesterday for the first time…. 처음 OG의 쿠시 어제 시도 .... gave me a headache but, it was a whole new high compared to the shwag here in Texas…. 그것은이었다, 나에게 두통을하는 듯했으나 전체 여기에 텍사스​​에서 shwag ...에 비해 높은 새. Loved it, but I know next time to save it just before bed…. ...을 사랑하지만, 난 그냥 침대 전에 저장하는 다음 시간을 알고있다. I also tried Purple Haze, Sour Wreck and Green Crack….. wow. 나는 또한 퍼플 헤이즈, 신 난파선과 녹색 균열을 시도 ... .. 와우.

  28. Gravatar에-licious
    jay Says: 제이 말한다 :

    it seems like alot of you are over paying cuz in washington state we pay 25 for 1.7 grams… got white widow and og kush for 260 an oz……. 그것은 ...... 우리가 ... 25 1.7 그램을 지불 260 온스 흰색 과부와 OG 쿠시을 가지고 당신을 많이가 넘는 워싱턴 주에서 사촌 지불하고있는 것 같다. i like it up here. 난 여기를 좋아한다.

  29. Gravatar에-licious
    Master P Says: 마스터 P는 말한다 :

    I bought an eighth of this good good a few months ago and still to this day is the best weed ever to fill my lungs. 나는 몇 달 전에이 좋지의 제 8을 구입하고 여전히 하루에 이제까지 나의 폐를 채울 수있는 가장 좋은 잡초이다. truly it is the stankiest bud i have ever smelt, seriously ridiculous. 진정으로 그것을 심각하게 말도 내가 빙어 한 stankiest 새싹입니다. I live in a 3 story house on the 3rd floor with this weed wrapped up tight in 3 bags in my guitar case in my closet. 내 옷장에 내 기타 케이스에 3 봉지에 단단히 싸서이 대마초와 3 층에 3 층짜리 집에 살고있다. you could smell it when you open my front door. 당신이 내 앞에 문을 열 때 냄새를 맡을 수있다. everywhere i went i smelt like spme dank, 모든 곳에서 내가 SPME의 축축한처럼 빙어 갔다

  30. Gravatar에-licious
    High Guy Says: 높은 사람은 말한다 :

    I'm off this shit called OG haji. 나는 OG HAJI이라는 똥 떠난다.

    8th for 50 50 8

    oz for 280 (280)에 대한 온스

    295 delivered. (295)는 전달했다.

    It's dank as fuck. 이 씨발 같은 축축한입니다.

  31. Gravatar에-licious
    merks merks Says: 말한다 :

    hell ya thats the boomy's i gots aw of this skunk its the 지옥 나중에 내가이 스컹크의 AW 가지고있어 웅장 함 년대 이잖아 그

  32. Gravatar에-licious
    eli Says: ELI는 말한다 :

    thats hilaurious in BC you get this shit for 30 bucks an eighth 기원전 그게 hilaurious 당신은 30 달러 여덟째이 똥을 얻을

  33. Gravatar에-licious
    PuRo DoDo Says: 순수하지 않아 도도 말한다 :

    in bc?? BC 주 ?? soooooo ur not to far away from wisconsin huh…..holla back. SOOOOOO UR 멀지 않은 거리에 응 ... ..holla 다시 위스콘신에.

  34. Gravatar에-licious
    uguysaregetting ripped Says: uguysaregetting 말한다 찢어진 :

    [lol i talk about slanging on internext commentz] [LOL 난 internext의 commentz에 slanging에 대해 이야기]

  35. Gravatar에-licious
    the giggers cutty Says: giggers의 커티는 말한다 :

    so OG Kush is just Chemdog renamed? 그래서 OG 쿠시는 Chemdog는 이름이? i had a batch of chemdog but i didnt know it was this shit. 나는 chemdog의 배치를했다하지만 난이 똥이었다 몰랐어요.

  36. Gravatar에-licious
    hahah Says: hahah 말한다 :

    god i'm glad i live in mendo county, california. 하나님은 내가 mendo 카운티, 캘리포니아에 살고 기쁘다. ounces of og kush? OG의 쿠시의 온스? $250. 250달러. at the most. 기껏.

  37. Gravatar에-licious
    DIGGITY DANK Says: 왔군 DANK 말한다 :

    the only way ur gettin 250 an oz is if u got a badass hookup or ur sucking ur dealer off u는 불량한 인맥을 가지고있는 경우 온스 (250) 뻥 UR 유일한 방법입니다 또는 UR 오프 UR 대리점 빠는

  38. Gravatar에-licious
    j. J. Madness Says: 광기는 말한다 :

    80 for the 1/8 in jacksonville 잭슨빌에서 1/8 80

  39. Gravatar에-licious
    killa pillz Says: 킬라의 pillz 말한다 :

    yo who ever got the dro 4 the lo holla at ya boi 요 혹시 나중에에서 DRO 4 싸다 훌라있어 BOI

  40. Gravatar에-licious
    adamv24 Says: adamv24 말한다 :

    Over in england we pay £130 for an oz of hindu kush 이상 영국에서 우리는 힌두 쿠시 산맥의 온스 파운드 (130) 지불
    £140 for og bt dats rare you need connections 당신이 연결을 필요 드문 OG BT DATS에 대한 1백40파운드
    its some top shit. 그 어떤 상단 똥. suppose dats like $260 an oz 260달러 온스 같은 것으로 가정 해 보겠습니다 DATS
    it £20 an eigth 그것은 20파운드 eigth

  41. Gravatar에-licious
    carlos Says: 카를로스는 말한다 :

    to be honest i just had this true og and its wonderful, i pa paid 380 an oz at my shop in south central and it is truly some fire. 난 그냥이 사실 OG를 가지고 있었고, 그 멋진 솔직히 말해서, PA 남쪽 중앙에 내 가게에서 380 온스를 지불하고 그것은 진정으로 어떤 화재입니다. 2 hits left me with a head change, 4 left me on my ass. 2 안타 4가 내 엉덩이에 내 왼쪽 머리 변화에 나를 떠났다. i rate this 5/5. 나는이 5/5 평가. oh and redijedi i dont quite agree with much of what u say. 아, 그리고 내가 해달라고 redijedi 아주 u는 말의 대부분에 동의합니다. ive had many strands and many types of the same strand from different clubs and master kush does not beat the 213 nor is it even close. 필자는 여러 가닥과 213를 이길하지 않는 다른 클럽과 마스터 쿠시에서 같은 가닥의 많은 종류가 있었다 않으며 심지어 가까운 거리에 있습니다. the only thing that ive had that beats that 213 is the true so :pi dont know what kind of imitation youve been smoking :D so cal standard for this bud is 25 a gram/70 and eighth (213)이 사실임을 능가했다 필자 유일한 것은 너무 : PI는 youve를 흡연 한 모방의 종류를 잘 모릅니다 : D이 꽃 봉오리에 대한 그래서 칼 표준은 25 g / 70과 1/8

  42. Gravatar에-licious
    Jon Says: 존은 말한다 :

    mann i live down in ontario, ni can get sum of tha best bud around here, but it still isnt shyt compaired to that stuff. 내가 온타리오에서 아래로 살 수만은, NI는 여기 그쪽으로 가장 새싹의 합을 얻을 수 있지만, 그것은 여전히​​ 밤은 shyt은 그 물건에 compaired. we only get buncky shyt, and its high price. 우리는 buncky shyt, 그리고 높은 가격을받을. i think in the last 6 months theres only been 1 decent batch of weed(decent compared wut most yuh been smokin), n it was a fake purp kush. 나는 지난 6 개월에 프로그래머 만 (대부분이 담배 한 여운 wut 비해 괜찮은) 잡초의 1 괜찮은 배치 된 생각, N은 가짜 PURP의 쿠시했다. i need to try sum of this goood bud out, none of this bunky shyt down here. 나는 아래로 여기, 아웃이 bunky shyt 전혀이 goood 새싹의 합을 시도하지해야합니다.
    ne1 wanna help a brotha out? NE1 싶어은 형제를 도와? lol LOL

  43. Gravatar에-licious
    Chitowngangsta Says: Chitowngangsta 말한다 :

    20 ag 70 1/8th 240 half OZ 400 OZ 20 AG 70 1 / 8 (240) 반 OZ 400 OZ
    out in Chitown Chitown에서 아웃

  44. Gravatar에-licious
    J.DiNeRo Says: J.DiNeRo 말한다 :

    [I don't follow rules. [나는 규칙을 따르지 않는다. I exhibit rebellious behavior. 나는 반항적 인 행동을 나타낸다. Rawk!] RAWK!]

  45. Gravatar에-licious
    matt Says: 매트는 말한다 :

    [Please no soliciting. [모집 NO하시기 바랍니다. Thank you.] 고맙습니다.]

  46. Gravatar에-licious
    Alex Says: 알렉스는 말한다 :

    haha suckas up here in canada we get the bomb kush for 80 a half 하하 우리가 80 반 동안 폭탄 쿠시을 얻을 캐나다에서 여기 suckas

  47. Gravatar에-licious
    thizz matic Says: thizz 매틱은 말한다 :

    in the bay u can get this shit hella cheap the 30 a gram fuck that. 베이에 U는 씨발 30 그램이 싼 똥 화끈를 얻을 수 있습니다. you can go straight to the club aand get it for 40 an eighth, only pay 240 a zip 당신은 단지 240 우편 지불, 클럽에 직진 aand가 40 여덟째 그것을 얻을 수 있습니다

  48. Gravatar에-licious
    socaldankslanger Says: socaldankslanger 말한다 :

    no bud anywhere in the world is worth more than $50 an eigth. 세계 어느 곳에서 어떤 새싹 50 달러 이상의 eigth 가치가 없습니다. period. 기간. i get the same stuff the medical clubs sell for $75/80 an eigth for $50 all day long from any friend. 나는 의료 클럽이 긴 친구로부터 50달러 하루 종일 달러 80분의 75 eigth에 판매 같은 물건을 얻을. half zips for $165/$170 even better a full zip for $280-$300. 165달러 / 170달러 $ 280- 300 달러 더 나은 전체 우편에 대한 반 지퍼. I only smoke the best, i live in south orange county, have a medical recommend to smoke legaly. 난 단지, 내가 남쪽 오렌지 카운티에 살고, 최고의 연기 의료 legaly 담배를 권장합니다. I only go to the marijuana medical dispensary's in emergency situations. 난 단지 의료 약국 응급 상황에서의 마리화나로 이동합니다. Find the best $20 grams. 최고의 20달러 그램 찾을 수 있습니다. no way i'll pay $70/$75 an eigth unless it's something amazing no one else can grow. 그것은 다른 사람이 성장할 수없는 놀라운 일이 아니라면 방법 나는 70 달러 / 75달러 eigth을 지불합니다.

  49. Gravatar에-licious
    matt 매트 Says: 말한다 :

    Somebody hook me up hit me up in an email I'm from pittsburgh 누군가 저를 연결 이메일에서 나를 때리고 나는 피츠버그에서 왔어요

  50. Gravatar에-licious
    wiggy420 Says: wiggy420 말한다 :

    yo the og is straight but have you tried the fruity smelling pineapple kush. 요 OG는 직선이다 그러나 당신은 파인애플 쿠시 냄새가 과일을 시도했다. shit is fuckin bomb to bad kids are scams here doin .8 for twenty . 나쁜 아이들이 여기 뭐하는 0.8 스물에 대한 사기가에 똥이 망할 폭탄입니다. sometimes they even try a .7 shits whack. 때때로 그들은 심지어 0.7 장난이 구타하려고합니다.

  51. Gravatar에-licious
    Mitch Says: 미치 말한다 :

    WOWOWOWOWOW why the fuck arre there people tlaking about 700 and ounce..i get OG kush and GC for 180 an oz or 200$ tops for the really good shit….must suck living in america cuz here in British Columbia purple kush isn't consider a “must have”..its like the usual shit not that great but fuck that sucks for the rest of you hahahahahahhahahahha WOWOWOWOWOW 왜 도대체 보라색 쿠시가 아닌 여기에 브리티시 컬럼비아 사촌이 사람들이 약 700 tlaking과 미국에 거주 빨아 .must 180 온스 또는 200 $가 정말 좋은 똥에 대한 길어야 ...에 대한 OG의 쿠시와 GC를 얻을 수 ounce..i arre 이 당신의 나머지 부분에 대한 짜증 위대한하지만 대체하지 보통의 똥 같은 haha​​hahahahhahahahha .. "이 있어야합니다"고려

  52. Gravatar에-licious
    K4M2O Says: K4M2O 말한다 :

    San Francisco has the best BUD 샌프란시스코는 최고의 꽃 봉오리가
    everybody needs 2 go there & get some BOMB-ASS BUD 모두가 어떤 폭탄 엉덩이 버드가 이동 및 도착이 필요

  53. Gravatar에-licious
    varg Says: VARG 말한다 :

    @Mitch: @Mitch :

    It's not about where you live, it's about who you know. 그것은 당신이 알고있는 사람에 대해, 당신이 사는 곳에 대해 아니에요.

  54. Gravatar에-licious
    tron Says: 트론은 말한다 :

    wow some you guys pay way to much for weed, guess it all depends on where you live and who you know though. 와우 너희들이 잡초를 위해 많이 방법을 지불 일부는, 모두가 당신이 사는 위치에 따라 달라집니다 당신이 비록 누구인지 추측한다. I'm from sunny Washington and the prices seem to be pretty reasonable with $150 max for a half oz of primo buds 나는 맑은 워싱턴에서하고 있는데 가격은 프리모 싹의 절반 온스 150 달러 최대 꽤 합리적인 것 같다

  55. Gravatar에-licious
    danny Says: 대니는 말한다 :

    stinky ass OG kush looks like that or better depending on the day is 10.00 a gram 190.00 an ounce in alberta canada 그 이상은 요일에 따라 것은 그램 190.00 앨버타 캐나다에서 온스당 10.00처럼 냄새 나는 엉덩이 OG의 쿠시 보인다

  56. Gravatar에-licious
    alex Says: 알렉스는 말한다 :

    damn i feel sorry for u americas lol i just got a pound od true og sent form bc for 2900….anyone in the states wanna do business lol… 젠장, 저 좀 U 난 그냥 2900에 대한 BC 전송 형태 OG 진정한 파운드 외경을 가지고 롤 미주 미안 ... 상태 싶어에서 .anyone이 사업을 롤 ...

  57. Gravatar에-licious
    The Vigilante Says: 자경단은 말한다 :

    First, who ever posted that marijuana is ruining your life, i would like to comment on that. 첫째, 이제까지 마리화나가 당신의 인생을 망치고, 나는 그에 대해 언급하고 싶은 것을 게시하는 사람들. First, for me, MJ has improved my life. 첫째, 나를 위해, MJ는 내 인생을 개선했다. It is my prozac! 그것은 내 프로작입니다! And piss on the government for not allowing it versus that pill poppin shit. 그리고 알약 팝핀 똥 대를 허용하지 않는 정부에 오줌. Second, kinda in the first, it is the god damn federal government that will not listen to its consituants,.. the voters, us you and me.!!!!!1 Reprevise laws prohit you and your freedon and right to smoke MJ. 둘째, 좀 처음에, 그것의 consituants을 듣지 않을 것 빌어 먹을 신 연방 정부는 .. 유권자들은, 우리가 당신과 나. !!!!! 1 Reprevise 법률은 당신과 당신의 freedon과 MJ 연기 오른쪽을 prohit .

    Question?s 질문?의

    What are mids and all the other lingo,…. 무슨 일이, 미드 모든 다른 용어입니다 .... pot is pot is pot,…… very little is very great, some is good, most is just rushed with money hungry growers making fast cash by pushing crops,… junk i say. 냄비는 대부분의 단지 돈 배고픈 재배자가 밀어 작물로 빠른 현금을 만들어에 돌진하고, 일부는 좋은 ...... 아주 작은이 매우 중대하다, 냄비는 냄비입니다 ... 정크 나는 말한다.

    Now as far as price goes,…… its illegal! 지금까지 가격이 간다 ...... 불법! WE are all at the mercy of the market,… which is very issolated and local for every part of the country,………. 우리는 ........., 시장의 자비, ... 매우 나라의 모든 부분에 대한 issolated 및 지역됩니다 모든 있습니다.

    The Vigilante 자경단

    ps I agree with Marc Emery,… over grow the government. 내가 마크 에머리에 동의 추신, ...을 통해 정부의 성장.

  58. Gravatar에-licious
    CODC Says: CODC 말한다 :

    So I'm reading all the comments about OG Kush, and I'm thinkin I've heard that a true OG seed has never been produced, only clones, which don't transport well. 그래서 OG의 쿠시에 대한 모든 의견을 읽고 있어요, 그리고 내가 진정한 OG의 씨앗이 잘 이동하지 않는 만 클론을 생산 한 적이 있다고 들었습니다 생각을 해요. I've read that OG don't make it far from it's home in SoCal, at least not until its harvested. 나는 집 남가주에서의에서 OG는 적어도 그것의 수확 때까지, 멀리하지 마십시오 읽었습니다.

    Question for all you East Coasters, Canadians: How do you know you got the true OG and not just another Kush or hybrid? 모든 당신 동쪽 컵 받침, 캐나다인을위한 질문 : 당신은 당신이 진정한 OG를 가지고뿐 아니라 다른 쿠시 또는 하이브리드 알 수 있습니까?

  59. Gravatar에-licious
    Dan Says: 댄은 말한다 :

    We dont,yo we got random shit down here but for the OG Kush, Thats shit is impossible down here fuck, we got A SHIT LOAD of fucking AK-47 In canadas Capital (I wonder what that is ? AK down here is just one big breed,its ok but after a while…..Naw man killer. And Are chronic here is prett yharsh,gotta get the good shit, But I owuld LOVE one toke fro ma some OG guy,nver had it and been smokin for 2 yrs,I stikc with the blunts though, I learn how to roll from Tupac LMFAO (youtube). 우리는 우리가 여기 아래 임의의 똥을 가지고 요, 그나마하지만 OG 쿠시에 대한, 그게 전부 똥이 아래로 여기에 대체 불가능하다, 우리는 자본 (나는 그게 뭔지 궁금 캐나다의에서 빌어 먹을 AK-47의 똥 부하있어? AK 아래 여기에 하나입니다 큰 품종의 확인을하지만, 잠시 후 ... ..Naw 남자 킬러. 그리고, 꼭 좋은 똥을 얻을,하지만 엄마 이리저리 한 모금 일부 OG 사람을 사랑 owuld, nver을 prett의 yharsh 여기에 만성 가지고있다하고 2 담배 한 세, 난 투팍 LMFAO (유튜브)에서 롤하는 방법을 알아,하지만 대마초와 stikc.

  60. Gravatar에-licious

    True OG kush is a strain impossible to match with any strain 진정한 OG의 쿠시는 변형과 일치하는 것은 불가능 균주
    that can be purchased on the internet! 즉, 인터넷에서 구입하실 수 있습니다!
    I got hold of three seeds, after helping a dude from humbolt 나는 humbolt에서 친구를 돕는 후, 세 씨의 유지를 얻었다
    out with some stuff,it took over a year of pleading, after cloning and flowering 14 in chopped rockwool, 3-4 in. hydrostone on top, 2 gal buckets, with 5 holes in bttm. 어떤 물건에서, 그것은 복제 한 후, 변론의 년을 점령하고 다진 암면 14, 3-4 꽃. hydrostone를 상단에, 2 갤런 양동이를 bttm 5 구멍. placed in 5 gal buckets (u cant over water this way), keep nutes at 900-1000 ppm/ ph @ 6.3 (유 물 위에 이런 식으로 캔트) 5 갤런 물통에 배치, 6.3 @ 900-1000 PPM / pH에서 너트 드라이버를 유지
    Never pruned tops, 8 colas each 3.5 to 4 oz.dryed ea. 결코 정리되지 상판, 8 콜라 4 oz.dryed 개 각 3.5. 44-46 in. at finish,, useing twin G-notes for light (2 1000 watt 8″ air cooled extremes/ co2 @ 1650ppm/ GH nutes/mixed with botanicare organics, homemade guano teas, RO water and 63 days of tlc and fuck me , the best smelling, knock down , drag out shit i ever smoked , bar none, this is what the masters took pride in breeding, after a 25 yr. 44-46인치 마무리에 ,, useing 트윈 G-노트 등 (2 1,000w 8 "공기가 극단 냉각 / CO2 @ 1650ppm / GH 너트 드라이버 / botanicare 유기물, 집에서 만든 구아노의 차, RO 물과 TLC 63 일간의 혼합 , 허물고, 가장 좋은 냄새가 날 씨발 내가 훈제 똥, 바 없음을 끌어,이 주인은 25 년 후, 번식에 자부심을했다 것입니다.
    hyatis. hyatis. PEACE, an old old G. 평화, 오래 오래 사
    ea. 개.

  61. Gravatar에-licious
    captainkush Says: captainkush 말한다 :

    Im in alberta canada and i can get premium og kush for 960 aq/p but no cheaper, you get what you pay for if your lookin to be kushed up. 앨버타 캐나다에서 임과 내가 960 AQ / P 프리미엄 og의 쿠시를 얻을 수 있지만 저렴, 당신은 당신이 당신의보고 있고가 kushed 될 경우 지불하는 무슨을 얻을 수 없습니다. Also if i cant find any kush or killer around here we got marijuana mailorder in canada so your garunteed killer shit for 265 an ounce. 내가 여기에있는 쿠시 또는 살인자의 주위에 발견하지 못할 또한 경우에 우리는 265 온스에 대한 garunteed 킬러 똥 그래서 캐나다에서 마리화나 mailorder을 얻었다. Or even if your a cheap fuck you can buy “B” or “C” grade weed which is cheaper but not as potent. 심지어 만약 당신이 "B"또는 저렴하지만 같은 강력한 아니다 "C"등급의 잡초를 구입할 수있는 저렴한 대체.

  62. Gravatar에-licious
    tom Says: 톰은 말한다 :

    EEEEEEEEEEEE i japped and just grabbed some PK over here in chicago…met this guy in the boondocks who grabs from cali…thank you for confirming my beliefs on this aint OG but it is PK 60 an eighter or 110 for the quad..but i dont know how yall smoke..i finna put mine in a blunt and get retarded..i think the more u smoke outta bowl the more tolerance you get once u smoke a blunt no matter how many heads you get high ..the PK hit my top ten of all time!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE 나는 japped 그냥 ... 여기에 시카고에 비해 몇 가지 PK를 잡고 칼리에서 잡고 삼림 지대에서이 사람을 만났다 ...이 bud..it의 아닌가요의 OG 내 신념을 확인하기위한 감사하지만 쿼드 PK 60 eighter 또는 110 ..하지만 내가 yall를가 FINNA 무딘에 광산을 넣어 smoke..i 방법을 알고 더 유 밖으로 연기가 그릇을 한 번 u는 상관없이 높은 얼마나 많은 머리 무딘 함 흡연 얻을 더 많은 내성을 생각 retarded..i 얻을니까. 국지적 인 PK는 모든 시간 !!!!!!!!! 내 최고 열을 히트

  63. Gravatar에-licious
    tom Says: 톰은 말한다 :

    someone PLEASE explain to me the best way to preserve an eighth of the Purple Kush….right now i gott it bagged up in a ziplock and I shoved it in a medicine bottle…I am trying to just take a couple hits of this a night for alittle while (like three weeks) but i dont want it to dry up on me ..i like how the nuggets are dense and break up beautfully without just turning to that inevitable (for the nuggets to crush up like powder if not smoked within two weeks of purchase)? 누군가가 됐지 지금은이 애에 체포 알아 들어 나는 의학 병을 쑤셔 ... 난 그냥 밤이 몇 명중을 위해 노력하고 있어요 ... 나에게 보라색 쿠시의 제 8을 유지하는 가장 좋은 방법을 설명해주십시오 에 alittle에 대한 동안 (삼주 등)하지만 난 덩어리가 가루처럼 분쇄하는 것이 덩어리가 조밀 얼마나 좋아하고 단지 (불가피을 닝없이 beautfully 헤어지고 .. 난 나를 건조 할 해달라고 구입 후 2 주) 내에 훈제하지 않을 경우? Or is there a way for the purple kush to maintain its look and smell and breaking down abilities…please someone respond to this post ASAP!! 또는 보라색 쿠시는 모양과 냄새를 유지하고 능력을 파괴 ... 누군가가 빨리이 게시물에 응답하시기 바랍니다 수있는 방법이있다! i need an alert emailed to me about this cause i dont know how i got to this site! 난 내가이 사이트에 도착하는 방법을 잘 모릅니다 원인에 대해 나에게 이메일 경고를 필요로한다! let me know if there is something wrong with the way that i am preserving this!! 내가이 보존하고있는 방법에 문제가있는 경우 알려주세요! PLeASE!!!!!!!!!! 하십시오 !!!!!!!!!!

  64. Gravatar에-licious
    b-slaughter Says: B-학살은 말한다 :

    I get grandaddy purple, OG Kush, Lavender, and Orange Crush and tons of other rediculous strains. 나는 grandaddy 보라색, OG의 쿠시, 라벤더, 오렌지 크러시 및 기타 rediculous 균주의 톤을 얻을. Ive never paid more than 350 for an ounce of any of them.The south gets the best weed. 필자는 남쪽 최선의 잡초를 얻을 없인의 온스에 대한 350 개 이상의 지불하지 마십시오.

  65. Gravatar에-licious
    Sdot Says: SDOT는 말한다 :

    [No soliciting please.] [NO하십시오 권유하지 않습니다.]

  66. Gravatar에-licious
    Z-Train Says: Z-기차는 말한다 :

    So im in cincinnati and Im wondering whats the best way to get some foreign bud like OG kush 그래서 신시내티 메신저와 가장 좋은 방법은 OG의 쿠시 등 일부 외국 봉오리를 얻기 위해 무슨 임 궁금

  67. Gravatar에-licious
    Anthony Says: 앤서니는 말한다 :

    i live on tha east coast and i dream of tha day i can get some true bud. 내가 그쪽으로 동쪽 해안에 살고있는 나는 약간의 진정한 꽃 봉오리를 얻을 수 있습니다 그쪽으로 날의 꿈. where tha “realitystars” at? 여기서 그쪽으로 "realitystars"에?

  68. Gravatar에-licious
    Tom Says: 톰은 말한다 :

    I can not believe all of the dumb ass comments in this forum ecspecially the dumb ass from Decatur talking about how Mids are better than the Ogra Kush. 나는 ecspecially이 포럼 미드가 Ogra 쿠시보다 더 나은 방법에 대한 이야기​​ 디카의 바보 엉덩이에 바보 엉덩이 의견을 모두 믿을 수 없다.

    First off in Los Angeles if you have a decent connect you will be happily payin 450 – 600 for any kush strain and the Ogra is at the top of that range and is worth every penny. 먼저 당신이 괜찮은있는 경우 로스 앤젤레스에서 떨어져 당신이 450 말인지 행복하게 될 것입니다 연결 - 모든 쿠시 변형 600 및 Ogra 해당 범위의 상단에 모든 페니 가치가있다.

    After moving from LA to Orlando I see it all the time people smoking that other shit and thinking 450 for an ounce is a rip off they just dont have our connects or our gardens if they did they would understand that nothing is like or better than any strain of Kush.

    Thank God for Kush!

  69. Gravatar-licious
    Tom Says:

    BTW CODC is correct all of you who claim you have an OG Kush seed have cross breed OG only come from clones!!!!!

  70. Gravatar-licious
    altekk Says:

    u are all getting jipped, take it from this brooklyn cat out here in the inland empire in beautiful cali, it cost about 2oo bux to grow 1 pound of the best kush ever, herouana. it cost me 200 bux to grow a pound and make 2500 bux on that shit and smoke as much as i want foooools.
    Listen all im saying is this, if u want to smoke every day and have sum fat stacks of green in your pockets
    grow mofos grow, but ofcourse have a prescription so it makes it all legal, here in cali we are lucky enough to have such an option hahahaha. all u east coast and midwest peeps move west to cali and u wont get jipped no longer.

  71. Gravatar-licious


  72. Gravatar-licious
    james Says:

    god damn ya'll fuckin stupid and ridiculous. every time I read comments after a post like this it turns into a bunch of children having a pissing contest about who pays too much, how cheap they can get it, etc. most of you probably haven't even smoked dank, just spoutin off at the fuckin mouth. god damn shut up. making smokers look like retards. enough said.

  73. Gravatar-licious
    Andrew Says:

    You fucking dumb monkey talkin idiots…ur the reason this shit is still fucking illegal.

    I sell chronic. I live in Kansas City. I get prime buds and sell f0r 50/60 an 8th. 375/400 an oz.

    Half of you arent even getting real og…its funny how people like to name weed to get a bigger price. haha 하하

  74. Gravatar-licious
    yorpiko Says:

    shut the fuck up OGMASTERGTHUMB you dont know shit about canadian weed. The truth is theres dank shit everywhere in the world you just gotta be smart enough to find it.

  75. Gravatar-licious
    CODC Says:

    “What's in a name? That which we call great bud
    By any other name would still smell as sweet.”
    -Shakespeare (sort of)

    Look, somewhere between the seed and the street your bud's name likely changed to give it a more famous name.

    Whatever it's called, the only thing that matters is if it gets you as high as you want. As far as price, work the connections you have and over time your price will drop and/or you'll find better quality. If you don't got the connects your gonna pay more. That's what it is.

  76. Gravatar-licious
    jay Says:

    ok if anyone can send me some og kush or bubba kush it would be amazing just hit me up thru email. i go to college and would enjoy some bubba if its a decent price.

  77. Gravatar-licious
    busterhighman Says:

    WTF “REAL og” lol
    howbout some
    #1 SFV og,
    #2 tahoe og,
    #3 sourlarry og

    BTW Jay is an LEO!

  78. Gravatar-licious
    Lil hippy Says:

    my step dad sells this stuff my friend took 1 bong rip I took 2 and we were both high for 6 hours and we both could feel a burn out in the morning and somehow we got so fucked we felt like we were going to puke i'm pretty sure it was because it was laced with coke and pcp that we got that insane of an effect 나의 단계 아빠는 내 친구가했다이 물건은 1 봉 내가 2했다 찢어 판매하고 우리는 있었다 모두 6 시간 동안 높은 우리 모두가 아침에 태워 느낄 수 있었다 우리는 내가 '토할 것 것처럼 어떻게 든 우리는 우리가 생각 때문에 엿 도착 그것은 우리가 효과의 정신을 가지고 그 코크스 및 PCP 가미 되었기 때문에 그것이 M 확신

  79. Gravatar에-licious
    CODC Says: CODC 말한다 :

    Lil Hipppy, ten people can smoke the same shit and have a lot of different reactions. 릴 Hipppy는 10 사람들은 같은 똥 연기와 다른 반응을 많이 가질 수 있습니다. I had a friend go nuts, like on some psychedelic trip that ended in jail, not for posession, just acting a fool. 나는 친구가 그냥 바보 연기, posession를 들어, 감옥에 있지 끝난 일부 환각 여행 같은 견과류를 이동했다. And everyone else who smoked it just got super high. 그리고 다른 사람들은 단지 초고있어 훈제 사람. If you're gonna lace a blunt, you gotta be honest with your crew, but just know every strain has its own surprises for every person. 당신이 무딘거야 레이스 인 경우에, 당신은 당신의 승무원과 정직 해요,하지만 그냥 모든 변형은 모든 사람을 위해 자신의 놀라움을 가지고 알고 있습니다. That's part of the fun. 즉, 재미의 부분입니다. Roll with it. 그것은 롤.

  80. Gravatar에-licious
    AnAtomsAnatomy Says: AnAtomsAnatomy 말한다 :

    I just got 2 grams of this stuff from a med clinic in San Fernando, only cost me $20 for the 2 Gs… 난 그냥 단지 나에게 2도 Gs 20 달러의 비용, 산 페르난도에서 의대 병원에서이 물건의 2g을 가지고 ...

  81. Gravatar에-licious
    Deguello Deguello Says: 말한다 :

    I just got some the other day from my med so-op in Lake Forrest. 나는 그냥 레이크 포레스트에 내 의대 그래서 조합에서 다른 하루 얻었다.

    Dude….I thought I have smoked some good shit in the past…but it was nothing compared to what I smoked last night….I lightly packed a bowl in my favorite glass bubbler and hit it….damn!…It hit me faster than anything I have ever had…..My pain was gone in a flash….then I went into a slight paranoia that it was laced with something…but I rolled with it and came out on the other side,(realizing that my co-op would never do that),to a high that was as the Chinese say – Fah-King-Sup-Ah – It lasted for 6 hours and this morning I woke up feeling pretty good. 야 ... .I 내가 과거에 좋은 똥을 훈제 한 생각 ...하지만 난 지난 밤에 훈제 것과 비교 아무것도 ... .I 가볍게 젠장,! ... 더 빨리 나를 때리는 ... 내가 제일 좋아하는 유리 버블에 그릇을 포장하고 히트 아무것도 내가 이제까지 가지고보다 ... ..My 통증은 순식간에 사라졌다 ... 내 공동 실현 (, 나는 그것이 뭔가 끈으로 묶인 것을 약간의 편집증에 갔다 ...하지만 그것으로 압연과 반대편에 나온 그 때는 화씨 - 킹 섭 - 아 - - -op 중국 말하는대로했다 고에) 그렇게하지 ​​않을 것 그것은 6 시간 동안 지속과 오늘 아침 나는 꽤 좋은 느낌 일어났다. This is some good shit that will knock you flat out on your boo-boo…. 이것은 당신의 야유 - 부에 당신이 평면을 노크 좋은 똥입니다 ....

  82. Gravatar에-licious
    snarf Says: snarf 말한다 :

    The great thing about the true og is it works everytime.Most smoke after days weeks even month you become immuned.The og is like a dropkick to the head every time even after years.The bad thing about og is that you dont want to smoke anything else because 9 out of 10 times nothing works ,the high tolerence. 진정한 OG의 좋은 점은 심지어 OG에 대한 years.The 나쁜 일 이후 때마다 당신이 연기 할 해달라고 당신이 OG가 머리에 드롭킥처럼 immuned.The 될 심지어 달 일 주 후 everytime.Most 연기를 작동합니다 아무것도는 10 명중 9 회 아무것도 높은 tolerence 작동하지 않기 때문에. It takes me 4-5 rips of the bubba kush almost work as well as 1 rip of og.For my top 3 og, sourdiesel og cross predominantly og, than bubba.I have actually found 2 seeds of og, over the many packs i'ne been through over the years,planted one outdoor ,beautiful. 그것은 내 상위 3 OG, sourdiesel OG 많은 팩을 통해 bubba.I 실제로, OG 2 씨앗을 발견 한 것보다, 주로 OG 교차 거의 og.For의뿐만 아니라 1과 격랑을 작동 쿠시 나에게 부바의 4-5 입술 소요 나는 지난 몇 년 동안 겪었 NE ', 아름다운 야외 하나, 심었습니다. Many dont know the truth but unlike most kush, og is predomonantly sativa,why it really wacks your brain (in a good way).If you want mostly indo ,bubba is for you. 많은 사람들이 진실을 알고 해달라고하지만 정말 좋은 방법은 () 당신의 두뇌를 wacks 왜, 부바 당신을 위해 인도입니다 주로 원하는 싶을 때는 가장 쿠시와는 달리, OG는 predomonantly sativa로구나입니다. ANYone try bermese kush? 사람이 bermese 쿠시를 시도? Heard it was the best in the world? 허드는 세계 최고인가?

  83. Gravatar에-licious
    snarf Says: snarf 말한다 :

    Has anyone else found a seed? 다른 사람이 씨앗을 발견했다? I know there out there. 나는 거기 밖으로 알고있다. Ive found 2 in 10 years. 필자는 10 년 2를 발견했다.

  84. Gravatar에-licious
    captainkush Says: captainkush 말한다 :

    you know theres such things as a seedbank right? 당신은 seedbank 권리로 프로그래머 같은 것들을 알아?

  85. Gravatar에-licious
    snarf Says: snarf 말한다 :

    Almost impossible to find real og seeds.99.9999% of og is clones.Havn't found real og at a bank yet.Do you know one? OG의 실제 og의 seeds.99.9999의 %를 발견하는 것은 거의 불가능 하나를 알고 yet.Do clones.Havn't 은행에서 실제 OG 발견인가?

  86. Gravatar에-licious
    Cris Says: 크리스는 말한다 :

    Man I thought here was alot for 1/8=50$ Half bag 25$ 내가 여기에 생각 남자는 팔분의 일 = 50 $의 절반 가방 25 $를 위해 많이했다

  87. Gravatar에-licious
    colostoned Says: colostoned 말한다 :

    ya'll pay way to much for shit i can get almost any strain 가주 내가 거의 모든 변형을 얻을 수 똥를 위해 많이 방법을 지불
    out there for 250 an oz 거기에 250 온스에 대한

  88. Gravatar에-licious
    CaptainCrunch Says: CaptainCrunch 말한다 :

    yo can any of these ppl that r pushng ozs so cheap respond 2 me cuz i cant find a good dealr anywhere near me (nrth NJ). 요는 내가 (뉴저지 NR 번째) 어디 나 근처에 좋은 dealr을 너무 싸구려 pushng ozs 응답이 나 r에 이러한 PPL 중 하나를 발견하지 못할 수 있습니다 사촌. They all sell at almost 500 an oz and this is mediocre bud 그들은 모두 거의 500 온스에 판매하고이 평범한 꽃 봉오리입니다

  89. Gravatar에-licious
    PHX 602 Says: PHX (602)는 말한다 :

    [Moderated.] [허가제.]

  90. Gravatar에-licious
    PHX 602 Says:

    Hey, looking for a reliable source of anybody pushin oz in phx for cheap, hit me up

    yo can any of these ppl that r pushng ozs so cheap respond 2 me cuz i cant find a good dealr anywhere near me (nrth NJ). They all sell at almost 500 an oz and this is mediocre bud

  91. Gravatar-licious
    Anon Says:

    I grabbed a zip of true OG for 350 in Toronto.

    My entire apartment stinks, and the ounce is in a ziplock, then in a tupperware, then in three ziplocks in the bottom of my dresser. Time to get this into a jar, it's just stinky as fuck.

    Every toke is so tasty, you're tempted to keep smoking just for that sweet, soft lemon flavour.

    I feel bad for people who only think they've smoked well. I'd smoked all kinds of diesel and berry strains, but this is insane! Above and beyond.

  92. Gravatar-licious
    Anon Says:

    Cuts work their way all over the world. With priority shipping, it's actually very simple, as clones will easily survive the trip.

  93. Gravatar-licious
    GORE's ATAK Says:

    in AZ i get 20/g and 45-50 an eight depending on how good.. true OG is def top tier along with hindu and afghan they may be my favorite

  94. Gravatar-licious
    Chris Says: 크리스는 말한다 :

    i live in the burbs of chi-town i get an ounce of kush for 340, halfs for 150, 8s for 50, quads for 100 난, 50, 150 halfs입니다, 내가 340에 대한 쿠시의 온스를 얻을 카이 마을의 burbs에서 100 쿼드를 8S 라이브

  95. Gravatar에-licious

    $80 for an 8th in jacksonville? 잭슨빌에 8 80 달러? that's a rip man, ni hear that payin $60 is too much, dayum 그 dayum 립 사람 $ (60)가 너무 많이 말인지 NI 듣고,의

  96. Gravatar에-licious

    and it tastes nothing like lemons…wtf? 그리고 무슨 일 ... 레몬처럼 아무 맛이 없다?
    og kush and sour diesel have the 2 most unique tastes and smells i've ever had in weed… OG의 쿠시와 신 디젤이 가장 독특한 취향을 가지고 있고 내가 위드 했어 냄새 ...

  97. Gravatar-licious
    brett Says:

    ive been smokin og kush now for about amonth straight. got my first taste of it about a year ago. my second favorite strain…right up there with jack herrier and trainwreck. calm high, munchies, no paranoia. I'm in the midwest and we tend to get a lot of kush and haze strains around here.

  98. Gravatar-licious
    FRY Says:

    If your paying 20 bucks a gram you need to get your head out of your ass i get true true NY diesel and OG Kush at 15 and 50 a half quarter(8th) grow it if your paying that much because your dealer will be driving a beamer at the end of the year off you

  99. Gravatar-licious
    Skkarface Says:

    man dats shit runs 4 about 20 a gram 75 an eighth 550 a oz,im in da south side of chicago

  100. Gravatar-licious
    dank Says:

    no actually master og kush is 60 dollars and eighth, you havent smoked any dank. its 20 a gram, anywhere you go, homie hookups are 15/g

  101. Gravatar-licious
    evymtle Says:

    first its not kush its not even indica ita a sativa hybrid second prices are allways cheapest in norcal third all other comments are right on …the munchie warning label couldnt be more true… green growing from seed in norcal

  102. Gravatar-licious
    evymtle Says:

    puppybreath is what we call it

  103. Gravatar-licious
    medical nikki Says:

    norcal doesnt have shit above anyone else right now due to to DEA involvement in both mendacino and humboldt counties. however if your stuck in norcal your best bet is probably “Oaksterdam” in Oakland.

  104. Gravatar-licious
    marley4life Says: 말한다 :

    man yall got it rough for me its 20 a gram, 50 for an 1/8, 90 for 1/4 120 for a 1/2 and 200 for an ounce and every 4th time you come u get an extra gram for every 40 dollars you spend

  105. Gravatar-licious
    red1 Says:

    man im on the westside of chicago looking for that shit the og or the purple holla at me with prices real business no gimmicks cause niggaz be fronting get at me if you got it.

  106. Gravatar-licious
    bOngTV Says: 말한다 :

    hey you cali people are so spoiled Im jealous man. Here in the NYC area super medical strains are hard to impossible to get and if someone has they make you pay out the #$&!…(Jersey is supposed to have MM soon but i've heard to qualify it will be very difficult)

  107. Gravatar-licious
    Sean Says:

    Skywalker og is the best og kush strain in my opinion.

  108. Gravatar-licious
    Joe Says:

    Canada sucks balls ehhhhh? LOL do u guys even have a fucking army?

  109. Gravatar-licious
    miguel Says:

    ok i og kush at my school almost evryday for free its strong (yea im in school im 13 hahah)but i prefr sour di feel its better not in power but i prefer it in brentwood ny an once of og cost like $50 dallas wtf nd u niggas r paying 700 shit ill lol u get ur as ripd da fucc up

  110. Gravatar-licious
    Drizzy Says:

    miguel we all know your $50 an ounce is mexican brick.. shit your mexican. i got a fat sack of Hindu Kush sittin on my lap as i type this. and it's fuckin delicious. ps you spelled ounce wrong bro, you should probably stop fuckin with the buds and focus on the books. just cuz you smoke doesn't mean you have to be an illiterate fool.

  111. Gravatar-licious
    Chronic Says:

    i got a farm bak home yall. shits free, aint into the market. dn trust tht shit. Do yur own , grow ur own. WORD WORD

  112. Gravatar-licious
    huddy Says:

    well i live in vancouver bc canada, we get the best weed at the lowest prices in the world the kush stains are good but close seconds are, god weed its a strain grown by some old man in northern canada and the shit is nuts but theres a limited supply so u got to get it while its hot, but white rhino is also a good strain and much more available. standard g up here in this beautiful land of bc bud goes for 10 bucks 8th are 30-35 depending on the dealer, of course there are dealers out there with bullshit knockoffs that they sell for an extra 5 or 10 bucks eg rockstar kush, and all of the ridiculous assorted flavourrs eg blueberry kush, lemon kush, pineapple kush, gimme a break, its just ways of classifiing impropelry grown kush. real kush when u open up the bud there will be little purple spots and leaves, thats when u know u got the sticky icky, oh and it usually will stink up ur house if just left on the counter in the bag. price of oz up here of kush has been rising huge for some reason its up to 200ish, so thats why u gotta buy bulk find a guy who wants lots of weed like 5 lbs, thenu and ur budies throw down on another 5 pounds, when picking up 10 lbs u get quite substancial discount as ur probly buying straight from grower, unlees u have no brain, u can find urself payin like a doller fifty per g. then apperently u take it down to cali and sell if for way jaked up prices. b4 u know it u got an extra $10,000 in ur wallet and u were stoned the whole time. any way stay own for the cause and we,ll get this shit legalized agian so i can start a phat distrobution company of late great canabis plant thnk u and goodnight

  113. Gravatar-licious
    BEN Says:


  114. Gravatar-licious
    Kevin D'Amour Says:

    Damn 80 $ an eighth for the OG in the states
    Up here in the north dealers only asking for like 35 – 40$
    or are you talking about a quarter ounce ?

  115. Gravatar-licious
    SOUR_PETEY Says:


  116. Gravatar-licious
    gonzo Says:

    i got that holla at your boy!

  117. Gravatar-licious
    SOUR_PETEY Says:


  118. Gravatar-licious
    SketchNasty Says:

    Hahhahahahahaha you fucking faggots are the biggest lames ever!! Fuck every1 on here that isn't from southern cali.. You don't even know what smoking bud is! Fuck that dirt weed fuck that brown shit. Its all about calis chronic.. The prices are standard as fuck if u aren't a lame! 20 a G
    25 a half 8th
    50 an 8th
    100 a quad
    150 a half ounce
    And 300 an Ounce.
    If ur paying more that that.. And yur not even in cali!! You a fucking LAME!!!! AHAHAHHA

  119. Gravatar-licious
    True OG Says:

    All the info u guys put is all right . And it worth the cost becouse after a couple hits , you would see why . So all i'm saying is this is some of the best weed out there

  120. Gravatar-licious
    iak las vegas Says:

    damn i get my halfs for 55 of that god's gift kush soome
    fire out here in vegas

  121. Gravatar-licious
    SOUR_PETEY Says:

    iak las vegas whats good could you get me sum of that gods gift

  122. Gravatar-licious
    gonzo Says:

    New York Homie where you from sour_Petey

  123. Gravatar-licious
    SOUR_PETEY Says:

    im from ny my g wats good

  124. Gravatar-licious
    hoss Says:

    wow you all over pay for your chron. like 80 for and eighth 30 for ag?!?! bullll. in calgary 10 for ag 30 tops for an eighth

  125. Gravatar-licious
    Humboldt Mama Says:

    Ya all are crazy, you can get kush in Humboldt for $200 an O.
    $25 eighth, etc… you are being ripped off and we even beat the SoCal people,, Humboldt Rocks.

  126. Gravatar-licious
    DaaTicket Says:

    I'm in VA I need a connect holla at me!

    How do you holla at peep on this?

  127. Gravatar-licious
    hhahahahaha Says:

    every kind of dro or any great weed, wee get it for $20 for a gram and $60 for a 8th

  128. Gravatar-licious
    hhahahahaha Says:

    we get it 20 ag

  129. Gravatar-licious
    colin Says:

    u guys pay some fucked up prices in t-dot (toronto) we only pay $10 a gram regardless how bomb it is even if its shitty bammer its $10 ag but trying selling shittty weed in scartown and ull probly get nocked out

  130. Gravatar-licious
    Tony Says:

    Here's my thoughts… i live in toronto. southern cali is always on the newest kush strains. period. 기간. BC Is a little behind on the strains but they're getting that shit for way cheaper. I live in toronto and i get og kush for 300, and i'm new in town and i'm dealing with peeps at college. I can tell toronto is a little behind, as we're not getting grape ape as the norm but u can't go wrong with pineapple kush, og etc. Dude from scarborough is right though, that's where u'd wanna go to pick up weed for cheaper, dudes just might rob u tho! PS if ur 'og' doesn't look like the one in the picture above then it's not true OG. period. 기간. Stop the hate everyone. And hit those books! Just not ones from the library…

  131. Gravatar-licious
    Tovar Says: 토바는 말한다 :

    Dank:) 축축한 :)

  132. Gravatar에-licious
    hydro24/7 Says: hydro24 / 7는 말한다 :

    Wat is that shit you talkin KEITH??

  133. Gravatar-licious
    karma Says:

    oh you americans. come to canada, og kush $45/hq max. =D

  134. Gravatar-licious
    Mike Says:

    i justed grabbed a zip of the OG kush for 410, which is a good ass price considering im way out in the suburbs of chi. for all you people saying u can get it for 260 and ounce and outrages shit like that then your either lieing or getting ripped off.

  135. Gravatar-licious
    josh Says:

    yo live in North Carolina.looking for some of that.if you got some hit me up on my email …let me know how much for an ounce…on some real shit!! No bull

  136. Gravatar-licious
    jacob Says:

    just got it hooked up 1/8th for 30 of the true og kush in the bay, hella kids be sellin it dont even know what theyre selling shits to funny if u try u can haggle em down i got 3g for like 15$ the other day from 1 kid lol, half the time i resell made couple hundo the other week

  137. Gravatar-licious
    rivercitybud Says:

    everyone is wonderin where to get true og kush.first of all
    you cant get seeds.its a clone only strain.for all you med patients out there just go to
    there you will find alot of herb.for donations only which is aloud by california state law for med patients only.
    but perhaps someone there may be able to help you.

  138. Gravatar-licious
    vega42085 Says:

    Im on deck in southern cal 951 area with OG all day! 15 grams , 30 half 8ths,45 8ths an 90 quads all day! they go from 250 to 360 all day here in the riv. get at me one love

  139. Gravatar-licious
    the big nate DOGG Says:

    i live in canada, where if someone says more than 220 a zip{oz} i would probably cut them with the biggest blade i can find. seriosly, who the fuck in their right mind would pay 700 a zip. you would have to be retarded, or just fucked in the head. i cant beleive american dealers. what a bunch of faggots. i woulndt pay 20 a gram if it was the last dope on earth. 5 or ten sure, thats fair, but anything more and you might want to start asking for a blowjob whene you call your dealer. 700 a z. seriosly, what the fuck is wrong with you. grow it your own self.

  140. Gravatar-licious
    lazdude Says:

    I have OG kush that I grow at home. I bought a clone at a medical marijuana clinic in Reseda Calif. It said only OG on the side of the clone wraper. I asked what kind of OG it was and the dude said he didn't know, just put any name on it you want. I almost didn't buy it. But I'm glad I did. It has to be the best weed I have ever grown. Two hits and your good for 3 to 4 hours. Have 10 plants growing now. And the nice thing is, it only cost me $10.00. Now I don't have to pay for good weed.

  141. Gravatar-licious
    KB TOYZ Says:


  142. Gravatar-licious
    KB TOYZ Says:


  143. Gravatar-licious
    California Mountain BUDS Says: 말한다 :

    All you guys are trippin, down here in southern california i can swoop up on $15 grams of this TRUE OG the math thats a fatt hookup.. down here in cali… dank bud is like candy 모든 너희들은 내가이 참 OG 15 그램 수학을 $에까지 급습 할 수 아래로 여기에 남부 캘리포니아에서, 먹은 아르 칼리에서 아래로 여기 ..​​ FATT 인맥 이잖아 ... 축축한 새싹 사탕처럼

  144. Gravatar에-licious
    bdawg Says: bdawg 말한다 :

    don`t do primo`s it make`s your hart race and it make`s you you numb 돈`t은 당신의 하트 레이스를 make`s primo`s을하고 그것은 당신에게 당신 감각을 make`s

  145. Gravatar에-licious
    bdawg Says: bdawg 말한다 :

    heart 심장

  146. Gravatar에-licious
    funk Says: 펑크는 말한다 :

    up here in humboldt i just harvested roughly 8 pounds of OG kush and its pretty incredible. 여기 훔볼트에 난 그냥 OG의 쿠시와 꽤 믿을 수의 약 8파운드 수확. i love the fact that i did it all legally; 나는 법적으로 모든 것을 한 사실을 사랑; what up cali 무슨 일 칼리

  147. Gravatar에-licious
    bipper bipper Says: 말한다 :

    i didnt know what i had until i seen the picture an compared still wasnt enough so i read the description an taste an it's RIGHT ON TARGET its all i smoke now thank you all kush harvester's 내가 사진을 볼 때까지 내가 가진 것을 몰랐어요 여전히 수확기의를 쿠시 내가 지금 연기 모두 감사합니다 내가 설명을 맛을 읽기가 표적의 ON 맞아 충분히 않네 비교

  148. Gravatar에-licious

    This looks just like the True OG Kush i reviewed on my website. 이것은 단지 내 웹 사이트에 검토 진정한 OG의 쿠시처럼 보인다. This True OG Kush only cost $45 an 1/8th though. 이 사실 OG 쿠시는하지만 45달러 1 / 8을 요했다. Check out the picture: 사진을 체크 아웃 :

  149. Gravatar에-licious
    Scotty Says: 스카티는 말한다 :

    Im scotty and i live in crestview florida, by destin and panama city, great dank is very hard to come by and the charges are riduculous 30 ag! 임 스코티 내가 스틴과 파나마시에서, 크레스트 뷰 플로리다에 살고는 큰 축축한은 구하기가 매우 어렵고, 요금은 30 AG riduculous 있습니다! if someone would let me get in on some fun, u have no idea how much id appriciate it lol 누군가가 나에게 재미에 들어갈 수 있도록한다면, U 훨씬 ID가 롤을 appriciate 방법 아무 생각이

  150. Gravatar에-licious
    OG LOver Says: OG의 연인은 말한다 :

    i just harvested a screaming OG X Martian kush that will make your mouth water. 난 그냥 당신의 입 물을 만들 것입니다 비명 OG X 화성의 쿠시 수확. extremely DANK 매우 DANK

  151. Gravatar에-licious
    your all idiots Says: 당신의 모든 바보 말한다 :

    all i have to say all u all r stoners if ur paying more than 50 an 8th ur simply retarded. 내가 가진 모든 UR 단순히 지연 50 개 이상의 8 UR을 지불하면 모든 U 모두 stoners r에 대답. ill let og kush go for 160 a half o yup 320 an o hit me up ill send pictures 병 OG 160 갈 쿠시하자 그래 320 O 반 O 아픈 사진을 보내 나를 공격

  152. Gravatar-licious
    your all idiots Says:

    im right here in central california area

  153. Gravatar-licious
    einstein Says:

    guys and gals are trippin it's all about the san fernando valley , we got the most clubs competting with each other. nothing over 45$ donation/eigth just got this same strain, i was suprised when it looked identical to the pic o here

  154. Gravatar-licious
    christian Says:

    hahaah @ DJ OG KUSH they hook it up if you buy more dude, its normally 15-20 for a straight G but the more you buy the more they hook it up cuz its a quick buck for them. you know?

  155. Gravatar-licious
    cifi Says:

    that crap is hot airrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  156. Gravatar-licious
    Jordan Says:

    Anybody wit Sour D , OG or Bubba Kush please hit my email

  157. Gravatar-licious
    Bobby Evil Says:

    Man look at these weed prices, I just payed 65 for a 1/4 of OG.

  158. Gravatar-licious
    Draginbtm Says:

    If it doesn't smell like pine-sol…you got something else.
    If your boy says he's got some OG Kush seeds…its something else.
    If you take more than two hits and don't feel it already… it's something else.

    50 1/8 95 1/4 150 1/2 275 oz
    forget about that purp or that nasty J1 stick to the best OG holla!

  159. Gravatar-licious
    DAkushMAN420 Says:

    yall gettin jipped homies, BC bud be way betta than no shitty chicago, cali, cincinatti, brooklyn, new york, jamaican, dutch or alabama shit and for 1/2 the price you fuckheads be buyin it for HAHA

    25/ 8th
    50/ Qtr
    100/ half o
    200/ o
    and 1200 a pound kids, but thanx for trying

  160. Gravatar-licious
    M!LER21323 Says:


  161. Gravatar-licious
    M!LER21323 Says:


  162. Gravatar-licious
    BUBBAH Says:


  163. Gravatar-licious
    aiacino Says: 말한다 :

    Greetings..I just harvested my first plant-SFV-OG..This
    plant is sooo awesome.I am trying to regenerate her,and clone her.Both seem to be working..I will be in bliss if I
    never smoke anything but this-the rest of my life..SFV-OG
    is the BEST..Thanks to Herbal Solutions for the clone.


  164. Gravatar-licious
    G Says:

    Picked up a 1/4 of OG this week for $10 at a shop in downtown LA. Best bud ever.

  165. Gravatar-licious
    tommy2js Says:

    ok 70 1/8 is ok don't mind paying for someone doing something thats illegal and can go to jail and support the cause because i will bet none of you will be around when the grower gets busted so I Washington DC where even under a gram can get u six months 25 a gram 70 1/8 is a deal in my book so anywhere it illegal shoul not hear any complaints peeps paeceout .

  166. Gravatar-licious
    jerrold bush Says:

    can i buy some

  167. Gravatar-licious
    Mike Says:

    OG Kush is the best out there. I got some about six months ago at the dispensary here in Sacramento. It was 60 an eighth. It was the best tasting and more Powerful than anything I've ever smoked. I always look for it when I get my medicine now. It will knock you out fast. I've been having trouble finding more until last week. I bought an ounce and even got a few clones so I never have to search again. The clones were 20 each and bubba Kush clones were 10 and Mendo afgoo was 15 each. Now I'm the one with the cheapest og out there. It will always be free for me.

  168. Gravatar-licious
    Viktor Says: 빅토르는 말한다 :

    anyone who knows where to get this in chicago email me:
    put this as subject: I HAVE/CAN GET TRUE OG KUSH
    ill smoke the person out on a gram if they can get the kush thats up there.
    thank you xD

  169. Gravatar-licious
    Kayle Says:

    all you fuckers are getting ripped off…..come to canada. 180 dollars ounces.

  170. Gravatar-licious
    Edawg Says:

    YO guys I'm from Toronto, Canada. Up in the great north, we got OG bomb Kush, I drive an hour to London to get it. But I know its legit cuz I smoke it in my apartment which is in the basement and I can smell that stanky shit the second I open the main entrance door upstairs. I only need a hit and I am flying. I just smoked PK last night too, fuckin bomb shit. If I want regular shit, we have lots of sour diesel, white rhino. Its fuckin mad cheap out here, never paid more than 15/g for OG, I can get it for 10/G if I go to my buddy. I can get 1/8 for 30. Its grown in BC tho so they have to drive it across the country

  171. Gravatar-licious
    jrr83 Says:

    80 deff street price. Im in 702 gettin it for bout 40-50.8th
    Fantastic heavy hitting, long lasting high and the taste n smells delicious. In other words (WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!)

  172. Gravatar-licious
    jrr83 Says:


    Thanks G.

  173. Gravatar-licious
    OGsmoker714 Says:

    damn! 빌어 먹을! 80$ an 1/8? i get my OG Kush for 45-50$ an 1/8 over here in SOUTHERN CALI!

  174. Gravatar-licious
    chronicking Says:

    tht shits expensive i get tht $15/g

  175. Gravatar-licious
    JRestricted420 Says: 말한다 :

    200 an oz here in ontario canada

  176. Gravatar-licious
    jokes Says:

    Serving all 714 got all that fire ogs kushs hybrids.. hooked up good deals. SANTA 산타

  177. Gravatar-licious
    jokes Says:

    7147209751 deals

  178. Gravatar-licious
    Jordan Says:

    OG kush is pretty good, goes for 35-50 an 8th or about 250 an OZ here in BOULDER CO. Gotta love the medical, we are out pacing calli on the prices these days. Can find 8ths for 20 with coupons and all kinds of other stuff.

  179. Gravatar-licious
    leg7787 Says:

    Im looking for Mid and AZ stress from the west text me 1-478-357-0729

  180. Gravatar-licious
    MrTwistedX Says: 말한다 :

    Well for everyone posting on here. I am sure only a few have smoked this true form of marijuana. I my friends happend to have experienced the real deal shit. And if you aint paying at least 200 a half then you aint paying for the real shit. So fuck all that bullshit… Anyways…
    This is some good shit same level as the TRUE WHITE WHIDOW!! We are up late playing Black Ops on PS3 ONLINE and this shit is awesome! 10++

  181. Gravatar-licious
    MrTwistedX Says: 말한다 :

    Also. Quit advertising this shit online. You boyz going to get caught up with tha FEDz gettin on here with that bullshit…calm that shit down u talking to much with them phone numbers

  182. Gravatar-licious
    MrTwistedX Says: 말한다 :

    Noone gives a fuck about how cheap you get tha shit for…So fuck all yall paying 10 a g… yall fucking the whole game up…

  183. Gravatar-licious
    Jon Do Says:

    haha MrTwistedX just snapped, but on the real, we got all that and more out here in sunny south florida,. we got fire ass dro and dank ass kush and trainwreck, my opinion, Cali and Florida are two states that produce THEE most dank ass weed!!

  184. Gravatar-licious
    kushrat Says:

    look cali has the best herb in the world. there is no better, trust there is good out there ,but we are number one. anyone that say no. they do not not know anything about agriculture. oo and canada has good herb but to say better then cali . lol man you been smelling your own shit to long and it f up your brain. your weather is not that great so how can you bet cali for one . for two mexican bud grown right is bomb . you know sativa. the real shit that europeans sneak seeds home too grow. and cross. first read a book or two and you will know this. second come too cali and smoke. i have too canada ok and a lot of other places. you know hollywood baby. smoke it all and tried it all. not a good thing . but i been there and back. CALI also has the most herb smokers and growers in the world. hands down. and that a fact. but smoke and get f up on what u got everyone. oo yes please try all the mexican seed you can find and grow you will see “fire” they just dont grow herb the for quality the grow for quantity. o and prices being high ” man light bills or gas which ever is your thing is high as hell. so good indoor herb well cost . but yea it still over price a little. but we got good out door that beats most places best herb. or a lot of places green house or indoor herb, cali number 1 just because weather and so many herb grower and smokers. and MRtwisted X you sound like the drug dealer. fucking the whole game up. it suppose to be med not drugs. you fucking the whole game up. let the price come down some shit so everyone can enjoy there med with out breaking there self like it”sa robbery.

  185. Gravatar-licious
    Simpl1 Says:

    Ok. 그래. first off. this thing was posted over 4 years ago. prices change. and its all on where the weed was purchased. If you went to the farmacy back in the day you could spend 90 bucks on an 1/8 it was ridiculous. Now. 지금. NO WEED SHOULD BE OVER 200 an ounce. Ever. but it is. and its retarded. Its a plant that anyone can grow anywhere in the world. Most weed in shops is grown indoor. You can grow indoor weed ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and have it just as good as cali weed. your creating an artificial environment to grow it. you will get the same OG kush you can grow here as you will if you went to canada and grew it. OG just came from cali….one of the original strands of indica. (OG means Ocean Grown. it comes from So cal. near the ocean)…just incase anyone was wondering. Mrtwisted your a fucking fool. Along with just about every other mother fucker posting up here trying to know it all. You chumps dont even know what your smoking. Your calling it Dro/indoor/whatever the fuck else you call it. theres outdoor and indoor. outdoor of course is in ground soil. indoor can be soil,hydroponics(what you fools would take as “Dro” but really is something your chump ass dealer calls “Dro” just because thats hyped up at the time and you h ave no idea what it really is) and Aeroponics…..something that would just blow all your little minds. Cali is knows for good bud because of our weather and most awesome strains come from people who x bred strains that came from other places. Kush comes from the mountains in Afghanistan. From there its all genetically altered into all different strains. Most of these strains you can buy Arent anywhere CLOSE to original strains. most people buy clones or buy seeds, grow them, and then call it what they want. unless theyre x breeding certain strains to their specifications and you know the growers personally….theres hardly any way to find out if its a true strain.

    And all you fuckheads. Learn how to spell. its really not that hard.

  186. Gravatar-licious
    cripy Says: 말한다 :

    i live in chiefland florida were can i find kusk or widow and for how much hit me up on facebook
    cripy deathleadstheway

  187. Gravatar-licious
    cripy Says: 말한다 :

    i live in chiefland florida were can i find kush or widow and for how much hit me up on facebook
    cripy deathleadstheway

  188. Gravatar-licious
    dillon Says: 말한다 :

    I get it for 10 a gram street value hell l yea check out my bud reviews at

  189. Gravatar-licious
    Jakub Says:

    Where do I get some seeds of this strain?? 어디에서이 균주의 어떤 씨앗을받을 수 있나요? It´s my dream 내 꿈을 키우면

  190. Gravatar에-licious
    Liliagolo Liliagolo Says: 말한다 :

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